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28 March 2024  |  Maureen

Received very quick, lovely socks warm and comfy

28 March 2024  |  Yvonne

My second pair, the best walking socks ever and speedy service too. Highly recommend.

22 March 2024  |  Diana

Being a cat breeder, I use vet beds from this supplier for 5 yeas now and itís an excellent product. Easy to wash, quick to dry and provides necessary warmth and comfort to feeding queens and their kittens. Especially good in winter. Delivery is quick and material is well wrapped. Recommend this company and product to everyone.

21 March 2024  |  Gordon

I've had problems for some time with cold feet both in bed and watching TV. I bought a pair of alpaca bed socks and I love them! Warm and comfy and I've just ordered two more pairs.

21 March 2024  |  Katherine

Great bedding for my two 50kg plus dogs ,look so cosy with it in there beds ,they just love it *****

12 March 2024  |  Christopher

Actually purchased a vet bed of inferior quality in pets at home and quickly have realised this is far better and the same price. Really pleased with this product

12 March 2024  |  Jean

lovely and thick great quality washes well looks great on my settees protecting my leather and dogs love lying on it also non slip

11 March 2024  |  Julia

These small pieces are great for my two small terriers. They love it, in fact they used to lie on my larger dogs bedding so they got their own. Quick delivery too.

11 March 2024  |  Julia

This bedding is great. I already had one large piece and wanted another so Buddy always had one to snuggle on while the other was in the wash. It was delivered quickly too 😊

09 March 2024  |  Karen

Love the coat it is our second one as our dog has grown out of the last one. The coat arrived promptly the quality is good and the pooch is warm and dry so we are all happy.

09 March 2024  |  B

I use as under - bedding for my aged Labrador and it is perfect.

08 March 2024  |  Betty

A lovely soft cushion that fits the basket perfectly. Very pleased.

04 March 2024  |  Evelyn


03 March 2024  |  Lyn

Good quality, excellent service

02 March 2024  |  Christine

The walking socks are for my sons birthday present.
I will no doubt hear the result later.

29 February 2024  |  Karen

Quick delivery, nicely packaged and a really lovely bag. Plenty of room for yoga mat and two blocks and still space for more. Delighted with my purchase and a great price.

24 February 2024  |  Christine

I ordered the wrong size. I returned and the correct size was received back really quickly. Fits my dog perfectly. Really needed it this week and has been brilliant. Would recommend.

24 February 2024  |  Steph

Really nice coat, perfect size for my Lab. Keeps her cosy and dry although does slip around a tad. She doesn't even mind wearing it!

24 February 2024  |  Karen

I'm very happy with the whelping fleece bedding. My furry baby a cross breed (staffie/collie) nearly 2 yrs old is a super chewer who has chewed through every bed or bedding for her cage that I have bought her. Nothing has lasted. This fleece has lasted beyond a few mins, a few hours and is still in her cage weeks later. She takes it out her cage and carries it to other rooms to sleep on it. We are both happy with the product and I will be purchasing spares. Thank you soooooo much. Please can you now make a cosy dog bed out of this material.

22 February 2024  |  Lucy

Needed a hard wearing bed for a puppy that likes to dig and chew his way through to the inners. This bed is great, indestructable so far!

19 February 2024  |  Shirley

customer service a real person,very helpful,very efficient quick delivery, a very well made product and especially nice made in UK.
Life for our elderly boy is much more comfortable again,and his little leaks are so much easier to deal with-really pleased,thankyou

18 February 2024  |  Mike

Bought the wrong size coat but there was no problem exchanging it for the next size down. The only thing that would make it easier to choose the right size would be to put the breed of dog on the sizing as that gives you a better indication of the size of dog itís intended for

16 February 2024  |  Karla

The collar was purchased for a friend's dog. Lovely soft and supple leather which looks very good on her Labrador. Very pleased with the purchase and the excellent service provided by Soul Destiny, as usual.

16 February 2024  |  Melanie

The coats look to be of a very well made and good quality material. Unfortunately due to throwing g packaging away I cannot return as my puppies will not let me put them anywhere near him, such a shame

12 February 2024  |  Lynnette

This is used as a rug for the dog in the sitting room the colours are gorgeous ,the service and delivery 5 star +

10 February 2024  |  Fiona

Absolutely brilliant bought for my 2 dogs in desperation as everything over the years has been chewed or shredded the final straw came after last replacement was chewed and stuffing all over by the morning Theyíve had these 48 hours and still intact so Iím more than happy, also delivered quickly.

10 February 2024  |  Helena

Worth the money as they can actually be worn for a whole week with no odour, itís unfathomable. Tested walking round building sites in workboots. Will buy more, if these ever wear out. Prompt delivery.

10 February 2024  |  Naomi

I bought these because we have an elderly dog and it was becoming impossible to keep washing and drying her normal bed. This product is warm and cosy for her to rest on but also exactly what we needed to cope with her accidents. They absorb the moisture and don't smell which is great for her and us. We bought two and can wash and dry them really easily.

08 February 2024  |  Jenni

My grandson loved them - he wears them around the house!

08 February 2024  |  Brian

So lovely to have warm feet at night.

08 February 2024  |  Brian

100% Quality product.

07 February 2024  |  Oonagh

I bought these as I have already bought several pairs of Alpaca bed socks which are wonderful. Cosy,soft and easy to wash. It was a natural process to buy some walking socks. They havenít let me down. They are soft and so warm especially walkingRoo in wellies . Winter dog walking is now a joy. Thank you. .

07 February 2024  |  Oonagh

My hearing dog Roo loves it, & so do I . The colour is perfect for my home, & Roo spends a lot of her time enjoying the comfort..

06 February 2024  |  Sheridan

My husband likes these socks as they are so warm and comfortable.
However, I think they can only be hand washed and the water has to be only luke warm.

05 February 2024  |  Evelyn

My little Chihuahua is now lovely and warm when we're at the allotment, very pleased.

03 February 2024  |  Julie

Brought this & the brown paws. Excellent product especially for my rescue westie who sometimes has west moments when anxious. Easy to wash & dry to keep everything fresh.

03 February 2024  |  Julie

Brought this for my rescue westie who gets anxious sometimes & has a little wet moment. Itís been great as bedding for night time always when working from home curly up on my office floor or chilling on the sofa. Love how versatile it easy with added bonus of easy to wash to stay fresh!

02 February 2024  |  Michelle

I just use these in the boot room on the floor when the dogs are drying off after a walk or a bath. So easy to keep clean. Thanks !

02 February 2024  |  Rob

Excellent! lovely, warm and extremely comfortable!

01 February 2024  |  Mrs

The coat arrived quickly, fits perfectly...Margo our cockapoo looks very elegant and warm. Very pleased with quality and fit.

01 February 2024  |  Sally

The fog coat purchased was excellent quality and an excellent fit .

31 January 2024  |  Jan

I ordered 2 packs of vet bedding offcuts, they arrived in good time and were well packaged.
I have used Soul Destiny before and found the company to be friendly and efficient and most importantly they are reasonably priced.
If you have pets buy vet bedding here, neither you nor your pets will be disappointed;

30 January 2024  |  Claire

Really beautiful item, great quality and a great price

29 January 2024  |  Pat

really nice, soft and warm

28 January 2024  |  Dawn

Fantastic really nice looks well in my kitchen very fast shipping *****

26 January 2024  |  Joy

Great coat-it didn't appear to restrict her at all during play and it kept her warm!

26 January 2024  |  Suzanne

Very nice product, my only critisism is the fact the backing is very noises for a pet. If that could be overcome it would be 5*

25 January 2024  |  Pauline

A little expensive, but good quality.

23 January 2024  |  Denise

The quality of this coat is superb; I've bought clothing for myself that is not finished so well, and the material is excellent.
Having only recently adopted a dog that needs outdoor clothing we had struggled due to a large chest and short body. The coat however fits really well and looks great; we just added an adjuster to the neck buttons. She will look very much at home when we go on our Scotland holidays.

22 January 2024  |  Jane

Excellent quick delivery and good value for money,..

20 January 2024  |  Katrina

It is a minefield trying to get decent, proper vetbed but here, I got exactly what I wanted. I got the basic blue, in a size that I wanted. It was delivered within a couple of days. I will definitely use Soul Destiny again

18 January 2024  |  Lisa

Really good quality and a great price.

18 January 2024  |  Lisa

Really good quality and a great price.

18 January 2024  |  Farida

Pure alpaca socks give constant happiness from the feeling of warm soft coziness that improves my winter walking is

14 January 2024  |  Allison

Exactly what we were looking for dog jacket that covers legs and tummy area. Fantastic fit covers almost all of the legs. Great. Coming back from walks without all the mess and having to clean your dog. My dog loves it runs and walks just like she does without it on.

14 January 2024  |  Isolde

After my puppy successfully shredded 3 different types of mattresses in 2 months I was recommended to buy this.
Lovely thick and fluffy - so far so good: had it 10 days it is still all intact. I cut it to size myself and used the off cuts rolled up on two sides of the bed, which meant that he would pull these one out first.

13 January 2024  |  Pamela

I loved the look of the coat I have lined the jacket with a tartan material extended the tummy strap and changed the fastenings to Velcro cut a hole for harness lead. It does look lovely and more practical and warmer

12 January 2024  |  Jane

Unfortunately the Greyhound Polo Waterproof Dog Coat was too tight around the neck for our lurcher. We were sorry that we were unable to purchase from Soul pets as their customer service could not be faulted. Quick delivery, helpful advise. Always pleasant, and quick refund on return.

10 January 2024  |  Tiffany

Iíve got 2 Bichon x Lhasa Apsoís whoís fleeces I was having to wash every day and still wash the dogs because the soggy mud was soaking through. These little coats mean I just have their paws (and usually their faces because they stick them in holes) to wash. Theyíre the same size except one is slightly longer in the body so his falls a little short but itís the right size for the legs to fit properly. Yes, theyíre tricky to get on because of the cuff tightness but thatís what stops them getting mud all up their legs. Couple of minutes of moon walking and they got used to them and donít mind them at all now. As other have said, a little collar for the harness to go over would be nice and (personal opinion) Iíd like some high vis colours. Absolute game changer for muddy walk though. Great little coats.

09 January 2024  |  Dorothy

Very pleased with my purchase of alpaca bedsocks, they are very warm and Áomfortable I presume due to having 90% alpaca wool much higher than other brands. Ordering
was easy and delivery quick. Will certainly order more.

09 January 2024  |  Dorothy

Very pleased with my purchase of alpaca bedsocks, they are very warm and Áomfortable I presume due to having 90% alpaca wool much higher than other brands. Ordering
was easy and delivery quick. Will certainly order more.

05 January 2024  |  Derek

Very pleased with these knee-length socks. Great for dog walking in wellies. They stay up - but that might be helped by toggles at the top of my boots? Yet to wash them (but will do soon, by hand). I get the impression they will last. Very warm, too. So far, so good.

30 December 2023  |  K

This dog coat is worth every penny, itís absolutely brilliant! Our cockapoo would normally get soaked in mud and then would consequently take hours to dry out, with the coat on itís mainly just his paws that need a clean when we get back, the rest of his fur is perfectly clean and dry! The ankles are a bit tight but worth persevering because it stops the mud going up his legs! Heís quite happy to wear it and gets lots of compliments too! I bought the 16inch with the normal leg length - it fits him perfect! Would definitely recommend to anyone that has a dog with long fluffy fur!

30 December 2023  |  Irene

Great love's it sleeps like a puppy

30 December 2023  |  Angela

I absolutely love it, it fits Beau my dog perfectly

24 December 2023  |  Tom

I love the length of these socks. I wear them for 3 to 4 days at a time. I have several pairs. So they keep me warm throughout the winter months.

24 December 2023  |  Maureen

Very nice warm soft look good I am very pleased with them thankyou

24 December 2023  |  Paul

Excelent product and very good service

24 December 2023  |  Karen

I've tried all types of beds for my dog, who absolutely lives to rip the stuffing out of beds and soft toys Hes a nightmare, if even chews blankets! So he ends up with nothing to sleep on. Until I got this, it's perfect! No stuffing and he doesn't chew . I will be purchasing another one for the car

22 December 2023  |  Angela

Itís perfect, measurements were accurate. It fitted a treat. Would definitely recommend if itís a waterproof coat you need. We didnít need one for warmth just to reduce the amount of water Benson brings in

22 December 2023  |  Kerry

I ordered 2 half leg overalls and they would have been perfect but unfortunately were too big for my 2 wirehaired dachshunds. If I had gone down a size the back length was too short. I would this company to be made for dachshunds as itís so hard to get a fully waterproof coveralls. Customer service was brilliant.

21 December 2023  |  Nicole

The colour is slightly darker than it appears.

21 December 2023  |  Nicole

Lovely colour and pattern.

21 December 2023  |  Trudy

I'ts a lovely toy, good size and as described, something a little different. I'm sure Christmas morning won't disappoint!

21 December 2023  |  Gary

I needed a rugged waterproof bed fur the back of the car. Having night several that failed to meet up to my expectations, this bed is great. Rugged, green and the dogs love it.

21 December 2023  |  Debbie

Excellent product. Bought this for my friends cat as a blanket for her bed and Jet the cat just loves it. Itís so comfortable for her and so warm. Itís a good quality product and I bought it also previously for my cat who loves it too. Would definitely recommend this pet bedding, also good customer service from Soul Destiny and easy ordering process and prompt delivery. Would recommend this company

18 December 2023  |  Beverley

Gorgeous soft walking sox. I can thoroughly recommend them

18 December 2023  |  Beverley

Brilliant coat. At last I have found one that fits my 10kg SWHD perfectly.
I bought the 17"
It has an opening for a harness too. 🐶

18 December 2023  |  Beverley

Brilliant coat. At last I have found one that fits my 10kg SWHD perfectly.
I bought the 17"
I can thoroughly recommend 👍

18 December 2023  |  Anne

Great service, arrived really quickly. The dogs love the comfort, easily washed. A great product. 😃

17 December 2023  |  Susan

I really appreciated video re: familiarising dog with the jacket and then wearing for short periods inside before going out. The first time it was worn i thought she would never tolerate it. But once out with harness over the top she didn't even notice she had it on. Despite careful measurements legs of coat too long but turning up cuffs not a problem hence the 5 stars. Great little waterproof. Does the job. Not a fashion piece but silly dressing up of dogs not really my thing.

14 December 2023  |  Geoff

A little tight around neck and would be better with a collar. Unfortunately I did not see the leg sizing so too long unless I roll them up. Could not return this item as used once. Overall very roomy for my cocker cross pug allowing for warm jackets to wear underneath.

14 December 2023  |  MRS

Beautifully soft. I bought them for a Christmas gift so cannot assess them fully but they are lovely quality and I am sure the recipient will love them

14 December 2023  |  Alison

Amazing quality quick delivery.

13 December 2023  |  Sheridan

My husband has a medical condition and so now has very cold hands and feet. These have been great ,warm and comfortable.

13 December 2023  |  Sheridan

Lovely pale blue colour, bought them as bed socks and they are ideal,my husband likes them so much bought a second pair as he wears them in the day too

13 December 2023  |  Mary

The vet bed I bought has privided my cats paws wuth a psedo rug on a concrete floor. They love its softness. It is green to emulate grass too. Grest product. Fulfils its purpose excellently.

13 December 2023  |  Yvette

Very happy with new vet bed fast delivery very soft dogs love it

12 December 2023  |  Emma

Gorgeous soft non slip vet bed. My puppyís are all snuggly and safe in this bedding. Nice colour too. Fabulous customer service and great price to boot. Thank you so much

12 December 2023  |  Emma

Gorgeous soft non slip vet bed. My puppyís are all snuggly and safe in this bedding. Nice colour too. Fabulous customer service and great price to boot. Thank you so much

11 December 2023  |  Vivienne

Unfortunately our Jack Russell was definately the runt of the litter and this coat was too big (yes I did order her correct size). Even though it was too big for her, I truly believe that this coat would have kept her totally dry in wet weather (which we get a lot). It was attached at the top with velcro so it made it very easy to put on our dog and attach. If it had not been so large as to fall off her, I would definately been extemely happy with this purchase.

11 December 2023  |  Lorna

These are the most expensive socks I have ever bought, so I had high hopes that they would keep my feet warm while cycling. Although I was wearing, cycling shoes as well as boot covers lined with sheep wool my toes were still cold. So they are nice socks but didn't do what I hoped they would.

08 December 2023  |  Jane

Very happy with the dog suit - the only thing is that I wish the back legs were a little longer as they keep riding up over the dog's hocks. Otherwise the coat is a very good fit and keeps most of the wet and mud off of the dog.

06 December 2023  |  Ellie

Absolutely chuffed to pieces with this coat. Feels warm and fits perfectly. Been struggling to find a coat that fits my cane corso and this is perfect

05 December 2023  |  Louisa

Thank you for the excellent service, the quality is very good and delivered promptly.
Iím going to order again today

02 December 2023  |  Wayne

They were a gift for me mum she loves them she's very happy definitely recommend.

30 November 2023  |  Elizabeth

My last purchase was a short leg version and it fitted but the legs were slightly short. I decided to order the normal version as my Westie has put on a little weight. The body fits beautifully but the legs will require a bit of adjustment. I have my fingers crossed. Great item , great service.

