Traditional Green Vet Bedding roll whelping fleece dog puppy pro bed
Traditional Green Vet Bedding roll whelping fleece dog puppy pro bed
Traditional Green Vet Bedding roll whelping fleece dog puppy pro bed
Traditional Green Vet Bedding roll whelping fleece dog puppy pro bed
Traditional Green Vet Bedding roll whelping fleece dog puppy pro bed
Traditional Green Vet Bedding roll whelping fleece dog puppy pro bed
Traditional Green Vet Bedding roll whelping fleece dog puppy pro bed
Traditional Green Vet Bedding roll whelping fleece dog puppy pro bed
Traditional Green Vet Bedding roll whelping fleece dog puppy pro bed

Traditional Green Vet Bedding roll whelping fleece dog puppy pro bed

(16 reviews)
  • The best quality Vet Bedding in Europe 
  • Traditional greenback, drains and dries fast 
  • Eco Friendly made in England from Recycled Plastic Bottles 
  • Hygienic - washable, non-irritant and non-allergic 
  • Professionals choice - recommended and used by vets and kennels throughout Europe 


Please contact us if you require other sizes, we can cut our Vet bedding  to order  

Telephone: 01722 580201 or email: 


(Inc. 20% VAT)
Tracked Delivery on all orders
Next Day Delivery option when ordered by 1pm

Puppy soft Plain GreenVet Bedding - water absorbent backing

Luxury Dog Bedding 

Our Traditional Greenback Vet Bedding has a weight of 1200 grams per square metre and an ultra-soft deep (30mm) pile for heat retention to keep your pet warm and dry 

Double woven backing - harder to chew 

Vet Bedding can be used for every stage of your pets life, from newborn to old age 

Suitable for all pets including dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs 

Use in the home or in the car 

The Professionals Choice 

Traditional greenback vet bedding drains and dries fast – keeps your pets warm and dry 

The best quality Vet Bedding in Europe 

Fire retardant BS5852 


Care Instructions 

Our traditional vet bedding is fully washable; 

Machine wash at 40°c over and over again 
Machine wash at a higher temperature for an occasional disinfecting wash  
Wash outside with a Jet Wash 
The vet bed is quick drying - drip dry 


Due to the nature of cut-to-order Vet Bedding the finished product may contain loose fabric, it is advised to brush or wash the product before use. 


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What Our Customers Say.

"An excellent product; how I wish I had discovered it years before.
Washes well time after time and is quick to dry.
May be cut to size / shape easily PROVIDING sharp quality scissors are used..
Stands up well to abuse - has withstood the attentions of a very destructive and determined Vizsla puppy (now 5 months old and approx 16kg). That written, the puppy is able to rip off small tufts of fleece, BUT it requires considerable effort and he is only able to tear out a little bit during an attack which does NOT effect the integrity of the rest of the bedding - nothing else in the house has offered such excellent resistance (unfortunately).
I have bought large quantities in rolls - I suspect that these rolls come from larger rolls which have been cut in half; one side of the roll has a grey backed area bordering the (pictured) green. This grey border is approx 3" wide and is NOT as strong as the main green backed bedding & is more easily destroyed so I cut it off & throw away. I suspect this will not be necessary once the puppy outgrows his destructive stage, but meantime it does mean paying for a small portion of bedding which I can't use. However, in spite of this, I think the product very well worth the money; fancy dog beds can cost a fortune but frequently do not last... "

"Good, well made, and comfortable. My Labrador had eaten three different beds before buying this. I cut four shapes to fit her plastic pet bed, and she's not attacked them yet!"

"Perfect and machine washes well"

"Disappointing, my puppy kept pulling out the grey fluff. I had to take it away"

"Came really fast, fantastic value for money as I can cut down this roll to put in my puppy crate, the dog bed and the back of my car!"

"Arrived quickly, just what I needed for my dogs crate, lovely and soft, also as she is an older dog it is thick and comfortable for her, very pleased"

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Customer Reviews
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16 reviews:

13 December 2023  |  Mary

The vet bed I bought has privided my cats paws wuth a psedo rug on a concrete floor. They love its softness. It is green to emulate grass too. Grest product. Fulfils its purpose excellently.


This is wonderful to hear. Many thanks for letting us know that your cat is enjoying the vet bedding so much and you are finding it so useful for cold, hard floor areas.

Dog mat
12 April 2023  |  Eleanor

Good quality. My dog loves it.


