Pet Drying Products

Ruff & Tumble Drying Products

Because you love walking your dog in all weathers, we have teamed up with a fabulous team at Ruff & Tumble, who produce some revolutionary dog drying products, to help make your life easier when you return home with a wet and muddy dog! Drying coats and mitts have been added to our growing range of carefully selected pet products here at SoulPet and Soul Destiny, which we hope you will love. The Drying Coats have many design features, making them stylish, comfortable and most importantly effective at drying. Made from the best quality cotton with a double layer of towelling for the ultimate drying experience, the clever design ensures your dog does not sit in a wet towel, the inner layer wicks away the mud and moisture from the dogs fur, then the body temperature then pushes through the moisture to the outer layer of the coat, drying the dog first, the towel then self dries from the inside out. They have also been tailored for a dogs body shape to fit snug like a dressing gown, using Velcro for ease of taking on and off and a thick collar that tucks up neatly in the hood, which dries the ears and head areas. The best feature about these drying robes is the over sizes belly flap, designed for the dirtiest area of a dog after a walk. These Ruff & Tumble Drying robes are now the number 1 drying coat product in the world!