Alpaca Walking Socks

Ask any walker and their top tip for an enjoyable day of walking will be "wear quality socks".  These alpaca wool socks are made with a terry-loop cushion sole to increase both warmth and comfort.  Did you know your feet will produce upto a pint of sweat in one day, probably much more on a walking trip.  Alpaca wool is the healthiest natural fibre to wear, the alpaca wool wicks away moisture and the terry-loop cushioning helps prevent blisters.  These socks are ideal walking socks for those seeking extra comfort and satisfaction when enjoying the outdoors, our alpaca wool socks are undoubtedly "quality socks".  With a luxurious 75% alpaca wool content, these socks will give you all the wonderful benefits of this amazing natural fibre, their exceptional thermal properties will keep your feet cool in summer and warm in the winter.   We have a range of great colours and all socks are unisex in size, something to keep everyone happy.

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Alpaca Wool Walking Socks Cushion Sole and Heel Grey75% ALPACA WOOL

Alpaca Wool Walking Socks Cushion Sole and Heel Grey75% ALPACA WOOL£14.99

Alpaca Wool Walking Socks Made in England

Gift Pack Idea D 3 pairs of Alpaca Walking Socks, Cushioned Sole, 75% Alpaca Wool.

Gift Pack Idea D 3 pairs of Alpaca Walking Socks, Cushioned Sole, 75% Alpaca Wool.£44.97   £42.99

Alpaca Walking Sock. Made in England

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Alpaca fleece is more like human hair than anything else, it doesn’t absorb moisture the way other wools do, sheep’s wool and cashmere included. The way it channels the moisture also aids in controlling the humidity adding a level of thermal protection. They are as soft as cashmere to wear, but far more hard-wearing and built to last. Alpaca wool has higher insulating properties than any other fibre it allows your skin to breathe and self cleans. This is also why you will find that your alpaca socks do not smell as quickly as your ordinary socks, the alpaca fibre does not retain odour because it doesn’t absorb it – genius! This means bacteria can’t cling on and make them smelly. Moisture can breed bacteria which causes odour and can contribute to foot fungus and other unhealthy issues. Amazing, you can wear the same pair of socks for several days and they will stay soft and fresh smelling – it is truly miraculous a natural, breathable, antibacterial fibre!

The best thing you can do to prevent foot problems is wear a great-fitting pair of Alpaca socks. Alpaca is very soft and luxurious yet is incredibly strong, providing longevity and lasting quality. Alpaca is a lightweight natural fibre, and therefore alpaca socks weigh less than other socks, so for the active wearer it makes their load lighter. Alpaca socks (unlike cashmere) are machine washable

Alpaca wool has thermal properties, it has pockets of microscopic space with the ability to hold air inside, this means it keeps the alpacas cool during the heat of the day and warm in the cold nights. The thermal properties work for humans too! Wearing alpaca wool will keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Just try one pair of Alpaca Socks and you will never look back!


Our Alpaca Socks

You cannot beat alpaca socks for their warmth, durability, anti-odour properties, and comfort. Our socks are extremely hard wearing, incredibly warm in wellies and boots, or soft and cosy in the home. Due to their thermal properties they will keep you cool in summer and warm in the winter.

Walking Socks Our walking socks have a lovely bouncy cushion sole which makes them ideal for hiking, walking, climbing or any demanding outdoor pursuit. The cushioned sole helps stop blisters and keeps your feet warm. These colourful socks are made from 75% alpaca and 25% nylon, the additional nylon makes them extra hard wearing. Due to alpacas anti-bacterial and self-cleaning properties you could even wear the same pair of socks for a week – perfect for the longer hiking trip when luggage is at a minimum.

Short Socks Our short socks are ideal for every day wear with smarter shoes or casual trainers. Alternatively put them on when you get home from a hard day’s work and snuggle on the sofa. A blend of 55% Alpaca and 45% nylon, these luxury short socks are excellent value and a perfect entry into the world of alpaca socks.