30 November 2023  |  Dee

Lovely coat for my Maltipoo but despite getting his measurements exactly right, itís still a bit big for him. Great quality though and very lightweight.

30 November 2023  |  Jacky

I always try to buy British, not always easy as most things seem to be made in China, so was delighted to find this. Well made quality product at a sensible price. Would recommend.

28 November 2023  |  Jan

These socks are just what I needed for my very cold feet due to poor circulation. Have bought in the past for a friend so I thought I should try them. I'm so glad I did because they keep my feet warm all night. Will definitely buy again. We're delivered very quickly.
Many thanks.

28 November 2023  |  Jacquetta

Really good waterproof coat. Easy and clear measurement video and very quick delivery.
Fits well, I bought a 16Ē for a 10.5kg cocker spaniel.
I did see it mentioned in a previous write up that the elasticated cuffs are very tight for a fully feathered show cocker but otherwise excellent. Thank you.

25 November 2023  |  Norman

Perfect thick vet bed. Dogs love it . Very quick delivery.

24 November 2023  |  A

Great product

24 November 2023  |  A

Great product

23 November 2023  |  Richard

Great quality jacket and great service but sadly it didnít fit my dog but wish it had.

23 November 2023  |  Joanne

Bought on a recommendation- we are really happy with it. Relatively easy to put on and it works! We will be backfir more in due course.

20 November 2023  |  Julie

The vet bedding I originally ordered was out of stock. Received an email to advise this next morning after ordering, chose a new pattern which was still delivered on time. The product is so soft and thick. My elderly border collie loves it. Thank you so much for all your help x

20 November 2023  |  Sarah

I have a dachshund which I purchased the coat for, he's 19" long so I order the 20", the sizes are very generous and I had to return for a 16" which fits lovely, he looks fab in it and the quality is great, the return was no bother and so quick and fast, will be buying again waiting for one of the coats to come back into stock so I can purchase but may have to phone about sizing so I don't have to return and my sister's buying him one of the cosy looking beds for Christmas, great website with magnificent service and what's so great is there local an all round win, thank you.

20 November 2023  |  Susan

My dog (lab/collie) has had skin probs this year & suffered fur loss. This coat keeps the wind & rain out but isn't too hot. It's easy to take off when he's running around the fields or if the sun comes out. It has a harness hole & you don't have to use the elastic on back legs. It can be easily folded to use the velcro straps as a handle, make a bag & carry it home. We love it.

19 November 2023  |  Caroline

Good quality dog suit, beautifully made. Sadly my pup refused to wear it so needed to return. Refund received immediately, customer service's awesome. Welldone!

19 November 2023  |  Mrs

I was after a small waterproof bedding for my outdoor rabbits for the bottom of their cage, and this product is just fabulous! All the wet weather weíve had they have stayed dried and they are so easy to keep clean. I actually purchased another for them as they absolutely love chilling downstairs on these comfy beds when itís raining.

19 November 2023  |  Claire

Wasn't so much about muddy dogs for my dogs it was the amount of time it took for them to dry. Now it's only their paws that get wet so they dry off in no time.

18 November 2023  |  Susan

A really good product but one design fault! There was no slit to allow the loop on my dogs harness to come through and be attached to her lead. I made a simple cut and over sewed the edges - then it was perfect! Quality generally very good and looks great on.

17 November 2023  |  Phiona

Firstly the delivery was amazing and received the coat in two days from order!! But mainly this is a fantastic coat! Great quality and fits our BorDoodle almost perfectly (had to turn the legs up slightly which works very well). Itís defo waterproof and we only aid to wash her paws on first use RESULT!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 might get another one!!!

17 November 2023  |  Katy

Very happy as always
Great product
Fast delivery
Great value
Be back soon

16 November 2023  |  Steven

These are by far and away the best walking socks, in terms of comfort and warmth, I've ever had. Worth paying that little bit extra for.

16 November 2023  |  Sharon

My white saluki looks beautiful in the black with grey fleece coat. Itís well made and excellent for wet and windy days. He had the red and blue fleeces already, they have been washed often and still look good.

16 November 2023  |  Anne

Bought as present.
Great quality, snuggly and warm. Good service.

16 November 2023  |  Oonagh

The best ever bedsocks. My 3rd pair. Other pair still going strong just fancied a different colour. Love them. Cosy warm &comfortable.

16 November 2023  |  Richard

Very warm indeed,and very comfortable.. wel recommended

15 November 2023  |  Clare

Lovely, soft and fleecy. Bought these off-cuts for our guinea pigs and they love them. I put them under their beds and they keep them snuggly and warm.
Would recommend and buy again. Just beware if your piggies chew, ours haven't chewed them, so quite safe.

12 November 2023  |  Neil

I was looking for a waterproof coat which wouldnít be too warm. This waxed jacket is just the job. My Labrador is comfortable wearing it and doesnít try to take it off herself. Weíve been out several times in very heavy showers and itís kept my dog dry. I would highly recommend.

11 November 2023  |  Jane

Both my dogs have these, ideal in light rain and keeps them both dry.

11 November 2023  |  Jane

This is ideal for cold days, shower proof and warm. I have always bought these for my dogs

11 November 2023  |  Jane

This fleece will keep your dog wall all day and night. excellent quality.

10 November 2023  |  Graham

First time from this supplier and will definitely return, excellent quality and first class turnround

09 November 2023  |  Judith

So pleased with this coat for my Papillon dog that I am going to order another one in a different colour.

07 November 2023  |  Shirley

I ordered this for my little Bedlingtonxwhippet. I have really struggled to find something that fits well and is secure. This fur lined wax coat is perfect, it's got press stud fastening, 2 at the chest and 2 round the middle, and keeps her warm and dry, and it didnt cost a fortune. Coats for sighthounds are soooooo expensive! She's quite happy to go out in the rain now, which is a miracle.

06 November 2023  |  Sarah

The coat fits perfectly and the dog has quickly understood that the coat equals walks and accepts having it on. The wrist webbing is quite firm so it doesn't ride up the kefs. Very happy with oyr coat

05 November 2023  |  Manuela

It is a fantastic product and ECO friendly, for me this is a deal breaker! Excellent quality and easy to wash

05 November 2023  |  Manuela

Super absorbent, and very easy to clean!! Great service, very quick delivery and high quality product. Cannot fault it!! Happy and comfy pups. Cannot ask for more!

05 November 2023  |  Helen

What a beautiful throw, soft, stunning colour, and eco friendly

04 November 2023  |  Danielle

Love the harness, quality is great and fits my pug really well. Will purchase more soon for my other pugs 🥰

03 November 2023  |  Patricia

Looked everywhere for rainproof jacket with legs for my giant schnauzer. Fortunately came across soul destiny and I couldn't be more happy, amazing fit and totally waterproof. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend, not only for the excellent quality but the amazing service provided by this company.

02 November 2023  |  Joan

Loved by cat. Great product, quick delivery.

02 November 2023  |  Carmel

Cosy and warm, perfect size (51cm) for cavachon/poo dogs. The dogs climbed in as soon as I took the beds out of the packaging. Excellent quick service and delivery.

30 October 2023  |  Debbie

This a lovely soft vet bedding - very good value and great delivery service. Recommended

29 October 2023  |  Deborah

Absolutely gorgeous coat, i ordered the wrong size at first, my little one has grown 2 inches!! So I emailed them & sent it back for a 32inch, both times the delivery was super quick. Very happy with the coat, nice & warm with the fleece lining & the hunters wax jacket style outer layer. Superb quality.

29 October 2023  |  Annie

Love the waxed coat for my bedlington x whippet. Well made. Great quality. Very quick delivery. Fits with a good greyhound cut. Happy customer and happy dog.

29 October 2023  |  David

great qualiyy, fantastic fit and practical to keep our dog warm and dry

27 October 2023  |  Sally

Great product, would have given it 5 stars but even though my dog has exceptionally short legs the outfit still rides quite high on her legs, ant the feet holes are quite tightÖ but definitely does the job of keeping her belly clean and dry and the top part of her legs

26 October 2023  |  Dorothy

My son has very poor circulation in his feet and these socks have helped him enormously, keeping his feet "like toast" through the night. The customer service aspect of this company is brilliant, can't be faulted.

26 October 2023  |  Dorothy

My son has very poor circulation in his feet and these socks have helped him enormously, keeping his feet "like toast" through the night. The customer service aspect of this company is brilliant, can't be faulted.

26 October 2023  |  Sarah

Purchased 2 jackets for our Dalmatians. Great fit and fully waterproof. First class service.

26 October 2023  |  Kevin

Excellent service with fast delivery. The vet bed was a lovely colour and nice and cosy for our new puppyÖ.she loves it.

23 October 2023  |  David

Bought for border terrier who has tendency to dig in to his bedding before settling. Has shredded several fabric beds and this product has so far been ideal. Fits his Ellie Bo cage perfectly and I put an old towel on top for bit extra comfort. Still goes through the digging routine at first but bed so far impervious to any damage. Very pleased

19 October 2023  |  Carl

I initially purchased an incorrect item which I sent back and was refunded in under 2 days of posting. Have now purchased from them the correct item and completely satisfied with the service and quality of item. Many thanks and would definitely purchase from this company again.

14 October 2023  |  Doreen

Great product - use it in the car, dogs seems to be happy with it too.

14 October 2023  |  Doreen

Great product, love the range of colours and design available. Washes well and dog seems to love it tooÖ

12 October 2023  |  Sue

Very nice and soft. Puppy settled immediately so I shall order again

07 October 2023  |  Mary

Bought some more walking socks as a present for my lovely Husband. V happy!! Beautiful colour/ warmthÖ. Everything is perfect. 🧡👍

05 October 2023  |  Suzanne

Ultra warm, soft and cosy. My 93 year old father loves them. Thank you very much for excellent service and swift delivery. 100% highly recommend.

05 October 2023  |  Lynne

We ordered a waterproof coat for our Westie which fitted snuggly. Perfect length to the leg and enough room on the body (to get my hand underneath). We considered another for our Border who is a reluctant wearer of coats. As the Westies was too tight in the body for her (she has a deeper rib cage) we went up one size. The new coat however was too big (legs and body). I contacted customer service and they were more than happy for me to run it (unworn). Westie has recently had the chance to wear his new coat and was very happy (as were we) to come back dry (and clean). Coat rinsed out perfectly, and is now ready for the next downpour. Would definitely recommend product and company.

05 October 2023  |  Tracie

These fleeces keep my rabbit dry! She was suffering with wet tail daily due to age! Her fur is growing back now sheís dry and I donít have to bathe her😀

24 September 2023  |  Sally

I have been buying vet bed with the green backing for about 12yrs now and lasts an age! But each time I change cars they get cut up to suit!
But this time I needed a piece big enough to cover the entire back of our new Honda HRV when the back seats are laid down for our dogs bed.
Soul Destiny do various sizes of the high grade with non-slip back and at a very compatible price, but very few companies do a nice plain dark grey/charcoal.
So we pushed the boat out and purchased the plain charcoal, a piece 3m x 2m.
Wow is all I can say....but will is excellent quality, the non-slip backing is great and cut to size fits the entire back of the car and up the front seat backs to catch all the white dog hair!
Yes it sheds fluff, but I have never had any vet bed that doesn't until it's washed and tumble dried a few times!
But I gave it a really good hoover once fitted in the car and had enough left over to make two little mats for her dirty paw tread area to her bed, so I don't have to dismantle the car too often to wash the entire fitted piece!
Excellent service and as usual quality and price.

21 September 2023  |  Irene

2 years ago i got bedding from Soul Destiny for 2 new puppies we had but due to sibling problems one had to go, I sent his bedding with him to his new owner. The puppy we have still got STILL has his bedding!!! so thought best to get him new as he is now 2 years.
This bedding is 200% better than dog beds and would never have anything else. Barney is so comfortable on this bedding. Thank you Soul Destiny. XXXXX

21 September 2023  |  Alison

Arrived within a day or two of ordering, good quality, really impressed. Would shop again.

13 September 2023  |  Denise

I ordered two of these rugs which I received quite quickly this morning securely packaged in natural packaging. I wanted one as a throw for the arm of a sofa and the other as a top cover for a footstool so I took a chance that they would be suitable for these uses. I am delighted to say that they serve both purposes perfectly. I absoloutely love them and they fit in beautifully with my decor of natural colours. They do have a natural/earthy smell which I am sure will disappear in the coming days. As far as the item being a rug is concerned, I'm sure it would work well with some sort of underlay as it is quite thin. Thank you Soul Destiny for your lovely product which is a fantastic price too!

12 September 2023  |  Richard

Customer service: great. Product quality: great. Price: great. My only suggestions would be to make the leg cuffs slightly looser - itís quite a job getting them past the dew-claws of our large golden doodle. Also, Itíd be great if there was a harness leash-ring opening so you could fit the coat over the harness rather than under. But all in all, a very good product.

12 September 2023  |  Claire

Prompt delivery, very good quality bed. I bought as extra bedding for my puppy so not used yet but very impressed with the look of it, also excellent value

10 September 2023  |  Cathie

I ordered this harness online and it was delivered within a few days. Very well packaged and excellent quality,I'm delighted with it. Their sizing instructions are very clear and it fits my dog perfectly.

08 September 2023  |  Sarah

It arrived very quickly. I bought it to soften the base of my dog's crate, as has been sqirming a bit at night. She is a 12 yr old Collie x Labradoodle, who thinks she is a puppy. I haven't installed it yet due the present heat wave. But it washed well and line dried quickly. I will be coming back to this site for future purchases.

07 September 2023  |  Davina

Very good quality beds Iíve brought for both my dogs and they seem to like them there comfy

05 September 2023  |  Norma

Really like these fleeces, and good delivery. You need to wash them as usual with a fleece bed. Thank you

05 September 2023  |  Julie

Excellent service as usual ( repeat customer )
Great quality vet bed in great colours , Iím loving the new sheep design . Happy dogs / happy me .

04 September 2023  |  Pauline

Absolutely delighted with the service,I spoke to the owner and she was so helpful would thoroughly recommend her and would use her again.

31 August 2023  |  Robert

I bought one of these several years ago on the secondary market and was very pleased with the coat.
After viewing the website I found the sizing guide with breed descriptions very helpful, the whole process from order to delivery was simple and delivery was so quick. A good quality product. Made In the UK

31 August 2023  |  Kathy

This Cushion is a beautiful Teraccotta colour and fit in with my decor very happy

31 August 2023  |  Angela

Excellent product and delivery.
Would definitely purchase again.

31 August 2023  |  Angela

Excellent, well-made dog toy, which my dog loves

31 August 2023  |  Sharon

Another Xmas present cos in my book throws are always a winner. Perfect price perfect quality just perfect

31 August 2023  |  Sharon

This is a Xmas present but the quality of all 3 items I purchased is fantastic

31 August 2023  |  Sharon

This one I bought for myself. It feels lovely and the quality I don't think words can explain how good this is. And such a fantastic price too

31 August 2023  |  Jane

Lovely simple rug, great fabric, colour , looks great too. Just what I needed .

29 August 2023  |  Joanne

Very happy with this rug looks really stylish you can use in a wide variety of ways to add shape to a square room.

19 August 2023  |  Sharon

Lovely dog coat bought for my husky girl who has quite a long body / fits really well/ leg straps holds coat on during rainy windy days / will be great for the snowy days to come/.

17 August 2023  |  Paul

Thank you. Checking size was made easy, ordering was simple and delivery was super fast. Very pleased with quality of purchase.

17 August 2023  |  Roy

At Blooming Last! Dog rain coats that actually properly fit my two Shih Tzu boys, who have short legs and a low slung tummies. Every time we go out in the rain it is normally a case, on our return home, of cleaning tummy areas, legs, arm pits, tails and heads and then spending up to 15 minutes per dog with the hair dryer (which they love - pushing each other out of the way to be dried first), leaving me with aching joints and back from kneeling on the floor. Now, with these coats, all that is necessary to clean and dry are feet, tails and heads, the rest of them is dry, much to their disappointment! No more encouraging them to get home quickly by telling them "Hair Dryer"! Well worth the cost and very well made. Not like Chinese products at all. It has only taken me 6 years to find these!

17 August 2023  |  Vivienne

This product is really 1st class, excellent quality, value for money. Just what we required thank you.

17 August 2023  |  Steve

Service was very quick and very pleased with the coat. Not sure Digby is over happy wearing it though!!!
But sure he will get used to it. Thanks again for great service.

17 August 2023  |  Margaret

Lovely coat for my dog. It fits perfectly and quality is excellent.

15 August 2023  |  Susan

Excellent service and product

13 August 2023  |  Kerry

Love these coats as they are different from the normal and look very Smart on. Bought 2 for dogs but need to change one for nxt size up as he's got a bigger tummy lol and it's a but snug but would recommend them

10 August 2023  |  Helen

I chose a paler colour so Iím able to see the pups easily on camera. Itís arrived, is great and just what I needed. Communication, help and customer service is amazing from Soul-destiny. I had an issue with delivery - they responded immediately with a great response and were so helpful! A*****

09 August 2023  |  Alison

Excellent product. Prompt delivery, and first class Customer service from this Company. Will certainly buy from them again.

07 August 2023  |  Morag

Delighted with this product - excellent service and would highly recommend it.

