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Yoga Self Massage Trigger Point Roller

Yoga Self Massage Trigger Point Roller


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The self massage roller is proffesional grade equipment prefered by many physical therapists, Chriopractors and personal trainers.

It has the ability to roll out the pain and stresses iin your sore muscles, relieve tightness and promote blood flow.

Use of the roller can also help improve range of motion and mobility .

It features uniquely designed rotatin trigger point technology for deep surface massage and acupressure. The arch shaped handles ensure a firm grip and durability.

- Useful self massage tool, designed to stimulate trigger points.

- Helps to reduce muscle knots, tightness and pain.

- Ideal use before and after excercise to warm the muscles, increase bloodflow and improve muscle recovery.

- Can be used all over the body such as Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves, Achilles, Iliotibial Band, Neck, Shoulders and Arm.

- Easy to transport and store.

- Comes in four colours: Red, Blue, Green and Pink

Brand:  TNP

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