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Rectangle BLACK Yoga Bolster Cushion 100% Cotton

Rectangle BLACK Yoga Bolster Cushion 100% Cotton


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Rectangle Black Yoga Bolster Cushions (Fire retardant inner cover )


 61cm L x 30cm W x 15cm H; Weight 2.62 kg
 Handles on both ends
 Multiple color options
 Zippered pocket allows you to adjust the firmness
 Fire retardant inner cover

Our Supportive Rectangular Yoga Bolsters are the best heavyweight yoga prop for any restorative yoga or meditative practice. Hold more poses for longer amounts of time. Extra firm for full support yet soft enough to provide for maximum comfort. These bolsters are the best size -- oblong and rectangular. When placed lengthwise along the spine, they will open up the heart chakras. Or, place them perpendicularly to the body underneath the knees in Savasana for full benefits of relaxation. There's a zippered pocket on the inside bolster that allows your to add, remove, or replace fibres to your desired firmness. One handle on each end allows you to make quick and easy adjustments. 

Complies with UK Furniture & Furnishings Fire Regulations 

Fire retardant inner cover 

Filled with a fire retardant Recron fibre

Brand:  Soul Destiny

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