06 August 2023  |  Eileen

Already had the DC Harness in Purple Passion so bought the collar to match.
Itís a great fit and what I really like about this line is that it has good sized and easy open/close clasps. No fiddly but just the right size.
Souls destiny processed my order very quickly and delivered it on time too.
Absolutely recommend both this product and seller.

05 August 2023  |  Kerry

Excellent product and much cheaper than pet shops. Will definitely be recommending to family and friends 👍

04 August 2023  |  Louiza

fantastic easy service
product is perfect fits and does the job
i ordered wrong size - it was returned and exchanged and price difference refunded with no issues all done within 7 days of original order - thankyou
will definitely use this company again

03 August 2023  |  Rosamond

Because he is so low to the ground he always had a wet underneath and soaked up to his shoulders. Not now though. No more wet dog smell either.

28 July 2023  |  Jeffrey

Unfortunately the suit wasn't the correct size however the customer service was fantastic and the issue was reolved quickly . I would recommend Soul Destiny highly .

25 July 2023  |  Kerry

Googled rugs for hours then found this. Washable in the machine, recycled, soft underfoot. Lovely sand colour with the most minute flecks of other beautiful colours. Very Subtle. Using it under kitchen table and not worrying about spilling things. Replacing the last rug we had, also from Soul Destiny but we wanted a bigger one. Great for a scandi neutral look and can use any patterned table cloth with it. The rug is a little too big for the space but I folded a bit under which is hidden by the wall under a bench, and you'd never notice, so not a problem at all. Very very happy!

25 July 2023  |  Danielle

Got way more out of the size than I thought I would brilliant quality

23 July 2023  |  Roy

I must admit after placing the order very easily and paying for a 24hr Tracked service I was getting worried when my delivery had not arrived by the afternoon. After receiving assurances from Danielle that it would arrive as promised, it did by Royal Mail @ 7.05pm. Therefore I can confirm an excellent service. Thank you Roy Mead

21 July 2023  |  Amanda

Excellent product. Soaks the liquid away from surface keeping my paralyzed dog much more comfty. Easy to cut to size running a blade down the rubber back side. Great value for money.

17 July 2023  |  Miss

By far the best price for vet bed I could find. Quality is excellent and the delivery was superb.

15 July 2023  |  Susan

Cannot fault the seller or the product. I watched the video on how to measure and the trouser suit fits my 7 month old Cocker Spaniel perfectly. Very pleased, would recommend.

13 July 2023  |  Suzanne

Our dog absolutely loves their new vet bed.
Fast delivery and well packaged. Thank you

09 July 2023  |  Sally

My rug was lost by Royal Mail and didn't arrive. A replacement was sent immediately and arrived the next day. Great rug, great service, thank you

08 July 2023  |  Nancy

My first order from this company but it wonít be my last. Really love the luxury quality and the design and the colour, could not be more pleased. And the timescale and efficiency of the delivery was first class too.

06 July 2023  |  Jill

Excellent product and quick postage. Arrived well packaged. Many thanks! Will be back!

06 July 2023  |  Jill

Fabulous!! Arrived well packaged and in great order. Thank you. I will be back!

06 July 2023  |  Alison

This is the best bedding for our dogs & puppies that weíve tried. Itís so good we now have had several rolls of it! Nice and thick, barely sheds, throw it in the washing machine.... what more can you ask for? Will most certainly be back for more.

03 July 2023  |  Patricia

These beautiful throws take me back in time to days of quality and colour. I recommend them fully

29 June 2023  |  Anne

Really pleased with this bed which we have bought for our new puppy. Well made and looks super comfortable with a two sided padded removable and washable cushion. Smooth one side. Furry and warm on the other. Great service and quick delivery. Highly recommend company and product.

23 June 2023  |  Caroline

The bedspread is great quality and the colours are very eye catching. I needed something to generously cover a double bed and this size is just great.

22 June 2023  |  Alison

Great quality vet bed. Good thickness and the rubberised backing is great on any surface especially non carpeted flooring types e.g. tiles or wooden floors as they dont slip

20 June 2023  |  Nichola

I purchased a vet bed and I was delighted at how quickly it was delivered. The price was great and my dogs love their new bedding for their travel crate, I chose the Sheep in green field design as I loved the quirky design and because I have a Border Collie. I will be ordering again in the future because I had such a positive buying experience.

19 June 2023  |  Michelle

Thick lovely pattern I bought the sheep one sheep are bigger than they looked in picture non slip
Would buy again

18 June 2023  |  Amanda

I ordered this after my old yoga mat was getting to slippy. I'm really pleased with my new purchase, doesn't slip on the floor and I don't slip on the mat! My only minor issue, and this is personal, is the green printing seems very bright! But the mat is very pretty and perfect for what I use it for.

18 June 2023  |  Trudi

A quality product with easy fastenings and adjustments. Excellent service from Dog Copenhagen, top Mark's!!!!

15 June 2023  |  KIM

This is the second time I've ordered from soul destiny and the vet bed is of very high quality, I picked the wrong colour and they amended it straight away after emailing them, great customer service and speedy delivery. Thank you

27 May 2023  |  Kate

Love this harness. We had to get a step through harness as our 1 year old dog had started getting a bit growly with the old over the head one. Fits well and lovely green which goes lovely with his red coat. Fantastic customer service. On ordering, I requested quick delivery as we needed for our holiday. Within a couple of hours I received a delivery refund and an email to advise they were waiting for delivery of the item and would be with me in time, which it was. The only down side is there is no front ring to help with pulling but still very happy with the harness and customer service.

23 May 2023  |  Jeremy

All good just as described

19 May 2023  |  Wendy

Excellent, and very prompt

16 May 2023  |  Robyn

Great product, and prompt, no fuss service. Thankyou

13 May 2023  |  Gk

The service was amazing the quality even better and I am part of dog rescue and asked for off cuts and the result will keep us in fleece for a long time thankyou so so much

08 May 2023  |  Greg

Great product at a great price. Highly recommended

04 May 2023  |  Sally

Product arrived beautifully wrapped. The throw itself was stunning, looked exactly like the photo and worked brilliantly with the colour scheme in the bedroom. Absolutely delighted!

04 May 2023  |  Loretta

Lovely product it is a shame it doesnít come in perfect sizes for whelping box but otherwise itís perfect thank you

04 May 2023  |  Melanie

Lovely definitely great quality love the ant slip backing idea for Mabel & get puppies

29 April 2023  |  Mrs

This company is very good. The harness so well made. It was too small for my boy so I had to send back but the refund was done so quickly. Was very impressed. Just wish the harness had fitted my 11 st boy

27 April 2023  |  Gabrielle

Fabulous vet bed. I cut it to size. Washes very well. Iím very pleased. Would highly recommend.

27 April 2023  |  Angela

OMG the two pom pom 5hrows bought from you are sooo pretty. The green & purple ones are the prettiest ever. Can't wait to use them. Great customer service too. Postage refunded on one item - totally unexpected but appreciated.

27 April 2023  |  ROY

'Just perfect comfort' is what my dog thinks and it came so quickly.

21 April 2023  |  Christopher

My dog hates getting wet so the waterproof suit seems to be a great find, stylish, practical and well made. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong size but customer service was very efficient with a fast turnaround. Not had a chance to put it to use yet but Iím sure it will be well appreciated by Sky..

21 April 2023  |  Leanne

Amazing quality and great value for money

19 April 2023  |  Lorraina

Having a white was I was getting tired off washing after every trip to the park. First tried on after receiving to see if it fits. Maltese 9 month old, size 12. Found it an effort to put on. Put on when I was away. After some efforts itís best to put front paws in first then back paws and zip it up. Found the bits around the ankles tight. But he has wee slim legs. Got the short one but he is taller than I thought. No matter on return from a walk I only needed to wash the paws and a little bit of his legs. Iím hoping to use it more. I give it 4 starts because it difficult it put on. I might decide to buy a slightly bigger one.

19 April 2023  |  Jayne

Given this is a recycled product it is exceptional quality and plush! Lucky dog!

18 April 2023  |  Jane

The vet bed is good quality and really soft. Customer service were really helpful with helping me find exactly what I was looking for. It was delivered really quickly too.

18 April 2023  |  Heather

Great quality and finish. Itís different from other throws because itís fancy. Just what I was looking for . Loved the colour and it brightens up a dull sofa.

16 April 2023  |  Kim

Fits perfectly in the car dog crate. Good thickness and quality.

15 April 2023  |  Carole

perfect for puppy crate, and a couple of squares dotted around the house for daytime naps, easy wash and dry. excellent customer service - beyond what would be expected thank you

14 April 2023  |  Tracy

excellent service, excellent quality came before estimated date

13 April 2023  |  Lucy

Excellent! Pouffe exactly as described and very quick delivery. Would certainly order again

13 April 2023  |  Karen

Perfect size for boot of Skoda Kodiaq. Dogs very comfortable. Arrived when stated

12 April 2023  |  Eleanor

Good quality. My dog loves it.

11 April 2023  |  Gordon

Being a dog walker, I need my hounds to be comfortable in the back of the van when they are going out for walks. The material is plush and easy to wash and quick to dry, which are all important qualities. Great service from Soul Destiny and a great product too. Made from recycled material which also a bonus.

11 April 2023  |  Suzanne

Good quality, as described, ideal for what I needed, was able to cut to size. Super fast delivery.

10 April 2023  |  Sandra

So easy to put on my Cavapoo, even though she doesn't usually wear coats. 16" was a good size for her and saved me a lot of time cleaning her up after her play in the park. Would recommend.

08 April 2023  |  Frances

Bought for my bunny who is having hind leg mobility issues, to give him a softer flooring with more grip. I love it, it's so soft that I have laid down with him and fallen asleep on it. He's a bit fussy and takes a long time to get used to new things, but he is warming up to it now and at this moment is sleeping on it (which is a new thing today!) I'd definitely buy more from you when I need to.

03 April 2023  |  Valerie

I have several vet beds, They are wonderful

03 April 2023  |  Sheryll

I first bought this for my previous elderly rabbit who liked to sleep on a wooden platform without straw, blankets etc. this was the only bed he would use and he loved it. The product and service were super so I bought this latest item for my new rabbitsí bed area. They are still babies and are completing their litter training, but I will be transferring them to the vetbed over this next week. Not worried about little accidents as the bedding is washable.

01 April 2023  |  Sharon

loved it
very well wrapped !!!
beautiful colours and the fact it was a fair trade product made me like it even more !

30 March 2023  |  Paul

I am very pleased with coat fits my bichon very well thank you.

30 March 2023  |  Jennifer

Bought the bedding to use as covers on my leather sofas, they work perfectly protecting them from 2 lively pups that jump all over them.
Have the same products in the dogs crates and they are great.

28 March 2023  |  Jane

Great for our lively cocker spaniel pup, it stops her slipping on our laminate floors.

28 March 2023  |  Peter

The rug arrived quickly & was as described. The colour was just as shown on the site. Soft and a good thickness

24 March 2023  |  Kristy

Very happy, just as described. I washed before use and have used and it in an indoor guinea pig cage, very absorbant. Washes well after use. Would recommend.

24 March 2023  |  Lynn

I love this coat, had same one for my previous dog. Super waterproof and looks super smart too.

24 March 2023  |  Emma

This is my second one of these Iíve purchased from Soul Destiny. The first one has proved so popular as our old Jack Russell (who it was bought for!) kept losing it to the cats I had to get another!

Great product and Soul Destiny are great to deal with.

24 March 2023  |  Karen

Good service and value for money would have given 5 stars if a little thicker but happy with purchase and would buy from company again

23 March 2023  |  Trina

I ordered this item for my cross breed pooch measuring as per the guide but when it arrived was too big, a quick phone call and it went back to be swapped out for the next size down with no fuss. The jacket itself is really well made - worth a 5 stars for quality and customer service .

23 March 2023  |  Georgina

Does what it says

20 March 2023  |  Michelle

I have a 6 year old bunny with front leg mobility due to muscle loss causing his legs to splay when standing the bedding is perfect as it gives more support when heís standing. It arrived really quickly and is brilliant quality , I would def recommend and buy again thanks

18 March 2023  |  Claire

After my old vet bed supplier retired, I tried Soul Destiny and I was thrilled. Nice thick vet bed, make warm, cosy puppies. Lovely colour.

18 March 2023  |  Lesley

The dachshund coat fits perfectly and looks adorable.
Other coats bought from pet stores only reach halfway up her tummy.!
I will be sure to check out your coats for next winter.
Thank you for a perfect product.

17 March 2023  |  Julie

This arrived on time and was a great price. Very impressed.

17 March 2023  |  Jennifer

Great vibrant colour to brighten your day. Super soft for kneeling and non slip for yoga asanas.
Excellent delivery service .

15 March 2023  |  Jacqueline

Lovely quality, thick vet bed. Order dispatched very quickly.
The only negative point is that the colour wasn't a very good representation in the pictures. Actual colour was more dark like the last picture. I was looking forward to something much brighter.

13 March 2023  |  Christina

We have a 13 year old saluki lurcher rescue girl and itís difficult to find coats that fit. This coat arrived in 2 days, itís easy to put on she is warm and dry and even likes wearing it! I thought It felt a little light on unpacking but itís just right for her so really happy 😃

13 March 2023  |  Rachael

very pleased with the fleece ,second piece I have brought ,don't like putting in W/M Soak in sink then hose it off while hanging on washing line

12 March 2023  |  Mary

does what it says

12 March 2023  |  Maureen

Excellent product, good quality at a good price, and is definitely non slip. I use it in the travel crate and it doesnít move, it is also nice and soft for the dog to lay on. Excellent service, arrived quickly would definitely buy again in the future.

10 March 2023  |  Helen

Lovely bedding for my 8 week old puppy, but the green backing wears off after washing. I ended up with a green lap after bringing my puppy home. Not sure this is very safe so would recommend vacuuming after washing!

09 March 2023  |  Debbie

My cat simply adores his blanket that I bought from Soul Destiny. Itís the vet bedding and itís perfect. Arthur sleeps for hours on it happily snoozing away. He just loves it! Would definitely recommend

05 March 2023  |  Rebecca

We have a cockapoo and he is hyperactive (understatement)
His coat stays on when he has a full run off lead in the woods. All we have to do is wipe his paws and head- job done. Time saver and worth every penny when we both need to be in work not long after a dog walk.
Love it

05 March 2023  |  Laura

Very good quality, tough yet thick and comfortable for my dogs. Bought the 3m roll ,great value. Easy to clean and quick to dry.

04 March 2023  |  Sharon

Got this for rescue lurcher pup, so soft, warm and hasn't been chewed yet!

04 March 2023  |  Wendy

Wonderfully thick vet pet roll for my poor old pup. Great quality, cut to size and shape needed, quick delivery and fantastic prices. Very comfy for my oldie

03 March 2023  |  Sandra

Delighted with this rug, mine is more pink and mauve than purple which is perfect for me. Very efficient delivery.

26 February 2023  |  Beatrice

Very comfortable. on the large size but will probably adjust.

24 February 2023  |  Gillian

Firstly sincere thanks to Danielle, for keeping me upto date re my order it was much appreciated. The mats are great ,they are waterproof and comfy our dog loves resting on it

23 February 2023  |  Janet

I ordered 2 harnesses in different colours for my 2 Cocker spaniels such good quality and fit although a little more expensive than some they were definitely worth it and arrived fairly quickly

20 February 2023  |  Samantha

We washed before use following the instructions carefully but there was significant shrinkage.
It's a good deep pile, Dam and puppies seem like it. Good at bringing moisture out away from dogs. Just a real shame it's now not the size we needed.

20 February 2023  |  Debbie

My cat just adores this pet blanket / bedding! He sleeps soundly on it all night. And during that day! He just loves it. Itís great quality and perfect for cats

19 February 2023  |  Lorraine

Keeps my piggies so dry they love it

16 February 2023  |  Alison

I ordered vet bedding for two new pups. the matt in my opinion is excellent quality thick & soft to touch & delivery time was very good too. I would recommend Soul Destiny to my friends no problem

10 February 2023  |  Gillian

Suit delivered in only 2 days from ordering. It was for our show type cocker spaniel .It's great fits really well, and he loves wearing it .It's well made and easy to wipe clean after wearing. Would definitely recommend and would definitely use this company again

08 February 2023  |  Josephine

Soft & comfortable perfect for my puppy, especially until he's house trained.

07 February 2023  |  Graeme

Good quality

07 February 2023  |  Graeme

Comfortable on a hard floor.

06 February 2023  |  James

pleasure to wear extremely comfortable and also help me sleep better. Not cheap but worth the money

06 February 2023  |  Tru

Good quality washed well before dog use. Would buy from company again.

05 February 2023  |  Susan

Very good quality, prompt delivery
Dog Very happy and warm

05 February 2023  |  Elizabeth

We, Rosey, the dog and I, love the soft fluffy but non slip bedding.It has made two mats for the dog s crate.It washes very easily and fluffs back up with a quick brushing, ready to use again.
We will be purchasing a larger piece for protecting the car seats as it is so easy to keep clean, yet sturdy enough to protect leather seats. Thank you.

03 February 2023  |  Kate

I have practised yoga for many years. This is my first cork mat. It feels warm to the touch during the cold evening classes. Happy so far.

03 February 2023  |  Alan

We are waiting for our puppy to arrive early March before using these but the reviews are very favourable. Must order coats when we can gauge his size.