Country Socks Our turn down top country socks are highly recommended for all types of country pursuits; walking, shooting, fishing, riding, playing golf – just about any outdoor sport you can imagine. And of course our lovely bright colours – raspberry, red, and damson are perfect for wearing at festivals – wear just one pair for a week, eat in them, sleep in them, watch bands in them and let your feet stay happy and healthy. Have a look at the whole range to find the socks for you.Made of 75% alpaca and 25% nylon. These fabulous knee length socks are ribbed with an in-built cushioned sole and hand linked toe seams, for extra comfort. They are lightweight and warm.

Bed Socks Never suffer from cold feet in bed again. These soft alpaca bedsocks will be your best friends this winter, wear them in bed or simply lounge around the house in them. An exceptionally reasonably priced luxury!

Alpaca Intro

Alpaca fleece is a luxurious, lustrous and soft natural fibre. It is warmer than sheep’s wool, not prickly, and contains no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic, it is the lanolin which causes allergic reactions. Alpaca doesn’t hold dust, providing a superior option for those with wool allergies. Alpaca is therefore ideal for babies and people with sensitive skins. Alpaca fibre is also durable, flame-resistant and is naturally water-repellent

Alpaca fibre is similar to human hair in its physical structure, being very silky and glossy, however, it is a super fine fibre, in fact it is so fine that four or five strands equal the width of a single human hair!

For every three tons of cashmere harvested, only one ton of alpaca is gathered. Alpaca has advantages over cashmere as well, it is as soft but doesn’t bobble and is easier to clean, alpaca garments do not need to be dry cleaned.

Alpacas are native to the Andean region of South America. They are raised on high ground with vast temperature swings, ranging from -4F at night, to 70+F in the daytime. Through evolution the alpaca fibre provides superior thermal insulation.

Alpaca fleece is made into various products, from everyday simple garments to high fashion. Fashion designers are quickly catching on to this almost too-good-to-be-true miracle fibre! When someone stumbles upon alpaca for the first time, they generally feel they have found something special – and they most certainly have. Georgio Armani is just one of the designers who has used alpaca fibre in his clothing range.

Wearing garments constructed from any natural fibre automatically has many advantages over synthetics, but alpaca fibre’s characteristics makes it so much better than cheap, non-sustainable materials. Compared with synthetics, alpaca fibre has superior breathability, low static electricity and the ability to channel moisture away from the body.

People buy wool for its warmth and protection against cold winds. In actuality, alpaca fibre is warmer, stronger, and more insulating.

Alpaca products are eco-friendly

Alpacas are eco-friendly animals, efficient in their environment as they eat the tender shoots of grasses and plants, but leave the roots to regenerate.

Alpaca fibre doesn’t contain grease, lanolin or environmental contaminants, so during the cleaning process no harsh chemicals need to be used, only gentle soap. This protects the local eco system and the end user.

When pure alpaca clothing finally reaches the end of its usefulness it can be disposed of naturally as it is totally biodegradable.

Alpaca doesn’t hold dust, helping alpaca products to stay clean longer, requiring less laundering.

Why good socks are important

Your feet are incredibly hard working and need looking after, wearing the right socks and shoes is essential. In an average person’s lifetime, they will travel over 70,000 miles on their feet.

Each foot contains more than 250,000 sweat glands and up to one pint of sweat is produced by both feet in one day. Where does it go? Well a lot of it will be absorbed by your socks. Avoid cotton socks, they absorb the moisture but the moisture stays in the socks. This softens the skin, increases friction and which blisters. Avoid wool socks, Wool is a coarse fibre, as thick as a human hair and can be itchy. Wool also absorbs moisture and creates an odour.

Socks should fit the foot perfectly. If they are too tight they restrict circulation, if they are too loose they increase friction leading to blisters. Toes need room to wiggle and be happy. Sock toe seams should be flush and smooth against the skin to avoid irritation.

Alpaca socks keep your feet happy and healthy!