Traditional Pink Vet Bedding roll whelping fleece dog puppy pro bed
Traditional Pink Vet Bedding roll whelping fleece dog puppy pro bed
Traditional Pink Vet Bedding roll whelping fleece dog puppy pro bed

Traditional Pink Vet Bedding roll whelping fleece dog puppy pro bed

(20 reviews)
  • The best quality Vet Bedding in Europe 
  • Traditional greenback, drains and dries fast 
  • Eco Friendly made in England from Recycled Plastic Bottles 
  • Hygienic - washable, non-irritant and non-allergic 
  • Professionals choice - recommended and used by vets and kennels throughout Europe 


Please contact us if you require other sizes, we can cut our Vet bedding  to order  

Telephone: 01722 580201 or email: 


(Inc. 20% VAT)
Tracked Delivery on all orders
Next Day Delivery option when ordered by 1pm

Puppy soft Plain Pink Vet Bedding - water absorbent backing

Luxury Dog Bedding 

Our Traditional Greenback Vet Bedding has a weight of 1200 grams per square metre and an ultra-soft deep (30mm) pile for heat retention to keep your pet warm and dry 

Double woven backing - harder to chew 

Vet Bedding can be used for every stage of your pets life, from newborn to old age 

Suitable for all pets including dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs 

Use in the home or in the car 

The Professionals Choice 

Traditional greenback vet bedding drains and dries fast – keeps your pets warm and dry 

The best quality Vet Bedding in Europe 

Fire retardant BS5852 


Care Instructions 

Our traditional vet bedding is fully washable; 

Machine wash at 40°c over and over again 
Machine wash at a higher temperature for an occasional disinfecting wash  
Wash outside with a Jet Wash 
The vet bed is quick drying - drip dry 


Due to the nature of cut-to-order Vet Bedding the finished product may contain loose fabric, it is advised to brush or wash the product before use. 


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What Our Customers Say.

"An excellent product; how I wish I had discovered it years before.
Washes well time after time and is quick to dry.
May be cut to size / shape easily PROVIDING sharp quality scissors are used..
Stands up well to abuse - has withstood the attentions of a very destructive and determined Vizsla puppy (now 5 months old and approx 16kg). That written, the puppy is able to rip off small tufts of fleece, BUT it requires considerable effort and he is only able to tear out a little bit during an attack which does NOT effect the integrity of the rest of the bedding - nothing else in the house has offered such excellent resistance (unfortunately).
I have bought large quantities in rolls - I suspect that these rolls come from larger rolls which have been cut in half; one side of the roll has a grey backed area bordering the (pictured) green. This grey border is approx 3" wide and is NOT as strong as the main green backed bedding & is more easily destroyed so I cut it off & throw away. I suspect this will not be necessary once the puppy outgrows his destructive stage, but meantime it does mean paying for a small portion of bedding which I can't use. However, in spite of this, I think the product very well worth the money; fancy dog beds can cost a fortune but frequently do not last... "

"Good, well made, and comfortable. My Labrador had eaten three different beds before buying this. I cut four shapes to fit her plastic pet bed, and she's not attacked them yet!"

"Perfect and machine washes well"

"Disappointing, my puppy kept pulling out the grey fluff. I had to take it away"

"Came really fast, fantastic value for money as I can cut down this roll to put in my puppy crate, the dog bed and the back of my car!"

"Arrived quickly, just what I needed for my dogs crate, lovely and soft, also as she is an older dog it is thick and comfortable for her, very pleased"

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Customer Reviews
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20 reviews:

First class
26 October 2023  |  Kevin

Excellent service with fast delivery. The vet bed was a lovely colour and nice and cosy for our new puppy….she loves it.


Ahhh, what a gorgeous colour to choose too! Thank you for your excellent review. Really delighted to hear the vet bedding arrived in good time and you were pleased with our customer service too. Hope to help you again in the future. I am sure your new puppy is keeping you busy!

Fabulous 💕
04 March 2023  |  Sharon

Got this for rescue lurcher pup, so soft, warm and hasn't been chewed yet!


Great to hear that you and your rescue lurcher are enjoying the vet bedding, great timing with this cold snap too!