29 January 2023  |  Clare


See our Dog coat page:

29 January 2023  |  Scott

Great product and great price for the size I took. As a dog trainer and Walker I need serious volume to switch out my customer cages and need to be able to cut to size. The 15m x 150cm was perfect. Huge roll and rolled so the non slip side faces out for easy measuring and cutting. Only thing is it has a weird smell initially but this subsides once open.

26 January 2023  |  Helen

Love my new throw. Adds a splash of colour to my living room!

26 January 2023  |  Helen

Great bag with a beautiful pattern and a handy zipped pocket for small items.

26 January 2023  |  Helen

Lovely thick mat, so comfy to lie on yet still supportive. I've had so many compliments at my Pilates class!

26 January 2023  |  Michelle

I bought this for my rabbit who has sore hocks & arthritis. The vet bed is thick, soft and washes well. Highly recommend my rabbits love it!!

24 January 2023  |  Lynsey

As a breeder this product is a staple in our breeding programmes and for our dogs they love it washes and drys perfectly and keeps puppies and dogs warm and dry

23 January 2023  |  Brenda

This is a lovely mat znd good quality and reasonable price

22 January 2023  |  Jennifer

Brilliant. Second order and product and delivery excellent. Will be a returning customer and will recommend the company to friends with dogs.

21 January 2023  |  Rebecca

If you want the best for you're pet look no further here it is.

20 January 2023  |  Sally

I needed a waterproof coat for my 26kg, leggy, deep chested English Pointer. She wears a fleece coat in adverse conditions, having lost the density of her coat following a prolonged course of steroids! But this only keeps her warm not dry, so I needed a waterproof to go over it! When I found this coat, I read the reviews which had a cocker spaniel wearing a 24". So I totally ignored the measuring guide and my tape measure and purchased a 28". It arrived very quickly but was massive, so I returned it, with no issues at all. Soul destiny couldn't have been more helpful and replaced it, again very quickly. I now have a perfect fitting reflective coat. The 24" sits perfectly from the base of Pebbles neck to the top of her tail, covering her light weight fleece. The tummy and front fasteners are wide and Velcro strong, very good quality coat, perfect for our needs. Excellent customer service, contact and process from Soul Destiny. Thank you very much Sally & Pebbles

20 January 2023  |  Vee

Excellent price for a very large piece of vet bed, I have just ordered my second one. Great choice, price and was delivered quickly. 👍🏻

19 January 2023  |  Vanessa

Lovely rug. Great colour. Perfect size for my small lounge. Very pleased

16 January 2023  |  Julie

Easy to order , quick delivery and great pet bed in nice design and colours

13 January 2023  |  Toni

We needed this product in a rush, and wasn't disappointed, placed order 8am and was delivered next afternoon, service was amazing and kepted updated on parcel throughout. Will be using this company for many years to come thank you.

13 January 2023  |  Lee

Love this coat, the easiness of putting on and keeping my pooch nice and dry has been a game changer

13 January 2023  |  Alison

Keeps kitchen floor dry when the pads are used, very good quality and wash well

12 January 2023  |  Mandy

Excellent. Does everything it should

11 January 2023  |  John

Impressed that my order was prepared and ready for despatch on a Sunday, and despite the postal issues the package arrived in a timely manner. Havenít worn them yet, but the quality certainly aligns favourably with a pair of similar quality socks purchased for more money. Thanks for the great quality and super service!

10 January 2023  |  Lyn

I ordered a size smaller after reading some of the reviews and it fits well although the legs are a little long still. It definitely does keep her drier and cleaner which is great especially at the moment .

10 January 2023  |  Catherine

Really impressed with the speed of service and love my new vet bed. Really like the range of colours and designs you stock. Will definitely be buying more from you in the future.

09 January 2023  |  Rebecca

Fantastic coat for my cockapoo. Keeps him dry on wet walks. I start work at 9am and it was a pain to wash him down before work. Now he has the coat I only have to wipe his feet.
Only downfall is the legs on the coat are far too long. I have to roll them up 3 times.

09 January 2023  |  Carol

Excellent product my Cairn terrier comes home dry👍🏻👍🏻
Customer service and despatch time was also excellent

08 January 2023  |  Susan

Love that I was able to cut it down to the sizes I needed, and that all three dogs love laying on it

07 January 2023  |  Richard

Great fit , and very comfortable indeed. Well recommend

07 January 2023  |  Angela

Lovely soft material (cotton mix) in beautiful shades of green. Good size. Speedy delivery by Royal Mail.

07 January 2023  |  Celia

Have used this vet bed for all of our labradors over the years. It's tough and tolerates repeated washing. Provides a warm and comfortable bed and even when dogs are wet after walking it pulls moisture through to the reverse and the surface remains dry and warm. The service from Soul Destiny is always spot on too.

05 January 2023  |  Suzanne

This vet bed is of great quality. Will be ordering more for my dog walking Van. Fast delivery aswell 👍

04 January 2023  |  Lorraine

Keeps boys dry they love sleeping on it won't get off it

03 January 2023  |  Valerie

Bought as a Christmas present and they were well received. I have been told they are very comfortable to wear and do their job well.

02 January 2023  |  Nicola

Christmas gift for a lovely elderly lady I care for who absolutely loved them. Delivery was very quick as well despite being Christmas period. Everyone happy!

02 January 2023  |  Maggie

This coat is an excellent piece of kit . High quality fabric, fits well, protects me from the rain nicely.

02 January 2023  |  Rachael

Dogs absolutely love the vet bed, the non slip backing is spit on for older dog (and is genuinely non slip on tiles!). Very quick delivery, will be buying more! Thanks.

01 January 2023  |  Geraldine

Great socks, very soft and breathable. Well packaged, arrived on time, great service.

01 January 2023  |  Frances

Super quality vet bedding and amazing customer service! I needed a specific size so gave them a call. It was cut to size and despatched so quickly. Highly recommend.

31 December 2022  |  Lilias

Bought as a gift. Top quality. Quick delivery. Good comms. Handwritten note impressed me.

30 December 2022  |  Erica

Received in excellent time.
Lovely quality product.
Would recommend

30 December 2022  |  Stephanie

Socks are very high quality,not itchy and keep my feet lovely and warm during winter. I wear these in bed and around the house. Excellent customer service with quick delivery and resolved the issue with my order quickly and were very friendly.

29 December 2022  |  Dawn

Really pleased with the customer service which is why they are my go to for vet bedd

29 December 2022  |  Jacqueline

I bought a range of vet fleece products for my new pup. I have given them a first wash before use and they are ready to go! Thank you.

27 December 2022  |  Mary

Good quality material which is light weight, waterproof with a cosy lining.
The length of the back fits well but when elastic leg straps are attached it pulls the coat down the back.

27 December 2022  |  Rachael

This is beautiful quality! I could sleep on it myself! We got 3 m which has been enough for two pieces for huge crate ( one in the crate one in the wash ) and the left over bit is being used as a Ďplaceí . Our puppy does try and rip it up but so far so good no holes and Iím hoping with time he will ignore it a bit more. I would say I would purchase again but itís such good quality I donít think Iím going to need to! At least for a very long time. Thank you!

26 December 2022  |  Linda

I am pleased with the quality of the socks. Also the delivery time was good, in these difficult times.

25 December 2022  |  Gregg

Arrived in very good time size was exactly as advertised. Quality was also really good as well

25 December 2022  |  Marj

Excellent product, a lovely gift for anyone.

25 December 2022  |  Sarah

fast delivery, well packaged and good quality product. I would definitely recommend.

25 December 2022  |  Sarah

fast delivery, well packaged and good quality product. I would definitely recommend.

24 December 2022  |  Carol

Lovely coat fits perfect and he looks great in it thank you so much for your help and service all round

23 December 2022  |  Martyn

I bought a pair of socks for my wife and also for myself and they are brilliant.
We spend a lot of time out walking our dogs and our feet stay warm despite the sub zero temperatures.
They also make great slippers too.

22 December 2022  |  Clare

Lovely pet bedding beautifully soft and warm for our puppy washes well and dries very quickly would definitely recommend

19 December 2022  |  Yolanda

Very impressed with their service. Product arrived in excellent time and very happy with it.

19 December 2022  |  Wendy

Fits well (xl golden retriever)

19 December 2022  |  Arlene

Brilliant product Iím using this for a mat as my 13 year old spaniel still jumps onto couch but has been sliding on wooden floors and this stops his back legs from sliding excellent product and fantastic customer service

18 December 2022  |  Susan

Love the quality & colours

15 December 2022  |  Graham

Really pleased with the coat good fit good quality so will keep him warm.
A really smart looking coat and Milo loves it

12 December 2022  |  Julia

My dog loves it. It not too heavy and it keeps him snug and warm all day.

12 December 2022  |  Pauline

My wee dog had a litter of 7 pups, one was having a problem walking, his wee claws were catching the bedding. Googled what was best for pups to learn to walk in and it was vetbed. Ordered two pieces which arrived very quickly got it down and within 10 min (no exaggeration) the wee pup was walking about. Iíve also found that if the pups have an accident and pee on the bedding it doesnít feel wet it seems to go through to the bottom. All in all if your having a litter of pups get this for your whelping box. Worth its weight in gold. Thanks

12 December 2022  |  Oonagh

-6 here yesterday but +60 last night thanks to my wonderful alpaca socks. They are pretty as well as practical & wash beautifully. Thank you Soul-Destiny

11 December 2022  |  Beverley

I just love this coat. Henri looks amazing. It looks better than it does in the pictures. The quality is excellent. Henri is a Yorkie, I will definitely buy from you again. No on else comes close to this quality. Thankyou xx

10 December 2022  |  Jennifer

Excellent product, the first one I ordered was too big, second one with the short legs is perfect. Just been out in the snow and mud, quick rug down on legs and open bit at the back instead of a cold hoze in the garden and then soaking wet towels, everyone very pleased.

10 December 2022  |  Valerie

I bought this for my sofa and it is cosy, soft & true to the online colour.

08 December 2022  |  Sylvia

Good quality dog coats nice and warm and waterproof easy to get on and off my dogs look very smart

08 December 2022  |  Katie

Ordered a big roll for a whelping box 1.5 meters x 1.5 meters and got 4 squares, excellent quality as always, nicely packed , great courier, very positive experience. My last order was 4 years ago so you can tell how well the product has lasted. Lovely subtle lat print design on the brown a change from plain brown last time , thankyou

08 December 2022  |  Janet

Lovely looking warm coat for my dog. Very pleased with the quality.

08 December 2022  |  Elizabeth

Lovely socks.
Very well made.
Excellent customer service.

08 December 2022  |  Susan

Service was excellent. The coat fits okay, just needs slight adjustment due to my poodle's shape (which is like a whippet - narrow front with deep ribcage). Not a problem as I expect to do such adjustments.

08 December 2022  |  Helen

Delighted with my purchase of this colourful pouffe. It is easy to move around and fits in with my decor. It was delivered within 24 hours of ordering. Superb service .

05 December 2022  |  Diane

My little pack are delighted with their vet beds and so was a family member dog who ďborrowedĒ one of their beds. I know have to order another 🐩 🐩🐩🐩. Poodle approved!

04 December 2022  |  Claire

Arlo absolutely loves his new bedding. Non slip doesn't budge on the laminate floor. Next day delivery was as it said. Would buy again.

04 December 2022  |  Margaret

This is a fantastic little coat and so wonderful to find one that is made for short legged dogs. Easy to put on and not too hot for when the weather is just wet but not cold. Our little chap was very excited to see what it was and seemed quite happy to wear it although we are yet to try it on a walk. It arrived quickly and the customer service was great when I had to ring for a query before I ordered. All in all I couldn't recommend this company too highly. Brilliant service, brilliant product!

03 December 2022  |  John

Well made , good fit, fair price, dog looks cool wearing it . And fantastic quick delivery, bought a rain coat immediately after, same satisfaction .

03 December 2022  |  Lesley

Brilliant quality and very reasonable price. My puppy loves this. The service was great too and delivered next day!

02 December 2022  |  Sherry

Perfect vet bed to put in my puppyís pen where she sleeps. Excellent customer service sent next day because of the impending postal strike

02 December 2022  |  Catherine

I think this item is excellent but because it is a Christmas present for Oscar my brothers Springer Spaniel I can't say more yet

02 December 2022  |  Christine

I wa going to cut this piece into 3 smaller mats, but when laid out on the floor it was immediately taken over and the dogs cuddled in. The non slip backing makes it much safer on hard floors than the older type of Vetbed.

01 December 2022  |  Peter

Good for the dogs to lay on in the estate car back.
Customer service and price good.

01 December 2022  |  Julie

I love this coat . Really good quality and well made.

01 December 2022  |  Margaret

Unfortunately the coat wouldnít fit around my dog so returned. Good quality well made.

01 December 2022  |  Norrie

Original order was lost in transit but Danielle was very helpful and re-sent my order again.
Great service and dog bed is excellent quality.
Also bought vet bed for our new puppy.
Will buy from here again.

30 November 2022  |  Hayley

Fantastic service, quick and receptive. The quality if tge bedding is 2nd to none, faultless and dies exactly what is required. My beautiful 15 and half year old border occassionally has a tiny leak during her sleep so ive now positioned a piece of vet bedding in all her favourite beds. Thank you

28 November 2022  |  Bianca

Exactly as described. Feels like soft cotton. Looks beautiful. Considering buying another throw. Arrived in time in quality packing. Very good value for money.

27 November 2022  |  Helen

These are the third lot of socks I have purchased for my family. Without exception all say that they are the best sock they have ever worn. I am just about to order some more.

26 November 2022  |  Paula

We couldn't be more pleased with this purchase, from start to finish. Customer service before we'd decided which order to make was swift, helpful and friendly. Once we'd ordered communication was great and delivery was amazingly quick. The vet bed itself is the best we've seen - really plush and deep, good quality backing which should help it last for ages. We've already washed it and it's washed really well too.

There's a brilliant choice of colours and sizes, we'll not buy vet bed from anywhere else now we know how good this is

26 November 2022  |  Martin

Very well made. Great fit, Dosn't flap in the wind. Easy to put on & Very secure. Not the cheapest on the market but not that relevent as it has to be amongst the best!!

25 November 2022  |  Alison

Washed well, fantastic quality, easy to order and delivered very quickly. Very impressed as 1st time customer, would definitely recommend Soul Destiny.

25 November 2022  |  Alison

1st time user, excellent product, good choice of colours and sizes. Delivered quickly. 1st class service.

25 November 2022  |  Clare

Excellent prompt service all arrived beautifully wrapped and in a timely manner i met Jane king on a recent cycling holiday and learned about the site I am so glad I placed an order just waiting for the lilac welly socks to come backin to get some of them as well

24 November 2022  |  Geraldine

beautiful socks,warm and pretty.Fit well .Will certainly be buying some more.

24 November 2022  |  Trudi

Pleased with the quality and finish of this coat. Unfortunately not a perfect fit for my dog who is not a greyhound so thatís understandable but I find greyhound coats are the best fit than standard dog coats- heís a crossbreed but hard to get a good fit especially with waterproof and thermal protection so I am pleased with this buy. Arrived quickly and well packaged

24 November 2022  |  Diane

Followed the measuring instructions, it's a perfect fit. The coat gives great rain protection and saves ourselves a lot of work drying our dog. Quick rinse and the coats ready to go and drys very quickly.

20 November 2022  |  Joy

Chemotherapy has left my husband with cold feet. These lovely warm, non-irritant bed socks seem to have solved the problem, so Iím ordering more!

19 November 2022  |  Margaret

Arrived promptly and very impressed with the bedding and cost

19 November 2022  |  Lynn

I absolutely love it. As described. Perfect thickness. Thank you ❤️

18 November 2022  |  Shirley

Impressive service, quick delivery. Item as described, ie. Waterproof and high visibility. Sizing spot on, 20" for our female Springer Spaniel

17 November 2022  |  SUE

I ordered the full leg dog suit for my PBGV (small, long backed hound), but aware it may have been long in the leg for a short legged dog - it was!! Length is good, but I have had to re-order same size but short leg version, which arrived quickly and is perfect!

17 November 2022  |  Andrew

I would highly recommend these gloves. Our shihtzu loves being dried with them after a wet walk. Great quality and great price.

17 November 2022  |  Andrew

Having recently bought our Shihtzu a couple of ďwaterproof coatsĒ, that not only didnít fit but also didnít keep him dry, I bought this coat having read the reviews but still fearing I would get the same result. How wrong I was ÖÖÖ. Not only was the a customer service excellent the quality and fit of this coat is superb. The short leg fits really well and it keeps him dry !! I would definitely recommend this product and supplier.

17 November 2022  |  Phyllis

For anyone with circulatory issues and problem cold feet, these Alpaca socks are the answer. We started with the bed sock range and my husband just couldn't believe the difference they made. He now wears the every day range for work, they keep him warm as toast and oh so comfortable. Wash well too. Ist class.

17 November 2022  |  Mandy

Gods quality product which was exactly as described. Excellent customer service, arrived promptly abd well packaged.

17 November 2022  |  Mrs

The bedding is very good quality and arrived promptly.

17 November 2022  |  Laurie

Great service and quality product at a fair price

16 November 2022  |  Valerie

Looks good and Bonnie the dog seems to enjoy lying on it. Would buy again.