Excellent news! So pleased that your dog is enjoying their new vet bedding

Good value for money
24 March 2023  |  Karen

Good service and value for money would have given 5 stars if a little thicker but happy with purchase and would buy from company again


Thanks for your feedback, really sorry to hear that you felt the vet bedding could have been thicker for your needs.
We do offer the 1300 gsm in the non-slip vet bedding in a few designs, the Leopard print, Brown, Purple & Green Large paw design and the Tiger prints. Hopefully you may be able to try those next time. please do get in touch if you are ordering again in the future.

Excellent product and service.
07 January 2023  |  Celia

Have used this vet bed for all of our labradors over the years. It's tough and tolerates repeated washing. Provides a warm and comfortable bed and even when dogs are wet after walking it pulls moisture through to the reverse and the surface remains dry and warm. The service from Soul Destiny is always spot on too.


Truly grateful for your wonderful review of our traditional vet bedding, this is so useful for customers trying to work out if it is the best idea for their pet, thank you.
Thanks also for mentioning our customer service levels are what we aim for. We really appreciate you taking the time out to add this review.

Traditional green vet bedding
05 January 2023  |  Suzanne

This vet bed is of great quality. Will be ordering more for my dog walking Van. Fast delivery aswell 👍


Thank you very much for your feedback, really great to hear you are so pleased with your traditional vet bedding. The non-slip vet bedding is always popular for our dog walking customers to use in the back of their vehicles, do let me know if you would like a sample.

Vet bed
15 September 2022  |  KIM

High quality vet bed from this company as the one I ordered last year from a different company was not anywhere near as good. Also friendly and very helpful customer service when I accidentally mixed up my order. Thank you will definitely order again.


Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us this wonderful review, I am delighted you are so pleased with your vet bedding.

10 February 2022  |  Lisa

I bought this for my new sofa! Purchase a new green velvet sofa and have 5 dogs! Perfect, found this and its great, waterproof too...


Thank you for your review of our traditional vet bedding, really happy to hear it is working well as a cosy cover on top of your new sofa for all your dogs!

Fantastically comfortable bedding
22 January 2022  |  V

A great product, and delivered impeccably. One small comment that might help others in choosing would be that I was unclear beforehand as to whether the base membrane would absorb or simply drain, and discovering that it just drains through means we have to cater for that efficiently. Old, old dog problem of not lasting through the night unfortunately. But the bed washes wonderfully well and dries almost before you hang it out! Very satisfied overall.


Thank you so much for this particularly useful review for future customers.
Our Vet bedding is designed so that any accidents drain away from the fleece, ensuring the pet is not laying in the wet, however it is not a waterproof product.
We will look into producing another video on the vet bedding site to ensure this is clear. Thank you again for taking the time to leave your feedback, it is much appreciated and I am so pleased you are happy with the washing and quick drying nature of the vet bedding too.

Great for rabbits
11 April 2021  |  Caroline

We purchased this after reading all the reviews about using in rabbit cages and hutches. Our rabbits live inside during the winter and outside in the summer and this bedding roll is perfect for both cage and hutch. Absorbs wee quickly and keeps the top layer dry, washes and dries really fast. So much nicer than sawdust and wet newspaper. Have already recommended to friends with rabbits.


Thank you so much for this review of the Vet Bedding for your rabbits. Our customers love the fact you can wash and re use and it dries so fast too.

Really pleased to hear you are enjoying it and thank you for recommending to your friends.

Green back vet bed
13 March 2021  |  Christine

Bought a 3 MTR roll. Quality very good and delivery was excellent. Next day. Can't fault service. Would be happy to purchase again.


Lovely to hear the Vet Beddig arrived on time and was exactly what you hoped for too. Thanks for taking the time to review

Vet bedding
08 October 2020  |  Amanda

Have ordered vet bedding from soul destiny before and am always pleased with the quality and so are my cats..will no doubt order again.


Thanks for your lovely orders of our brillaint vet Bedding. So pleased you and your cats love it.

17 August 2020  |  Susan

So pleased to find a supply of Vet bed for my gang! No shows, no shopping! Brilliant service and VERY fast delivery of my order and lovely new bedding for my gang! Many thanks x

20 June 2020  |  Keith

Good service, prompt delivery, would buy from the company again


Thank you, we strive for excellent customer service every time, thank you for letting us know we are doing these things well.

Green Vet Bed is great
05 December 2019  |  Aileen

This green Vet Bed is great. Lovely deep pile and wahes well. Super quick delivery too!

Great product,great service,great value
21 November 2019  |  Sherrilyn

Item arrived very quickly. Will be using this company again.

Vet bed bedding
22 December 2017  |  Anthony

She loves it!