Great product, price and service
05 December 2022  |  Diane

My little pack are delighted with their vet beds and so was a family member dog who “borrowed” one of their beds. I know have to order another 🐩 🐩🐩🐩. Poodle approved!


Ahh, wonderful to read that everyone is so happy with the new vet bedding! Thanks so much for letting us know.

03 December 2022  |  Lesley

Brilliant quality and very reasonable price. My puppy loves this. The service was great too and delivered next day!


Thanks so much for your review on our traditional vet bedding, really great to hear your puppy is keeping nice and cosy on it!

Puppy bedding
13 November 2022  |  Lesley

This washes and drys really well. The only issue we found us there is a lot if fluff coming off when you first use it, we got around this by washing first. Great value for money


Thanks for your valued feedback, I am pleased to hear that after the recommended pre wash any excess fluff disappeared, thanks again for taking the time to leave us your thoughts.

Great product
06 November 2022  |  Manuela

Very good product, soft and very comfortable for mum and pups. Washes very well. Extremely happy


Lovely to hear that you are enjoying using the traditional vet bedding. Gorgeous colour choice too!

18 June 2022  |  Kath

Really pleased with product.
Keeps dry
Pet much happier

18 June 2022  |  Kath

Really pleased with product.
Keeps dry
Pet much happier


Oh that is lovely to hear your pet is so happy on our vet bedding, it really does the job doesnt it, thank you for leaving a review, it is very much appreciated.

Quality product
12 May 2021  |  Judi

Great service and delivery speed.
Good quality product. Easier on roll to then cut up into different sizes
Used company twice and great experience both times


Thank you for your review of our traditional vet bedding and letting us know our customer service levels are exactly where we strive to get them every day.

21 April 2021  |  Sally

Excellent product. I use this in my puppy’s crate and it’s so easy to wash and dries super fast. Delivery was fast and well managed. Highly recommended.


Thank you so much for reviewing our Vet Bedding. Really happy to hear your puppy loves it and that you are finding the washing and drying very easy, it is one of the best bits about the bedding! Thank you again for taking the time to review.

Pink Vet Bed
06 April 2021  |  Susan

Great quality
Very efficient delivery

16 March 2021  |  Elaine

Fast delivery - excellent standard of bedding.


Thanks so much for letting us know the Vet bedding is exactly what you hoped for and that it arrived on time as we would hope too.

Great will buy again
05 February 2021  |  Joanne

I brought the pink vet bed, the colour is lovely and bright and the thickness is great.
It's for inside her crate so I brought the 51cm by 100cm, which meant only little cutting was needed. I just used scissors and was very easy, placed on a quick wash as reccomended by this company, it washed really well.
Great company to deal with? I emailed before purchasing about getting one made to size and they informed me it would be cheaper to buy the size nearest and cut myself they were right.


Thanks so much for your kind review of the Vet Bedding and care, this is really useful for our customers.

Vet bedding
24 December 2020  |  Jill

Good quality item


Thankyou for your feedback on the Vet Bedding

Lovely soft bedding
02 November 2020  |  Joanne

My baby house rabbit loves this fleece and uses it as a playmat and for resting on. Hasn’t bitten any holes in it yet either!


Lovely to hear your rabbit loves the Vet Bedding, perfect for keeping them warm and hygenic in these colder months too.

Excellent Whelping fleece
15 August 2020  |  Christopher

We purchased this for our bitch for her whelping area and in all honesty the young pups seem to love it keeps them cosy and warm.
For the price superb wont find a product as good for the price on the high st. Ordered it on the Tuesday we had it delivered on the Thursday.

09 July 2020  |  Jocelynne

Great product, excellent customer service, speedy delivery. Thank you


Thank you SO much for your wonderful feedback about our customer service, delivery and that the Vet Bedding is also exactly what you hoped for.

Luxury beddi
08 February 2020  |  Linda

iBought this for new puppy and pleased with the quality, so thick and warm and it has not flattened out so still looks like new. Very cozy. Would recommend.

Pink vet bed
15 April 2019  |  Irene

Nice thick pile, pleased with it

Pink vet bed
05 April 2018  |  Lesley

Excellent 😄