14 November 2022  |  Sydney

Excellent dog coat, arrived early and a superb fit

14 November 2022  |  Terry

Excellent service
Excellent product
Will use this company again

13 November 2022  |  Caroline

...loose, comfy, cosy. Legs a little long for a teeny chihauhau. I call it her sailor suit. Again, just needs the hat. ⛵

13 November 2022  |  Lesley

This washes and drys really well. The only issue we found us there is a lot if fluff coming off when you first use it, we got around this by washing first. Great value for money

13 November 2022  |  Bev

Easy to put on and adjustable.
Bought 22" and just right. Fully waterproof and will be safe in the dark.

12 November 2022  |  Graham

Ordered this coat for next day delivery- excellent it turned up on time unfortunately I had ordered the wrong size (my mistake) - returned it and it arrived back in a few days - perfect fit just what I wanted for my dog - brilliant service thank you for being so quick will definitely order from you again.

11 November 2022  |  Frances

The cost is exactly as it says,, unfortunately we ordered too big and had to roll up my dogs legs!
The other draw back for our horsey environment is itís noisy when she runs so it terrifies the horses! Oops. But on normal walks it keeps her belly lovely and clean which is why I bought it.

10 November 2022  |  Louisa

Looks great in front of the Rayburn and the dogs love it
Thank you

10 November 2022  |  Louisa

The proud owner of this rug loves it
Looks good and easy to clean and so far no Chewing

10 November 2022  |  Louisa

The dogs love their warm and cosy rug, hoovers nicely and looks good
Thank you excellent service

10 November 2022  |  Bradley

The bed arrived quickly and feels really soft and is nice and dense, Bertie (our dog) really loves it as do the cats who have decided to have a quick snooze when Bertie isn't looking, so far so good as have tried lots of different types and style of bed over the years. Would definitely buy again.

10 November 2022  |  Norman

Good quality quick delivery

10 November 2022  |  Brendan

As usual very comfortable

08 November 2022  |  Ashley

Puppy loved this from day 1 AND itís indestructible (at the moment)!

Thank you

06 November 2022  |  Jacqui

We have a 3 year old rescue Saluki Lurcher...she's a beautiful girl and she absolutely hates coats going over her head, she gets distressed and fights to get them off.
I saw this beautiful coat after a quick online search, it fastens with a strap around the tummy and poppers at the front. I made an enquiry and Jane thought it would be suitable, Annie would love it and we were welcome to return it if proved unsuitable. It arrived within a couple of days after purchase. We'll it's perfect! It fits her just right, it shows off her lovely shape and small waist and covers her deep chest too. She loves the snuggly layer against her skin and the waxed outer keeps the rain off. No more shivering fur baby on walks. I would highly recommend this coat, I'll certainly be a returning happy customer! Thank you Jane and Soul Destiny! X

06 November 2022  |  Manuela

Very good product, soft and very comfortable for mum and pups. Washes very well. Extremely happy

05 November 2022  |  Caroline

This coat/suit is brilliant! It is easy to put on my dog and kept his body dry. Al that got wet were the exposed bits - feet, tail and head. I only had to dry those parts of him which saved so much time and post walk it meant that he could assume to his usual pastime of bed and sofa hopping to rest whilst I worked!
My dog is a Spreagle (Springer Spaniel x Beagle) I measured him as per the video and his length was 20.5" so I ordered the 20" when it arrived it was massive! Called and spoke to a lovely lady who advised to post back to them, and put the size I wanted for the exchange. Once Soul Destiny had received it, I got an email to confirm and a few days later I received the 18". The next day we had torrential rain so great opportunity to test it out. He wasn't too impressed on wearing it at first, however once he realised he could still run around the house in it, he was fine. Put on the walk he was a little hesitant to do wees at first (still intact and scent marks) but very quickly realised he could do without getting it on himself. Same with no.2s
After the walks I rinsed the coat under the tap, squeezed it out and hung it up to dry and it was dry later in the day.
The leg length is a little long but turning the elastic cuffs over did the trick although they did collect a little water so after wet walk 2 I stood him on a towel when I took the coat off him.
I use a Perfect Fit harness so I had to put the harness on over the top of the coat - it meant it got wet but they dry quickly anyway.
5 Stars given because it really is a great investment and on sharing pictures on instagram (@cody_the_spreagle) a couple of people asked where I got it from so hopefully a couple more sales for Soul Destiny!

04 November 2022  |  Susan

socks where expensive but theyíre so warm & cosy ! def worth the money ! though it was annoyed as i paid for 48 hour delivery & they didnít arrive within 48 hours

03 November 2022  |  Kathryn

Arrived within 48 hours of ordering. Have already used it a number of times - I think I should probably have ordered one size larger as it seems very short on the legs and a little tight around his thighs (standard poodles have very long legs). Doesn't seem to bother him once it is on.

03 November 2022  |  Linda

Superb quality. Value for money!

03 November 2022  |  Linda

Over the Moon

30 October 2022  |  Elaine

Bought this to cover the window sill that my spaniel likes to lie on. its stays in place perfectly and protects the woodwork, very soft and cosy.

29 October 2022  |  Martin

Perfect & extremely comfortable will definitely buy again.

27 October 2022  |  David

A gift for an old man who suffers from cold feet. His wife says he's absolutely delighted. Am going to buy another pair for myself,

25 October 2022  |  Darren

Great jacket providing protection from cold & rain on top as well as underneath our dog. Be careful when measuring, the jacket we ordered is only slightly too long in the body and can cause issues when peeing. Smart jacket though and we have had quite a few positive remarks about it. Our little chappie looks very dapper when going for his walk.

25 October 2022  |  Beverly

Purchased as gift - nicely packaged & swiftly delivered. Friendly helpful customer service when ringing to confirm size before ordering. Love my walking socks purchased previously & these bed socks look just as well made, cosy & warm too.

24 October 2022  |  Roger

Very pleased with the product, warm, sturdy and just what I needed for my poor battered feet.

23 October 2022  |  Rebecca

Really love this yoga mat. It is extra big and thick and great that it comes with its own storage/carry strap. Highly recommended. Combine that with friendly and efficient service from the team. Thank you

22 October 2022  |  Trudy

Lovely soft warm bedding. Lines to cut 9n back would be great. Will buy more

16 October 2022  |  Dee

This lovely quilted jacket looks fabulous on my little black cockapoo, her black curls really stand out against the red coat.
The coat itself is so well made and true to size.
I can highly recommend this little jacket for your four legged best friend.
So comfy cosy too - according to my four legged best friend .

15 October 2022  |  Lorraine

Quick delivery and the suit is absolutely perfect, very pleased, will be back for another one very soon!

14 October 2022  |  Joanne

My extremely fussy old lady puss is in her element with this bedding and I am considering buying a second .. she needs a towel on top as doesnít like furry/fluffy fabric.. it took to it really well considering her nervous approach to new things. I am blown away! Thank you, sheíll have much more comfortable rests.

10 October 2022  |  Donna

This yoga mat is lovely and thick with a gorgeous design and colour. Wish I'd got it a year ago instead of using my old thin one. Also great value for money.

10 October 2022  |  Kathryn

It was a good price it fits perfectly and my dog doesnít even notice heís got it on

08 October 2022  |  Jean

Daughter delighted with her gift - cosy and comfy

08 October 2022  |  Catharine

Great quality, and a lovely fleecy lining.
Very good customer service ,and very quick delivery .

07 October 2022  |  Paul

The suit was of a great quality unfortunately I had been a little generous on my measurements. I ordered a 20 and 18 inch originally. The 18 fitted my larger dog but I needed a 16 for the smaller. BTW I have two Parson Jack Russells. (Longer legs.) but the leg length was too long and I feel would continually fall down over their paws. So I ordered the short leg version and sent the others back. Arrived the next day. Great service. The short leg version fit like a glove. The smaller dog female. Just loved it. But when in any clothing at all the boy freezes and walks like heís on the moon. But heíll get used to it when distracted on his walks.
In all great product service and customer service five stars.

07 October 2022  |  Joanne

Soft, cosy, colourful and having worked in vets for years I know it'll wash up lovely and dry quickly! Just what we need for our new arrival.

06 October 2022  |  Julie

Needed something for our puppy to lie on in his crate that was chew proof. Puppy loves snuggling into it and he hasn't chewed it yet unlike his expensive bed! Lovely and soft

06 October 2022  |  Sue


04 October 2022  |  Sarah

I have a 2 year old Lurcher. She is my 4th Lurcher rescue. Over the years, it has been impossible to find a harness to fit well, due to their shape. I was fortunate to come across the Comfort Walk Air Harness. Very pleased with the quality and workmanship. Due to the adjustable straps and padding where it needs it, it fits perfectly! No rubbing or sores. My girl is really happy, which makes me happy

03 October 2022  |  Robert

Fantastic product , more than pleased with the delivery also

03 October 2022  |  Natalie

This is a fantastic rain jacket. It is strong and well made. Bettie doesnít particularly like putting it on but onemce it is, sheís totally dry. I love it and plenty of my fellow dog walkers have enquired about it. I have passed your website details on 🐶💗

03 October 2022  |  Natalie

Bettie's new coat is absolutely beautiful. It is so well made with amazing detail. She has had many admiring glances from her doggie friends and their owners. I have passed your website details on to several dog walkers! Thank you 🐶💗

02 October 2022  |  Andrea

Absolutely gorgeous so pleased and my dog loves it!!amazing customer service too and arrived in perfect time thank you

02 October 2022  |  Patti

I was very satisfied with the coat. I liked the fit, so many products on the market do not give a good fit. Have only used it once I extremely heavy rain, she came back dry.

01 October 2022  |  Mark

Quality product top quality service

30 September 2022  |  Sarah

I bought 4 throws including the diamond weave and rainbow multicoloured cotton blanket, all beautifully made and look amazing on my furniture. I would definitely recommend this company for excellent service and quality.

30 September 2022  |  Michael

I bought this vet bed for my GSD who is eight and has ageing joints. Although our house is warm, during the night the temperature drops and the old fella heads straight for his vet bed. When I get up he's still there so it obviously does the job. Great price and speedy delivery. Thank you for the 5* product and 5* service.

30 September 2022  |  Barbara

This coat was well made and expertly finished. I was disappointed though ONLY ON THE SIZING.
The length was perfect but unfortunately the width was too large.
Dachshunds have a different shape to a lot of dogs and like greyhounds they have a super slim body which tapers round their hind legs. This particular coat twisted dramatically so I only tried this on my 7month old dachshund bitch, I dare not take her out in it or she would have tripped on it.

30 September 2022  |  Marilyn

So cosy and comfortable. Nearly had a fight between the 2 dogs but the little one won, as usual. He loves and and dives in at every opportunity. Really well made and attractive to look at. Excellent purchase and very good price.

30 September 2022  |  Linda

Great purchase, definitely non slip and the doggies love it

30 September 2022  |  Linda

Great quality, does what it says. Non slip and the doggies love it.

30 September 2022  |  Ann

Love all the colours, ordered a small size but will change it for the large one. Good quality.

30 September 2022  |  Ann

Looks really comfy for my dog , drys well after she has been swimming. Had to change the small size as it came out smaller than expected after I had measured her.

30 September 2022  |  Anne

This rug is colourful, well made and sturdy. I am very pleased with it.

26 September 2022  |  Clare

Bought as a gift for my daughter and new furry friend who were both delighted! Great quality item and I will definitely purchase again. Excellent delivery time especially considering the non mainland address. Rare good service in the current climate. Thank you!!

25 September 2022  |  Diane

This throw was for my granddaughter-she loves it! The colourfulness of it, the size Etc is perfect for her bedroom. It was good value too. I deducted one star because the finish on some of the pom-poms was a bit ĎRoughí. I tidied them up with a little trim! But a good buy and extra warmth too on her bed.

24 September 2022  |  Dania

Measurements were spot on for my dog harness. The colour looks exactly like the photo and my dog is very comfortable in it. Thank you!!

24 September 2022  |  Rachael

pleased with the vet bed and really good service, will buy again

23 September 2022  |  Mandy

Efficient delivery and excellent quality, would recommend

22 September 2022  |  Julie

This is the second roll of vet bed I have purchased. Quick delivery, great quality, happy dogs means happy me .

20 September 2022  |  James

Bought for my mother's birthday. She loves the quality and warmth with winter approaching. Excellent speedy delivery!

16 September 2022  |  Frances

Looks great quality, size correct for crate. Very pleased. Just waiting my new friend to try. Would buy again.

15 September 2022  |  KIM

High quality vet bed from this company as the one I ordered last year from a different company was not anywhere near as good. Also friendly and very helpful customer service when I accidentally mixed up my order. Thank you will definitely order again.

03 September 2022  |  Tina

I am really pleased with it .
My dog has really taken to it ,itís robust and easy to put on

28 August 2022  |  Barrie

Absolutely gorgeous, thick n plush , would definitely recommend

26 August 2022  |  Tricia

Very bright and it will look lovely in our newly built garden room. Love the fact that itís been handmade in India and fairly traded. I hope it will last well.

26 August 2022  |  Sally

Amazing service and a fabulous throw. Ordered one day arrived the next. It was for a birthday present and came beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and the recipient loved it. I think I'll be ordering another one for another present. Just perfect.

25 August 2022  |  Sally

Great quick delivery super smooth transition will definitely by again in future if required

17 August 2022  |  Debbie

As a new puppy owner the vet bedding purchased is perfect. Customer service from initially placing the order to arrive was super. Just order another one as a spare Highly recommend

17 August 2022  |  Helen

Really pleased with the throw perfect on my foot stool and goes well with my deco.

15 August 2022  |  Karen

Looking for a suitable pouffe and saw itís of colourful ones with all sorts of prices and materials but until this one popped up it had all the colours I needed plus it was a larger size and square. Showed my husband and he gave the final ok and we are delighted with it as we both share it and donít have to have two pouffes in the area ❤️

12 August 2022  |  Sheree

bought this it's brilliant all fluid goes through onto puppy pads, puppies keep warm and clean easily washed and dried in no time bought a roll to cut to size so there's one in wash one dry one in whelping box I would recommend highly. The delivery was quick a really pleasant company to purchase from nothing was too much trouble.

04 August 2022  |  Becky

I recently started yoga and needed a thick yoga mat .
After searching through various sites , I came across soul destiny and purchased a good 15mm black mat , very good value . I have used the mat and wow !! Felt so comfortable . Great value and quality. Would highly recommend! 😊

03 August 2022  |  Lyn

Excellent coat for my border collie. So easy to put on her and it completely covers her back. Looks good too! Very happy with purchase.

01 August 2022  |  Hilary

As always a swift efficient service and a top quality product at a good price.

24 July 2022  |  Karen

I have ordered vet bedding on a number of occasions, and it has always arrived on time and perfectly packaged! The vet bed is so durable, washable and very warm and comfortable for my guinea pigs, they love it! And deserve it! Thank you for providing such an excellent quality product, will definitely continue to buy from you and highly recommend

24 July 2022  |  Gail

Fabulous mat lovely and thick..super for pilates or any other exercise..prompt delivery as well.thankyou

23 July 2022  |  Kaye

These are brilliant had them for whelping box for my mummy dog and her litter of 4 and they are brill so effective .. they absorb fantastic great quality and wash up great and dry in no time so impressed would recomend 100% the only downside which is to be expected is they are heavy when you wash them and they full of water which I struggle a bit ad theg don't fit in my washer due to side I had to have but they are great

22 July 2022  |  Dilys

Excellent. Bought 2 for our summerhouse.
They look colourful and are hopefully hardwearing - a great addition to our bright room. Thank you.

21 July 2022  |  Roy

Thought I would try these for a change,great product very comfortable,and arrived within the time set,I would definitely order again

17 July 2022  |  Sarah

Lovely colours/pattern and great quality and delivery service

17 July 2022  |  Audrey

My cats love this so soft and easily washed and dried in no time at all

17 July 2022  |  Hilary

Very good quality, quick delivery

10 July 2022  |  Jill

Iíve just started yoga and picked this matÖso far itís comfortable and of good quality compared to others I have seenÖnice bright colour and pattern too!

10 July 2022  |  Charlotte

Lovely deep pile, arrived double quick.....superb customer relations.

30 June 2022  |  Steven

Not my first order not my last

23 June 2022  |  Martin

The dog harness that I purchased from soul destiny is well made and excellent quality. I recieved a phone call from a very happy and professional lady to let me know when my harness would arrive. As I had requested next day delivery, unfortunately the harness was not ready so I was told they would refund me my postage. The harness did arrive when they said.

Amazing company and really professional staff. I would recommend highly to all friends and family.

19 June 2022  |  Shirley

Had I woven fabric myself it couldnít have been more perfect!! My final fling at nearly 87!!

19 June 2022  |  Eleanor

Luxurious soft bedding. My bunnies love it.

18 June 2022  |  Kath

Really pleased with product.
Keeps dry
Pet much happier

18 June 2022  |  Kath

Really pleased with product.
Keeps dry
Pet much happier

14 June 2022  |  Rebecca

I inadvertently ordered the wrong vet bed. However, this was quickly sorted out in one quick email to Danielle. The vet bed arrived promptly and it is perfect for my 16 year old doodle. I highly recommend this company and their vet bed.

