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Cats Turtle Mat The Doormat To Keep The Dirt Out.

Cats Turtle Mat The Doormat To Keep The Dirt Out.

Multi Grip Backed  Mat,  Design: Cats

Machine washable.

Made in England


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Helping homes stay cleaner longer

Turtle Mats will keep your home cleaner for longer; protecting floors and carpets from the damage caused by mud, dirt and dust.

Developed to leave your floors as spotless as the last time you cleaned them, Turtle Mats' super absorbent cotton tufts work hard to trap moisture and grab dirt so you don't have to.

Turtle Mats are guaranteed for five years, machine washable and can even be tumble dried. So, you can be assured that there's no better doormat or rug to protect your home.

Design: Cats Size: 60x85cm Multi Grip


Mat Facts
Doormats are the primary defence against walking in dirt and moisture.
Doormats should do four things:
Stop dirt and water at the door.
Store soil and water for removal.
Protect carpets and hard floor surfaces.
Be machine washable.
70-80% of dust dirt and grime in homes is walked in through doorways permanently damaging floors and carpets.
The average 6 room home takes in 40 pounds (that's 20 bags of sugar) of dust and dirt in one year and 80% of that is walked in on shoes, boots and paws.
Approximately 1 in 5 of us is allergic to some component of dust and more and more people are suffering from allergies.
When asked 'What's the first thing you look at when judging cleanliness?' The most popular response was 'Floors'.
Slip related injuries in the home are most often cause by mats on hard floors that do not have anti slip rubber backings.
Good quality mats will keep a home cleaner for longer, reduce the costs and the time spent on cleaning materials and protect floor coverings from damage.

Made in England

Brand:  Turtle Mats


  • Mats have square corners
  • Heavier weight - extremely stable
  • Lightly studded to minimise creep on carpets
  • Machine washable
  • Flexible - easy to roll up
  • Ideal for carpets & hard floors

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