Disposable whelping boxes

Disposable whelping boxes have been used by breeders for many years, our secure and hygenic disposable whelping boxes are recommended by top breeders.

Soul Pet disposable whelping boxes are made from a durable double wall construction, consisting of rigid corrugated cardboard walls. This design of whelping box allows for a mother to safely contain her puppies, the excellent insulation properties of the cardboard helps retain the natural warmth of the new family.

Soul Pet disposable whelping boxes are low cost and as they are for single use, they avoid any cross contamination and therefore are extremely hygienic. The boxes arrive flat packed and are simple to construct alleviating any storage problems.

Make sure you allow plenty of time to allow your mum-to-be to familiarize herself with the whelping box, she may not interested in the box until whelping actually starts happening.

Soul Pet disposable whelping boxes are available in 3 handy sizes which caters for all size of dog and litter and ensures the same type of support as the more expensive whelping boxes. The boxes are fully recyclable and can be bought with or without Soul Pet vet bedding.

What Size?

Measure the mum-to-be from nose to base of tail when stretched out, this measurement (in centimetres) is the size to use when selecting your box.
Small Box – Measures 55 x 56 x 25cm
Suitable for dogs measuring up to 46cms
Price - £20
Medium Box – Measures 100 x 57 x 25cm
Suitable for dogs measuring up to 90cms
Price £30
Large Box – Measure 120 x 110 x 40cm
Suitable for dogs measuring up to 110cms
Price £45
Access Door
Our boxes come without a cut ‘door’ to enable you to make an appropriate size doorway for your animal. Simply cut a door to suit with a sharp knife. Make sure it is low enough for the mother’s enlarged tummy and mammary glands to clear the opening without allowing the litter to escape.
Puppy (‘Pig’) Rails
Pig rails offer additional safety by preventing the Mother from crushing puppies against the sides of the box. They are especially useful for larger breeds. Simply purchase cheap 5cm to 7cm wide wooden dowel from your local DIY store and cut 3 lengths to fit in the measurement of your box.

Each disposable whelping box comes with a useful assembly instruction sheet, on the reverse of this sheet you will find a template guide to aid in the positioning of dowel rods to be used as pig rails.

Drive a 1" screw through the side of the box until the point just goes through the other side. Line up the dowel to the point and continue screwing until the dowel is secured. Continue with the other corners making sure you position the dowels lower than the Mother's hip.

We recommend you line the base of a Soul Pet disposable whelping box with Soul Pet vet bedding, we can supply this cut to the size of the box for a snug, cosy and hygienic bed.