09 June 2022  |  Amy

I absolutely love this bedding. My puppy is coming home in a weekís time and I know she is going to love it! GREAT product for a fantastic price!

04 June 2022  |  Julie

These cushions arrived very quickly in a large box . Beautifully packed in tissue paper they are gorgeous !
I will look again at the web site when I want something different as I know how great this company is!

04 June 2022  |  Melanie

Wow! I recently started Yoga and this mat has been fabulous as it helps to cushion my legs when laying down as im waiting for double knee replacements. It is super quality and great price.

30 May 2022  |  Julie

Great product at a fair price and delivery was super quick. I've used Soul Destiny before and will continue to do so - great company!

23 May 2022  |  Rick

Excellent bedding good strong comfortable washable .. probably the best I have bought

20 May 2022  |  Rowena

Best price and brilliant product. I had bought one from somewhere else and was so expensive I couldnít warrant another so found this site and they are so affordable. My dog has had surgery for slipped disc and is paralysed on his back legs so this has kept him dry and comfortable I will definitely be ordering again and recommending to others. Thank you so much it has taken so much stress off an already stressful time

20 May 2022  |  John

Efficient delivery service. I have used this fleece bedding for my dogs over many years and always happy with the product.

16 May 2022  |  Ezemma

Excellent product
Fast delivery

02 May 2022  |  Margaret

Many thanks for both the throws I ordered.
Excellent service and beautiful quality items at a really reasonable price!
I'm sure that I'll be ordering from you again👍👍

30 April 2022  |  Andrew

My wife and I run a small boarding cattery, and we recently changed all our bedding and shelf covers to this vet bedding. As you can imagine, it gets washed multiple times a week, dries very quickly, doesn't fray or disintegrate when washed, and looks brilliant after washing. The amount of positive comments from customers, old and new, has been very positive. We are delighted with the product and can highly recommend it for heavy use.

30 April 2022  |  Julia

Great quality bedding for a good price. Love the thickness and softness. I use it in my pup's car seat and crate. Easy to wash and dry too. Feels super comfy.

29 April 2022  |  Shirley

Thank you for the above purchase. It was lovely quality at the right price, delivered promptly. I will continue to use your company and advise collegues of your prompt services and excellent quality

29 April 2022  |  Katie

Gorgeous, thick vet bed on a roll to cushion dogs in my car. Cost-effective in quantity, this order arrived by courier within 48 hours. Four dogs recommend this retailer.

23 April 2022  |  Corrina

We bought two rolls to line our ferret's cage - had to cut it to size but it is really comfortable and very durable. Also stays dry when water is spilt on it. Great product!

21 April 2022  |  Claire

Received my Vet Fleece Bedding today and as advised I washed it 1st and it's perfect.
So comfortable and cant wait for my dogs to have a nice comfy car ride. Would definitely recommend

20 April 2022  |  John

Great service and great product Vet bed is brilliant wouldnít use anything else.

16 April 2022  |  Louise

Cut to order, great customer service, swift delivery.

15 April 2022  |  Sarah

Excellent quality vet bed at a good price and quick delivery. Will defo order more. 😊

11 April 2022  |  Clare

Recently bought this whelping fleece for my beautiful miniature dachshunds and to use for the birth of our litter die. It was recommended as the best to buy. Itís soft and can be washed so it really will help all round.

04 April 2022  |  Eda

Beautiful rug, great quality and prompt delivery

03 April 2022  |  Lesley

The ordering, communication from the company when delivery was slightly delayed, was much appreciated. The product is so good.

26 March 2022  |  Barney

Fantastic quality , great value , excellent fit . Bertie loves his new coat .

25 March 2022  |  Sophie

Quick delivery and excellent product,my digs are super happy with their vet bedding

25 March 2022  |  Stephen

Excellent. Easy to order.delivered on time. Good quality product.

25 March 2022  |  Margarita

I was pleased with the fleece. It is good value and arrived on time. Our dog approves!

24 March 2022  |  Selina

Very pleased with my yoga mat. Nice and thick and love the colour.

12 March 2022  |  Melanie

It is such a good product and will buy Shauna.Very good service.

11 March 2022  |  T

A really nice, good quality rug at a really good price.

06 March 2022  |  Helen

I bought these for my husband absolutely loves them. They are very soft and very warm. This is the 3rd pair we have!

04 March 2022  |  Susan

Lovely fleece lined coat for my Shorkie.
Fits perfectly and is easy to put on. Skye is Really pleased with it!

03 March 2022  |  Jane

Having warm and toasty toes has helped me sleep better . They wash really well so far. Happy customer

25 February 2022  |  Margaret

these are the best socks my husband is longterm ill and has swollen feet that are always cold have problems finding socks that don't constrict his legs these are the best he loves them thankyou

24 February 2022  |  Eleanor

My bed socks arrived within two days of ordering. They are lovely and comfortable and have nice ribbing at the top which does not leave any marks on your leg, also they stay on your feet all night even if you are a restless sleeper.

24 February 2022  |  Eleanor

My bed socks arrived within two days of ordering. They are lovely and comfortable and have nice ribbing at the top which does not leave any marks on your leg, also they stay on your feet all night even if you are a restless sleeper.

24 February 2022  |  Steven

Ok, so at £20 with P&P, they're not the cheapest socks you'll ever buy, but they're worth every penny! So warm and comfy. Well worth the investment.

21 February 2022  |  Prashant


21 February 2022  |  Murray

Good price excellent quality and nice a warm for my dogs to lie on. Delivered within 2 days of order.

20 February 2022  |  Paul

Excellent quality and first class on delivery, the dogs loved it from the moment they laid on it.

20 February 2022  |  Eileen

Bought this fir my 7 month old Dalmatian who was growing out of her current harness.
Itís a little bit big for her but sheís still growing.
The quality and style of the Dig Copenhagen is perfect and with the option to open it at the neck, itís perfect fir my girl.
Very nice indeed.

19 February 2022  |  Sandra

Wonderful dog bed! My dog was a bit worried when she first saw it but as soon as she got into bed, that was it she loves her bed!

14 February 2022  |  Julie

I can not recommend this enough, absolutely beautiful and just what I was looking for

10 February 2022  |  Lisa

I bought this for my new sofa! Purchase a new green velvet sofa and have 5 dogs! Perfect, found this and its great, waterproof too...

10 February 2022  |  Juliet

Very efficient, fast service and the throw is really lovely. Would definitely order from this company again.

10 February 2022  |  Deborah

Fast efficient delivery. Not used yet but great quality. Gave it a first wash and washed really well. Looking forward to using it with new pup!

07 February 2022  |  Chris

I now have about twenty of these. I am a breeder. We all use this. If the pups wee, it stays dry on the top. Washes great. Been using these for over five years. Wouldn't use anything else for my crates and puppies.

05 February 2022  |  M

I recently bought a foot stool from Soul-destiny and am happy to say that the product is lovely and of excellent quality. Furthermore at the time of purchase there were major problems with the delivery company. I offered to sort this out myself but Soul-destiny very quickly took the problem on themselves and sorted it out. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for them to do. They were even prepared to send a replacement when my parcel seemed lost. I would thoroughly recommend this company and wouldnít hesitate to use them in the future.
Many thanks 🙏🏼

03 February 2022  |  Donald

Mommy and puppies really happy
Washes great ready to reuse
Thankyou so much

30 January 2022  |  Kathleen

Cut to size for elderly dog's bed.
Would go for non slip backing next time as regular isn't as flexible and doesn't sit so well on a bed cushion that's not very flat.

30 January 2022  |  Kathleen

This off cut fits perfectly in stroller making it much more comfortable and warm.

28 January 2022  |  Jane

This was just the thing for my puppy - service from the company is great.

27 January 2022  |  Jacqueline

Nice Quality, lovely colours.
Good customer service.

27 January 2022  |  Kathleen

Perfect colour, size and price.
Super quick delivery.
Fabulous customer service!
We will be back. 😁

24 January 2022  |  Paige

Brilliant quality, beautiful design, very comfortable and for a very reasonable price. I'm very happy and would buy again ☺

23 January 2022  |  Lizzi

Perfect for my cat, she loves it. Love the colour and pattern. Really good price and quality along with quick delivery. Definitely recommend.

22 January 2022  |  V

A great product, and delivered impeccably. One small comment that might help others in choosing would be that I was unclear beforehand as to whether the base membrane would absorb or simply drain, and discovering that it just drains through means we have to cater for that efficiently. Old, old dog problem of not lasting through the night unfortunately. But the bed washes wonderfully well and dries almost before you hang it out! Very satisfied overall.

20 January 2022  |  Jennie

Thoroughly pleased with my vet bed purchase. The quality is great and I received my item promptly. I found the product video really useful. I will be purchasing more from here in future. Many thanks

20 January 2022  |  Chris

My funny little mongrel pup is now looking very posh in her gorgeous waxed coat. It will fit her a bit better when she's fully grown, but am loving the beautifully made coat, it's fab. Would've had 5 stars but delivery a little slow. Product deserves 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

20 January 2022  |  Sharon

Love the jacket. Its a perfect fit, comfortable, easy to put on and take off.
The back leg straps are a must. My dog really loves it, and it keeps him dry and warm - great.

19 January 2022  |  Tish

Highly recommend! Bought 2 so that we could alternate to put in our new puppies crate. It fits perfectly and he Loves it! Very snuggly and warm, easy to clean as well. I am now thinking of getting a larger one for both dogs in the boot of the car.

15 January 2022  |  Michael

Very good quality and warm for the dogs

15 January 2022  |  Catherine

Nice bright colour and cosy lining . Not enough Velcro around the neck to make it a good fit though.

14 January 2022  |  Tania

Fantastic suit easy to put on and our lovely cream long haired short legged pooch comes home with just muddy paws - perfect xx

14 January 2022  |  Rosalie

This was a perfect fit for my cockapoo. She loves to roll in mud puddles on rainy days and this has been a game changer. No longer having to giving a shower after every walk. Thank you.

07 January 2022  |  Anne

I already have 2 of these coats for my dogs and they are the best. I rinse off the mud then place in washer on quick wash and then hang up to dry. My dogs are clean [apart from their feet!] and dry. Wonderful product. Would recommend to any dog owner.

04 January 2022  |  Joyce

My very ill husband has warm feet now in bed
Made sleeping much easier Thank you

01 January 2022  |  Andrew

I have been using this company for years they always supply good products! I breed Labradors so I only use the best.

30 December 2021  |  Vicky

Lovely coat fits well,love the snood part keeps my dogs ears nice and warm, nice fleeced lined and waterproof. The dogs Happy to wear it 😄 Perfect,highly recommended

24 December 2021  |  Jane

Really glad I bought this coat for my Bichon Frise it certainly keeps most of the mud off him and the coat itself is very quick to wash and dry when we get home. The order arrived on time as promised and the website was easy to use. The fit of the coat is reasonable considering that my dog has a long back in proportion to his leg size so I do have to turn the legs up slightly so that they are not too long and I wouldíve given the review five stars if the fit was a bit better but I find that the top seam on the inside of the back legs is a little too high and it is chafing him so I will have to alter it a little to fit him better. That said I appreciate that itís hard to produce a coat that would fit sufficiently well on such a wide variety of dog breeds.

23 December 2021  |  Clare

This coat arrived really quickly, fits well, seems good quality, is comfy and my dog looks really smart! I haven't been out with her in the rain, and it has t been cold enough yet, so not actually used it. She looked very surprised when I put it on, never having worn a cii oh at before. But seemed to accept it fine.

23 December 2021  |  Mandi

I chose a pair of these as part of my Christmas gift of Socks from my husband. Something special to put on after a bath when sitting by the fire with a good book or movie.
After choosing the more practical socks, I decided to treat myself. I feel we all need and deserve to practice kindness and a little self love this winter and find our place of 'hygge' after getting through these past couple of years.
Huge gratitude to everyone at Soul Destiny for everything they do!

23 December 2021  |  Mandi

I love these soft and comfy cushioned socks. The qualities of Alpaca work really well for walking as my feet don't get too hot. Perfect. I live on Dartmoor and walking is a part of life here.
I have small feet, and not all small socks are small enough. These are and I am delighted with them. I am really happy with the customer service and everything about this small and caring company.
I have realised in these last couple of years of buying on-line, how important it is to support small and family businesses over the larger ones - Why? , because they are always there to help, genuinely care about quality of their goods and service to customers.

23 December 2021  |  Mandi

I love the natural colours and the gentle softness of these beautiful and well made socks. I am pleased to have found a reliable supplier whose customer service is impeccable.

23 December 2021  |  Mandi

I have small feet, and not all small socks are small enough. These are and I am delighted with them. I am really happy with the customer service and everything about this small and caring company.
I have realised in these last couple of years of buying on-line, how important it is to support small and family businesses over the larger ones - Why? , because they are always there to help, genuinely care about quality of their goods and service to customers.
Thank you for everything 💗

23 December 2021  |  Karen

I wasn't convinced any socks would keep my feet warm but these do. At first glance I thought I needed to be 7 feet tall to wear them but they fit perfectly. I'm about to order more.

19 December 2021  |  Lorraine

Excellent and the sizing guide is great.

19 December 2021  |  Sandra

Absolutely gorgeous socks a bit expensive but well worth the money bought them for my brother who suffers from poor circulation after having covid19

16 December 2021  |  Stephen

Bed is excellent will buy another one very good quality 👌

16 December 2021  |  Lisa

Practical item.

16 December 2021  |  Deborah

This little. Pouf, is perfect, I decorated my granddaughter's bedroom in nateral Boho style & with all accessories it looks fabulous. Love it, thank you

16 December 2021  |  Felicity

The fleece is very high quality and some of the best I have used. It has a non slip back which is really useful on slippery surfaces. The sizes offered are very useful. Good value for money

15 December 2021  |  Alison

I have 3 piggies that live outside and I bought this to keep them warm and oh my goodness. I stapled it onto the walls/roof of their house and they are snug little bugs it is so cosy and soft. With piles of straw to burrow into and this happy days
(outside is covered in Foil insulation and tarp to keep the water out)

13 December 2021  |  Janet

Wonderful socks. Wear them every day.

13 December 2021  |  Viv

Perfect fit, excellent delivery time. Rubie is not too sure about the sound it makes at the moment but with time she will be fine.

12 December 2021  |  Wendy

Really good thick felt bedding for new pup, lovely colour and a good price, fast delivery. Would definitely buy again from this seller.

09 December 2021  |  Katie

A well made, stylish coat.

I love the poppers & harness hole, makes it all super efficient to use.

My boy loves it, I will definitely be back for more! Thank you

05 December 2021  |  Vivienne

The harness is a good design but I had to return it as my dog is on the cusp of sizes and the size small girth adjuster was too close to her elbows.

Nice company to deal with though.

02 December 2021  |  Anthony

This dog coat is excellent, well made, smart and very effective. It arrived very promptly, beautifully packed. Many thanks to all concerned.

02 December 2021  |  Tina

Love this item. Keeps my puppy dry

28 November 2021  |  Barbara

Excellent product and very fast delivery

28 November 2021  |  Lin

The coat was really nice but although the picture showed a Westie wearing one, the chest was far too narrow and the holes for front legs too small, the length was perfect.
I was disappointed as it was a really well made coat.
Refunded straight away, very helpful and friendly staff

27 November 2021  |  Susie

Perfect fit, comfortable and warm

27 November 2021  |  Michael

I have bought a lot of these wonderful socks over the last couple of years. I wish I'd discovered them years ago as they are so good for comfort and warmth.

One cold night recently, I wore cream Country Socks as bed socks!
I pulled the top over my kneecaps as far as they would go & they remained in place through the night. When I awoke, the usual aches and pains of my arthritic knee and partial replacement knee had gone.

I repeated this on subsequent nights with the same amazing result, so now always wear the country socks in bed.
I realise this may not help everyone, depending on leg shape and size, but worth mentioning as an additional benefit, for those with arthritic knee discomfort. (I'm 5'10", 12 stones 12 lbs , 31" inside leg).

Thanks again, Soul Destiny, I highly recommended your Alpaca Country socks and walking socks to others.

27 November 2021  |  Susie

Perfect fit, comfortable and warm

27 November 2021  |  Susie

Perfect fit, comfortable and warm

26 November 2021  |  Caroline

The alpaca socks are very soft, comfortable and warm.

26 November 2021  |  Caroline

These towelling mitts are a great idea and Iím sure they will be very absorbent but they are a gift so have not been tried yet

26 November 2021  |  Margaret

Bought for my partner who is recovering from surgery, lovely warm socks, plenty of room as he has dressings on his legs (ordered size up) he is delighted with them, thank you, would strongly recommend

26 November 2021  |  Emma

Very good service easy to place an order good communication and love the non slip beding and mini mala loves her new bed 100% recommended

25 November 2021  |  Kathryn

Arrived promptly. Good quality. Lovely and soft. My two rabbits have happily snuggled into their sleeping box together (they live in a shed), with the off cut underneath the straw. Thankfully, they haven't nibbled it at all. Will be buying some more soon and would highly recommend.

25 November 2021  |  Gary

Not only does it do what itís supposed to, it looks great too.Both of our furry friends are very comfortable wearing it.Have already recommended this coat to other people.

23 November 2021  |  Emma

Very friendly customer service and superfast delivery. This vet bedding seems to be excellent quality and good value. I will be astonished if our puppy doesn't like it!! Highly recommended.

