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Natural hardwearing seagrass fruit or breadbasket with decorative coloured wooden beads

Natural hardwearing seagrass fruit or breadbasket with decorative coloured wooden beads£24.99

Lightweight durable seagrass basket for storage Useful size for fruit or bread or for use as a general tidy

Round jute and cotton patterned rug 90cm and 120cm diameter

Round jute and cotton patterned rug 90cm and 120cm diameter£44.95  -  £74.95

Jute and cotton patterned round rug in two sizes 90cm and 120cm

Welcome to soul destiny

EXERCISE & OUTDOOR LIVING is good for your soul!

You will be delighted to hear that exercise and outdoor living is the best way to boost your mood and well-being.  Studies show regular exercise of any form, even a brisk walk, can be as effective as antidepressants.  Activity releases feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream, which in turn reduces stress and anxiety. 


Tuesday, 8 June 2021  |  Admin
Pride = Confidence, self respect & solidarity

Pride is all about colour and joy, celebrating people for who, not what, they are heart

Tuesday, 1 June 2021  |  Admin
100% Recycled Cotton Rugs

Whilst the sun is shining we thought we would share a bit more information about our lovely 100% Recycled Cotton Rugs.

It's always easier to decide on colours when you can see products in varying lights and we hope this video is helpful.

These rugs are available in 6 different sizes and up to 11 gorgeous colours so there really is something for everyone! They are produced by our certified GoodWeave supplier and prices start at just £9.99.

Friday, 28 May 2021  |  Admin
Happy bank holiday weekend!

Did you know that this bank holiday was moved to the last Monday in May back in 1971. Oddly enough, it was never given an official name. Unlike the May Day bank holiday, or the August bank holiday, this holiday tends to either be called the Spring bank holiday or the Late May bank holiday. Whatever you call it, it's a good opportunity to take some away from your normal routine.

Whether you love a long walk, a bit of home improvement or lazy lunches with friends and family, we hope you get a chance to relax!


Friday, 21 May 2021  |  Admin
Toasty toes....where did the sunshine go?!

Whether you are on a blustery dog walk, a lazy afternoon in front of the fire or venturing back into the office, we have Alpaca socks to suit the occasion!

Alpaca socks are as soft as cashmere to wear, but far more hard-wearing and built to last. Alpaca wool has higher insulating properties than any other fibre allowing your skin to breathe and self clean. This is also why you will find that your alpaca socks do not smell as quickly as your ordinary socks. The alpaca fibre does not retain odour because it doesn’t absorb it – genius! 

Choose from walking socks, everyday socks, bed socks or country socks. We have loads of gorgeous colour options and some great ideas for gifts!

Friday, 14 May 2021  |  Admin
Mental Health Awareness Week

We feel very lucky to be living and working in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. Nature is good for the soul and exercising in nature is even better. 

There are some great tips for improving our mental health on the Mental Health Foundation website (here are a couple of our favourites)

Find nature wherever you are. Nature is all around us. It might be a garden, a local park, a nearby beach or open countryside. Even in cities where nature can be harder to find, there’s things community gardens or courtyards to discover and explore. Look out for the unexpected – an urban fox on your way out for the early shift, changes in the weather or birdsong outside your window. Try to notice nature wherever you are, in whatever way is meaningful for you.

If you're physically able to exercise, try to do it outside – whether it’s a run, cycle or a short walk. Walking or running outdoors in nature may help to prevent or reduce feelings of anger, tiredness and sadness. Try leaving the headphones at home – unless you’re listening to nature sounds of course! Or why not try new routes that bring you closer to green spaces or water? 

Every week should be Mental Health Awareness Week. Help is available if you are feeling low. Similarly, if there are people you haven't spoken to for a while or seem out of sorts please take a minute to call them up for a chat...better still, meet up for a walk in nature.