23 November 2021  |  Terri

My order came extremely quick with no problems at all! The product was for my 2 German shepard puppy's and one year old GS and they loved it! The quality is amazing and such reasonable price too! Will definitely be ordering again!

22 November 2021  |  Yvette

Really pleased with my purchase of vet bedding. Nice and thick - haven't washed it yet as it's for the car but I'm sure it will wash up well. Quick delivery, and best of all, made in the UK from recycled plastic bottles Will definitely order more from this company.

21 November 2021  |  Elaine

I ordered two waterproof coats, they arrived quickly and were beautifully made but sadly my dogs didnít like them!

19 November 2021  |  Allana

love it ! really good quality and better then your average print !

19 November 2021  |  Heather

Already had two of these lovely bags. The original shop where I purchased them had been closed so was so pleased to find this online

17 November 2021  |  Angela

Good quality material. Velcro attachments are sturdy.24ins is a good fit for our cocker spaniel.

17 November 2021  |  David

Our little dog looks a treat in this nice coat which fits well, recommended

16 November 2021  |  Jackie

Great wee coat just what Iíve been looking for keeps my wee dog nice and dry easy to put on .

15 November 2021  |  Michael

I bought the country socks in red this time to brighten up the dull winter walking days and of course to keep my feet and legs cozy warm in the cold.

I'm always very impressed, every time, by the quality of the product and the superb customer service from Soul Destiny.
I highly recommend Soul Destiny to others needing warm, hard-wearing country socks or walking socks.

15 November 2021  |  Michael

A further purchase of Soul Destiny Alpaca socks. This time a pair of knee- length Country socks. The length is very good with plenty to fold over and the foot is well padded. The bit in the middle ? Cozy, warm and a good fit for my lower leg.

All in all an excellent product, quite expensive but worth the cost for such warm, hard wearing and well-fitting sock. This will be my first winter exclusively wearing alpaca socks every day.

Many thanks again for selling such perfection!

14 November 2021  |  Amy

This product is truly fantastic it keeps Pepper dry on those rainy days and I received absolutely excellent customer service. Thanks again ♡

14 November 2021  |  June

Had great service ,arrived in time stated ,coat a little long in the legs for Izzy but turn ups sort that out ,Izzy is not to keen I think itís is a little bit crinkly sounding for her ! But Iím sure that will go once sheís worn it a few times .She was so not impressed when I was trying to put it on her 😂 all we need now is some rain which living in Wales Iím sure we will get 😊

14 November 2021  |  Lauren

My rottie loves her new bed. Its easy to hoover doesn't shed fluff and non slip. Defo recommend

13 November 2021  |  Theresa

I bought this for puppy she loves it. Very good quality would recommend it.

13 November 2021  |  Iris

Glad I ordered this and will do so again

13 November 2021  |  Iris

Exactly as described Thank you

12 November 2021  |  Jane

My order arrived very quickly, my dog is an in-between size so I went for the smaller size, fits a treat, legs a little long but I just turn them up. She was unsure of the trouser suit at first but soon realized she could run about and enjoy her walks as she normally would but without getting filthy and soaking wet.

12 November 2021  |  Bev

I was so pleased when the vet bed arrived, the beautiful colour and paw pattern and the softness and thickness of the vet bed. My Dogs love it, would highly recommend buying vet bed you would not be disappointed. Thank you so much Bonnie and Melody woof woof xxxxx

11 November 2021  |  Sandra

Love this socks, they are warm, nice thickness and colour exactly like on picture!

11 November 2021  |  Natalie

I love these coats, excellent quality reasonably priced and arrived very quickly !

11 November 2021  |  Nicola

Couldn't be happier with the quality of this vet bed. Over the moon with the price too. First time I've used you but definitely won't be my last.

09 November 2021  |  Keith

Same review as similar purchase

09 November 2021  |  Keith

Bought as gifts but look excellent quality and staff at SD are so helpful. Deserve 5 stars.

08 November 2021  |  Phyllis

These bed socks are divine - not too warm but just right. Very soft and comfortable, especially around the ankle where some socks can be a bit tight but these are just right.

08 November 2021  |  Pauline

This mat is gorgeous to do my yoga on, its very thick and soft so really comfortable. Beautiful to look at too. Excellent very fast service.

08 November 2021  |  Lynne

These rugs were lovely quality and beautiful colours. The delivery service was excellent too. I would highly recommend this company.

08 November 2021  |  Anna

I ordered a pice of vet bed for the boot of my new car , looks great , fits perfectly and great quality .The dogs love it . Posted quickly overall I highly recommend this product and company.

07 November 2021  |  Valerie

My labrador is now borderline diabetic and increased thirst has led to her accidentally wetting her bed. This Vet Bedding is supremely soft for her to lie on and keeps her warm and dry if she has an accident. I would definitely recommend it. Customer service was friendly and caring - it was easy to order and delivery was prompt.

06 November 2021  |  Matt

Quality product, accurate image and description. Great service, fast delivery.

04 November 2021  |  Bonita

Brought several pairs , first pair I washed they shrunk but my fault wash them on a 15 wash they will be fine. Highly recommend

03 November 2021  |  Danielle

This throw is so wonderful and soft and makes you smile!

01 November 2021  |  Alison

Exactly what I was looking for. Excellent grip and good quality socks. Very pleased. I bought 3 pairs. All lovely.

31 October 2021  |  Bonita

Fantastic suit, with I had got short leg as legs too long I have to roll them up. Still does the job.

30 October 2021  |  Niall

Bought this for a large cavapoo that really enjoys mud! Excellent fit, keeps him clean in even the worst conditions. The talk of the dog park for those wanting to keep clean during winter. Only downside is the leg cuffs are far too tight. Almost impossible to get on and with a dogs dew paw you need to be really careful. Have cut the cuffs and just fold them up- but thats not ideal. Good jacket but if it was made with a 3/4 leg and a looser cuff it would be absolutely perfect.

28 October 2021  |  Karen

I have bought vet bedding a couple
of times for my guinea pigs and itís amazing! not only is it comfortable for them, but also very warm and when they pee, the bedding stays dry, so no soggy piggies! wouldnít go anywhere else to get my bedding

25 October 2021  |  Yvonne

excellent product ...needs washing before use ...dries quickly ...very thick ...very good price will be purchasing was quick

21 October 2021  |  Ann

I bought the Alpaca bedsocks for my elderly diabetic husband. He is delighted with them and says they are the best bedsocks he has ever worn. Your speedy delivery was an added bonus. I will certainly use your company again.

21 October 2021  |  Geoff

Great bedding and good qiality,arrived on time

18 October 2021  |  Janet

Excellent product. I bought it for the whelping box for my litter of newborn golden retrievers. I cut it into 3 pieces and rotate them. It soft and comfy and stays dry for the pups I have washed each piece every day for 4 weeks and they are still in superb condition.

18 October 2021  |  Owen

Really pleased with my socks. Trying to keep the heating bill down as I'm working from home. Suffer with cold feet but these have been brilliant at keeping them warm. Worth the money.

18 October 2021  |  Elaine

Good value for money, lovely product, very soft, thick and warm material. My cats love it!!

17 October 2021  |  Michael

I've bought Soul Destiny walking socks before and thought they were exceptionally comfortable and warm. I've recently bought several more pairs as I'm finding they are brilliant everyday socks.
I've always had cold feet and these are superb for wearing at home or in the cold, wet outdoors.
Definitely great for walking in but superb for everyday wear too. They wash well ( I always hand-wash) but take couple of days to air dry in the house. After washing they look as good as new.
They may seem expensive but they are hard-wearing and are definitely high quality ( quality = fitness for purpose).
I like the colour range too including red and plum - building up to getting yellow next.

Highly recommended walking socks and definitely can be worn for several days before washing- amazing!

17 October 2021  |  Simon

These bed socks are really good. I will be ordering more for myself and as gifts for the family. Thanks for the quick delivery too!

17 October 2021  |  Michael

I have bought alpaca socks several times before from Soul Destiny. I have recommended them to others too.

They are very warm and comfortable to wear. I find I wear them all the time in the house and outdoors and cold feet are a thing of the past.
Surprisingly, it's true, they can be worn several times before needing a wash.
I hand-wash with wool wash liquid, then conditioner, shape them and air dry and they look like new.

Understandably they do shed fibres so will eventually wear thin but I think that will take years.

I ordered 3 pairs and unfortunately there was a mix-up with the size I received. I contacted Danielle and replacements were shipped that day, along with a return label for the others. It's only when things go wrong that customer service can be truly assessed.

My experience proves Soul Destiny are exceptional in customer service. I thank them again and will buy more in the future and continue to recommend their quality socks to others.

16 October 2021  |  Susan

I will definitely purchase more of these beautiful shooting socks.Will be perfect for cold mornings.I know my son will appreciate them.

15 October 2021  |  Hilary

Beautiful to look at and touch (have not had chance to wear yet!
Arrived very quickly, thank you x

14 October 2021  |  Ann

Absolutely brilliant i have a cross jack Russell Yorkshire terrier I ordered size 12 but she need a 14 I got it changed with no problem at all the legs are a little long but I turned them up she looks very trendy 😁😁😁

11 October 2021  |  Jana

Absolutely love this blanket. I was so surprised how soft it actually is. So cozy for a nice evening with a book.

09 October 2021  |  Angela

Absolutely delighted with this coat for my pug, Iíve been looking for one for ages and this is perfect! Fits really well and is very good quality. Arrived quickly and well packaged.

09 October 2021  |  Kay

Great, speedy service, product good value will definitely use this company again

09 October 2021  |  Andrew

Putting my feet into these socks is like putting my feet into clouds and they feel like that all day long.

07 October 2021  |  Kay

A brilliant pair of socks my partner loves me them!

07 October 2021  |  Yin

Vet bedding has a very cosy and warm feel. Good quality. Brought the roll to use to cover a floor area of dogs room and he seems to love rolling around on it. Prompt delivery.

03 October 2021  |  Debra

Lovely coat, Opal looks great in her New Coat, great customer service, so pleased, Thank you

03 October 2021  |  Claire

This vet bedding for our rescue puppy has proved very comforting for her safe space - swiftly supplied on ordering

02 October 2021  |  Tom

Great service and quick delivery. Good quality product and would purchase again

30 September 2021  |  Jennyl

The vet bed is lovely quality. This and fluffy. Have washed them a few times now and they wash great. Very good value for money
Would definitely recommend this product.

25 September 2021  |  P

Iíve bought several rolls in the past for dog beds and this roll doesnít seem to be as thick however delivery and service is excellent

23 September 2021  |  Susan

This coat is exactly what I wanted, so easy to put on , nice quality , well made and washes well. It is very good value and I intend to order it in another colour. I had to return the first one as it was a bit small, I phoned and spoke to a lovely friendly and helpful girl, I was pleased with the service.

22 September 2021  |  Karen

I have a disabled pet with incontinence issues so needed a better solution than washing endless blankets which were taking a long time to dry. After reading the reviews and speaking to a staff member i thought I'd give this a go. Despite frequent incontinence the top of this bedding stays dry (I kept checking it every few hours for the first day or two!) I am washing it every other day and it does dry quicker than any other bedding I have tried - just a hour or two indoors - quicker outside on a nice day. My dog loves it and I'm very happy that she can stay in her bed and be warm and dry.

19 September 2021  |  Ama

Lovely cushions and comfortable. Exactly as described and very pleased with the purchase.

17 September 2021  |  Nicky

A great throw excellent quality and great value for money. Delivered quickly too

16 September 2021  |  Mrs

Does what it says it will do.

13 September 2021  |  Rina

Love the beautiful blanket!! Just what I wanted for my yoga practice. Service was flawless. When I called to discuss the wash details of the blanket the lady I spoke to was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and helpful.

12 September 2021  |  Roise

Products are lovely and shipping was quick with updates

10 September 2021  |  Bonita

Absolutely beautiful, so soft and comfortable will certainly be buying another pair for my dad . Would highly recommend

02 September 2021  |  Kathleen

She's tried it on, but there's been no need to use in anger yet.
Legs a bit long, but nothing we can't workaround.

30 August 2021  |  Eleanor

This is a lovely cosy rug for my dog. It is soft and thick and the non slip backing means it stays put on the vinyl floor. Great item.

30 August 2021  |  Colin

Excellent value dog bed easy to wash a double thickness makes a really comfortable bed

30 August 2021  |  Tina

So both different sized baskets arrived folded into themselves which I've kept like that. They made for fantastic baskets to keep all my 'stuff' the colours....very happy.

29 August 2021  |  Robert

Ideal product to give extra comfort to my GSD when travelling in my SUV.

27 August 2021  |  Gina

Beautiful coat. Well made and designed. My mini sausage looks fab and ready for the winter on the coast.
The company were absolutely fabulous to deal with. I made a mistake in measuring and a replacement came super quick.
Highly recommend this product and company. WELL DONE x

27 August 2021  |  J

Beautiful warm socks. Love them

26 August 2021  |  Patricia

My 85 year old husband suffers from extremely cold feet and aching legs especially in bed. I read about the properties of alpaca and decided to buy him bedsocks. They are worth every penny as after wearing them they have really helped his condition. The socks look well made and are very soft. Iím hoping they will wash well. I will be also be buying him the walking socks for the winter.

26 August 2021  |  Joanne

I own a cattery and wanted a bit of colour variety in vetbed for the cats to get cosy on. I have previously bought entire rolls but fancied something different. These are quality cuts of vetbed and I would definitely buy more.

26 August 2021  |  Kym

Lovely blanket to match the heath rug. Great quality- light and soft. Good size and looks great in our newly decorated lounge!! Great service and comes nicely packaged up. Will definitely be ordering from you again!!

25 August 2021  |  Hazel

I got a pair of alpaca bedsocks for my husband as he always complains of old feet. Not ant more. His feet are toasty now

23 August 2021  |  Anne

dogs love it using as a rug in the conservatory for them to lie on

22 August 2021  |  Sally

Excellent value, speedy service and the product is perfect, surviving our nibbly puppy's onslaughts! Thanks!

21 August 2021  |  Simon

This rug is of a high quality and seems well made.
Good value for money, I'm very pleased with this purchase.
Delivery was prompt and without any problems.

20 August 2021  |  Cheryl

I ordered 3 lots of bedding, it all arrived quickly, excellent service, I needed to wash the bedding several times to get the loose fluff off it before using with my new born puppies but it has washed really well and I feel sure it is going to last a long time. thank you

20 August 2021  |  Diane

Bought to put in my cat carrier box, soft and comfortable for cat and easy to wash. This was a replacement for the last one I had which lasted years until it went missing at vets.

19 August 2021  |  Dianne

Bought this for my Guinea pigs fantastic cut and thick quality
You wonít be disappointed

19 August 2021  |  Margaret

Very quick delivery good quality dog bedding for dog basket,pleased with purchase thank you

19 August 2021  |  Beryl

Both girls love it favourite place to lay
My daughter getting on for her girls

16 August 2021  |  Anne

I had to change my first suit as I had not measured correctly but received my replacement very quickly with no problem. The replacement is a perfect fit and Gracie looks sooo cute and happy in it. Unfortunately the rain stopped before we could give it a proper rainproof test but I am confident! Itíll be fine. I would defo recommend the company and will purchase another one as she gets bigger.

11 August 2021  |  Nikki

Excellent quality, fantastic service, love using this company

09 August 2021  |  Melanie

I have a pom x chihuahua and although he has a lot of fur he isn't very big, j got a size 12 for him which is perfect in the body but he only has short legs so he now has turn ups 😉, thd first time he wore it was hysterical he walked like a spider and gave me filthy looks but as it was raining I think he appriated not getting wet.

30 July 2021  |  Nikkie

We run Journeyís End Feline Sanctuary and most of the residents are elderly or have special needs.
The comfort of the felines in our care is paramount.
There vet beds are perfect for our cats needed
Top quality at fantastic prices

26 July 2021  |  Anne

Great delivery speed and product as described. Washed once and dries quickly. Lovely and soft. Could sleep on it myself!

26 July 2021  |  Janette

After alot of research I decided to purchase this harness as it looks sturdy, lightweight & comfortable. I have a dog who doesn't like being handled too much so it had to be quick & easy to put on. After only a couple of times my dog is quite happy to wear this harness & I'm loving using it. I don't know why it took me so long to change over from just using a collar & lead!

23 July 2021  |  Emma

This is amazing, I put puppy pads under it an the wee goes straight through to the pad, saving changing the bedding is a must have with a puppy and kids running around, 5 *

23 July 2021  |  Stephen

Great product and service

20 July 2021  |  Fiona

fitted my flat coat retriever puppy crate perfectly.
he loves sleeping on this

19 July 2021  |  Louisa

Great bedding. And perfect to use in the guinea pig hutch at a fraction of the price that some retailers want for a liner that I canít imagine is as good as this. Washes and dries great and easy to cut to own size. Only reason for the 4 stars (if Iím being picky) is if it perhaps could have its own laundry bag provided at an extra cost rather than me using an old pillowcase.

17 July 2021  |  Brian

Bought this to replace worn bedding. My cats absolutely love it. Would highly recommend this really excellent quality product.

16 July 2021  |  Maggie

Absolutely in love with these throws! Gorgeous colours and super stylish. Very prompt delivery and wrapped beautifully! Thank you!

12 July 2021  |  Patricia

Excellent customer service ! I requested a sample to check the quality which arrived the next day. Both my dogs love this bedding , cosy, soft and easy to wash and dry. Perfect .

10 July 2021  |  Shirley

Item was delivered very quick and when it had arrived it is gorgeous .I had recently looked at other bedding in other pet stores and everything else was sooo expensive . This is fab value for money and no quality is lost for its price. Great bedding will be buying more soon

08 July 2021  |  Marjorie

Excellent quality, excellent service, highly recommended

07 July 2021  |  Olga

I bought this for our new puppies and oh my gosh itís AMAZING!!!!
The wee goes straight through onto the puppy training pads underneath. It doesnít feel wet so they stay nice and warm and dry. Soon as I put it in their bed and placed the puppies onto it I could them completely relax. It was astonishing to witness them recognise the difference. I originally had them on a blanket but their tiny little nails kept getting caught and snagging on the blanket. This does not happen with the Vet Bedding. It also washes great and dries very fast.
I am so happy with it that Iíve just bought more. Also the customer service is excellent too. I highly recommend trying this you certainly will not regret it. I will never buy a commercial puppy bed again.

05 July 2021  |  Valerie

Excellent product, my second as a dog attack ruined the first. Ideal for my curly coated pooch in wet weather as her coat holds the wet for ages. She likes it too and walks so proudly in it!

04 July 2021  |  Jill

The quality of this rug is absolutely gorgeous. It's soft and a good size making it really excellent value for money. Love it!

04 July 2021  |  Sarah

Fantastic service. Quick delivery.
Beautiful top quality product.
Bought this item as a gift and they loved it!
Would definitely use Soul Destiny again.

03 July 2021  |  Lynne

Ellie loves this bedding. She snuggles into it and looks extremely comfortable. Thanks.

03 July 2021  |  JOE

Part of a birthday gift and I'm told t's great !!
Thick, colourful and very nice feel.

03 July 2021  |  JOE

Purchased as a gift to my wife and she is VERY pleased with it. Although it is 6mm thick it rolls nicely, doesn't move on the floor and the carry straps are easy to attach. Delivery was as promised (quick) and I was kept informed on my order at all times. I have even had to give her the web site details so she can order bits herself - Very happy

02 July 2021  |  Christina

Perfect, ordering a roll has allowed me to cut to size which looks better and is perfect for the dogs. Dealing with you has been a pleasure.

01 July 2021  |  Hilary


01 July 2021  |  Hilary

Soooo soft & warm, I get to sleep straight away every night now no cold feet keeping me awake!

25 June 2021  |  Sharon

I'm really made up with this product it's really well made and my dog Max is going to look fabulous st my forthcoming wedding. Well worth the money

25 June 2021  |  Beverley

Great service, arrived very quickly,bought this as my dog is having puppies so they will be cosy and warm, not washed it yet so cant say on this.may well get another colour, only one thing left to say excellent .

24 June 2021  |  Elizabeth-Anne

I bought a larger one, in purple, for my bigger dog, Lady, who is training as my assistance dog & only use it for when we go out. My smaller dog, Buttons, who has to have what Lady has, immediately wanted to use it so I bought her one too & needs no instruction to "settle" on it.
It's so soft & the rubber backing stops it from moving around. The quality is amazing & both my girls live them. I would definitely recommend them.

24 June 2021  |  Anthony

These are excellent socks they keep my feet well toasty

21 June 2021  |  Jane

Love this product, I will be placing another order

15 June 2021  |  Jan

Dear Soul Destiny I suffer with Reynauds so itís important to keep my feet cosy. The best way is to wear alpaca socks. So O bought some small gents in charcoal. It would be good to see you selling ladies everyday socks ie perhaps not quite so long in the leg.

13 June 2021  |  Catherine

Love my rug, just what I was looking for. Goes beautifully in my camper van. Just need to get some matching cushions!
Great customer service, will definitely shop again.

13 June 2021  |  Samantha

This is the second time Iíve used this company
Absolutely amazing
Quality vet bedding wouldnít go anywhere else
Super fast delivery
Highly recommend

08 June 2021  |  Christine

Quality butcexpensive

08 June 2021  |  Christine

Quality but expensive fast delivery

06 June 2021  |  Fiona

Like everything else Iíve bought from soul destiny, this blanket is an absolute dream! My son and I snuggled under it tonight in our yurt for some bonding, just blissful. Highly recommend

05 June 2021  |  Fiona

I was exceptionally impressed with my new product. It arrived quick. Was packed well. The item itself is extremely long and thick and definitely the best quality foam.

03 June 2021  |  Wendy

Lovely soft top and fits well. The service was excellent and delivery really quick. I just wish they did one to fit the small dog crate (55x40) to save having to cut down the larger one! The small one on the web site is just a little too small!! But I've still ordered another larger one and also an offscut which will fit inside my pet travel box. Thank you.

02 June 2021  |  Esabel

I bought these for our rabbits hutch. I use in their bed and each week when I clean them out I wash one and replace with the spare. They are perfect they wash and dry well the rabbit donít chew them and it keeps them warm at night where they sleep. I would definitely recommend.

01 June 2021  |  Ralph

I received the teal yoga mat promptly, excellent service. I chose it for its beauty and comfort, tto use mainly for lying on, particularly during a Gong Bath.
Thoroughly recommended.

01 June 2021  |  Susan

Bertie loves this so do I easy to keep clean.
fits in with decor looks like a rug.

31 May 2021  |  Duncan

Iím buying these socks for all my family
They are the best socks Iíve ever bought!
Comfortable, warm, great colours

30 May 2021  |  Peter

The quality and comfort that these socks offer, put them in a different level.
I have tried many different socks over the years, but these are by far the most comfortable.

30 May 2021  |  Peter

Exceptional quality with twin loops for added safety when attaching the leash. Separate loop for ID tag that keeps the tag from knocking on food and water bowls which may not seem important, but itís the attention to detail that makes this a superior collar.
Blue is my favourite colour and this is a particularly nice shade.

30 May 2021  |  Peter

Great quality and very useful pouch with multiple handles that allow for good adjustable length.
Very comfortable handle

29 May 2021  |  Fiona

Gorgeous colours and so soft!

29 May 2021  |  Fiona

The centre of my healing yurt needed to be an eye-catching, dream weaving circle and that is what I got from SD. Postage was fast, especially considering the size of the item, great that it is recycled as most of the products on this delightful website and the colours are gorgeous. It feels sturdier than some of the rag rugs Iíve bought in the past - very pleased

29 May 2021  |  Fiona

These cushions do exactly as they say and more. Great shape for camping trips, sofa cushions and even for spare guests to use as pillows. Really lovely colours and that you can just whack them in the wash is the icing on the cake. Beautiful - so glad I chose them

28 May 2021  |  Lisa

Fab product, fits perfect. It kept my dog dry and mud free on our woodland walks. Great communication from the supplier and kept me up to date with delivery. The product arrived on time. Great video about sizing which helped ensure I ordered the right size. Will definitely be ordering another one in a bigger size ready for winter.

28 May 2021  |  Glenis

Was happy to receive the item promptly, and fit was good, weight about right for a year round coat. Disappointed there was not and opening for the lead to clip on to harness (my fault, I forgot to check this!) so have to put harness on top of coat (not that easy and spoils the appearance somewhat), but size was perfect and weight about right for a year-round coat.

25 May 2021  |  Stephanie

I ordered this colour as well as the charcoal grey. Love this colour! Service was brilliant too! Thank you!

25 May 2021  |  Stephanie

I have been very impressed by the vet bed for my new puppy. The service was also 5 star. Thank you

22 May 2021  |  Sam

This vet bed is amazing. So much thicker than others I've had. Really pleased. Will definitely buy again from here. 5* 👍

21 May 2021  |  Sarah

Excellent. Good delivery, quality and price. Perfect size to fit over his bed - my dog loves it.

21 May 2021  |  John

I would have no trouble in using soul-destiny again. I was very ably helped by a supremely good lady on the phone and my order came exactly as she said. Outstanding service- Well Done

20 May 2021  |  Miran

A present for my mom who always has cold feet. Well no more...the socks keep her warm but don't make her sweat. Comfortable fit and good size. Super soft too!

19 May 2021  |  Tina

Perfect for our rescue animals at Cats Protection Coleraine.

17 May 2021  |  Gordon

Could not fault the service. Delivery on time, quality of jacket superb and ease of website.

16 May 2021  |  Sheelagh

Comfortable for our dogs in car and very easy to clean

14 May 2021  |  Caron

Jasper now looks and walks like a king. Really lovely harness!!

14 May 2021  |  Caron

Really work well and the dog even likes me using them

14 May 2021  |  Caron

Husband loves them. Will be ordering some more soon

14 May 2021  |  James

This is a well made coat that will ensure or dog is able to go out in the rain without being drenched. Glad we bought it.

14 May 2021  |  Joan

Excellent quality exactly as described, sift thick washed great.

12 May 2021  |  Gail

I purchased the pink Pom Pom throw. It is lovely, well made, good quality cotton and gorgeous Pom Poms. Wish there was a bigger size. Love it, love it, love it.

12 May 2021  |  Judi

Great service and delivery speed.
Good quality product. Easier on roll to then cut up into different sizes
Used company twice and great experience both times

10 May 2021  |  Mark

Great product , good coms and speedy delivery. Used for puppy crate , washes well .

10 May 2021  |  Roger

Ordered on Friday and following Monday was the Bank Holiday, these people went out of their way to ensure I had the vet bed on Saturday, the courier was knocking my door at 08:30! I've already directed a friend to them for vet bed and will do anyone else, fantastic service from a company prepared to go above and beyond, not something you often see today!

10 May 2021  |  Roger

Ordered on Friday and following Monday was the Bank Holiday, these people went out of their way to ensure I had the vet bed on Saturday, the courier was knocking my door at 08:30! I've already directed a friend to them for vet bed and will do anyone else, fantastic service from a company prepared to go above and beyond, not something you often see today!

08 May 2021  |  David

The service that I was promised was also provided so I couldnít be happier and the package arrived without any hiccups or delays

06 May 2021  |  Elizabeth

Beautiful soft comfortable socks in lovely colours.Excellent service and speedy dispatch.Thank you

06 May 2021  |  Yvonne

Absolutely love this bedding and this is the fourth piece we have order. The first order was in the green paw print version and on opening the smell from it was very strong. I washed it twice and it was hung on the line to dry after which smell had gone. Its great for my dog and we now have it in the lounge, crate and even take a piece to training class. Will order again when needed.

06 May 2021  |  Andrea

Bought lots of vet bedding over the years for my dogs . This is one of the best ones Iíve bought lovely & thick great quality . Quick delivery would definitely buy again.

03 May 2021  |  Steph

I bought 2 of these mats so my husband could join me in my daily Pilates routine. They are excellent quality and the perfect thickness and softness for exercising, especially as we are not as young as we used to be! There was a small problem with the mats which was sorted out very efficiently and speedily. Would not hesitate in recommending Soul Destiny.

02 May 2021  |  Sandra

Lovely quality

01 May 2021  |  Lynda

Excellent product, excellent service, good price.
Would highly recommend.

29 April 2021  |  Paul

fits well in our cages. just a bit bigger than tray so no cold edges.Buddy loves it.

29 April 2021  |  Tanya

Really pleased with this product bought it to go in my camper van so my elderly dogs had something comfy to sit on. I can easily remove it to use elsewhere.
Washes really well, I will definitely buy more when needed

29 April 2021  |  Michael

I bought more pairs of alpaca walking socks, this time on behalf a friend, after I'd said how warm and comfortable they were.
Another delighted customer!

Superb customer service again and very quick delivery too.

Highly recommended product and 5-star seller

28 April 2021  |  Rachel

always delivers on time - exceptional quality -- washes really well.

26 April 2021  |  Neil

Iíve only recently recieved the collar but it looks and feels like a well made collar it seems strong but at the sdd as me time easy fir myGSD to wear. The only reason Iíve given 4instead of 5 is because of the time Iíve had it.

26 April 2021  |  Angela

Having questioned which product would be suitable for my elderly rabbit who is blind, incontinent, dementia and has very sore hocks; common for Rex breed, I purchased the Non-Slip product.
Delivery was super quick. I expected the delivery on the Monday but received it on the Saturday! Two days after ordering it.

Packaging on point; no excessive amount which irritates me

On arrival, I cut it in half so that I could wash one whilst the other was being used. After washing and drying it , I laid it out in his bedroom. At first he didn't like the feel of it on his feet so I covered it in a cotton sheet which he loves. His feet are now beginning to heal nicely. He uses as his toilet tray now which has become interesting but it helps so...

As I have three other house rabbits who are 'getting on', I will purchase more. The fact that you can wash it in the washing machine and it drys really quickly is such a bonus. Great product.

25 April 2021  |  Renato

Fantastic good quality Rug

25 April 2021  |  S

I am absolutely delighted with the service and quality of the product. The customer service was fantastic and I cannot recommend them enough.

23 April 2021  |  Ann

Second purchase - Remy now has a kitchen mat and a lounge mat. Excellent product - highly recommended.

22 April 2021  |  Monica

Itís lovely finding some non slip fleece bedding thatís not the normal either plain, or dog paw pattern. As we have 2 dogs we needed covers for the seats and lounge floor ( their sleeping area) in our motorhome. This pattern just looks fab. Easy to cut to shape just using a scalpel though the backing ( leaves the fur side looking less í choppedí ). Best of all itís a great quality, thick and robust. This size did the whole job, well worth it at a very good price. Prompt delivery too. Would definitely use this company again.

21 April 2021  |  Sally

I use this on the base of my puppyís crate as it doesnít slip. Cosy and hygienic. Easy to wash and fast drying.
Delivery was well managed and arrived quickly.
Highly recommended.

21 April 2021  |  Sally

Excellent product. I use this in my puppyís crate and itís so easy to wash and dries super fast. Delivery was fast and well managed. Highly recommended.

17 April 2021  |  Domenica

Comfortable and attractive collar. Great colour (red) Inner straps adjust easily to fit my dogs neck width. Double loops to attach lead give extra security but a little fiddly to get lead clip through.. But still a great purchase😊

16 April 2021  |  Sheryll

I bought this for my rabbit with no expectation of him using it - he usually just scratches and bites any bed I have ever attempted to give him. He made a fuss on the first night, but now he loves it. He even goes back into his shed during the day to have a little doze on it. So pleased as I have been worried about finding him somewhere warm and comfy to sleep in his old age.

11 April 2021  |  Sonja

Excellent fast delivery even over Easter holidays. Product is as ordered

11 April 2021  |  Mary

Easy to order and very prompt delivery Fantastic customer service - answer emails immediately. Highly recommend this product and company

11 April 2021  |  Caroline

We purchased this after reading all the reviews about using in rabbit cages and hutches. Our rabbits live inside during the winter and outside in the summer and this bedding roll is perfect for both cage and hutch. Absorbs wee quickly and keeps the top layer dry, washes and dries really fast. So much nicer than sawdust and wet newspaper. Have already recommended to friends with rabbits.

11 April 2021  |  Michael

I suffer from cold feet in bed so a few years ago, I purchased bedsocks and they are still going strong.
Recently I decided to try both walking socks and Country socks.
I am very impressed with the quality , padded sole, and how well they look and fit after washing.
I've now bought six pairs and would highly recommend them to others.

Customer service is excellent too.

10 April 2021  |  Elisabeth

I bought two of the purple rugs for my hallway, they look great and are of good quality. The only problem for me is that they are 125cm long not 130cm as stated

09 April 2021  |  Jayne

A good quality, well made collar, ideal for country walks. Easy to get on and off and looks great with the matching lead. We like the added security of the release clip being under the lead clips.

08 April 2021  |  Victoria

The collar is well made and is just what I was looking for. It was a good price and the delivery was extremely fast. I would definitely recommend the this shop and will buy again. Thank you.

06 April 2021  |  Susan

Great quality
Very efficient delivery

01 April 2021  |  Ann

Item as described. Excellent quality. Fast efficient service. Would buy from again.

28 March 2021  |  Nicola

Snug as a bug in a rug, perfect fit, easy to put on dog, quality, price, just right. Light weight perfect for smaller dog.

28 March 2021  |  Angela

Really great quality and looks great on Buddy. It is very well made and is adjustable .

27 March 2021  |  Marie

Brought this product after researching the benefits of this puppy safe bedding.
Our 9 week old puppy absolutely loves it, really thick and warm, ideal for crate and general bedding.
Definitely wash product first as per instructions, this helps remove all those loose fibres which curious little puppies will love eating!!
Good delivery and serve.

27 March 2021  |  Chris

Fast quick and perfect delivery good item my little dog likes it

26 March 2021  |  Christine

Excellent service delivered quickly and the mat is good quality. Would certainly reorder when necessary.

26 March 2021  |  Liz

Really happy with these vet beds. They arrived quickly and are of a generous size and great quality. Very happy

25 March 2021  |  Heather

This is our second harness and we love it because it is lightweight and strong. It also doubles as a harness for the car. It is robust and lets our dog have complete freedom running around.
Excellent service - thank you

25 March 2021  |  Jackie

Excellent quality and keeps my pet dry as she is incontinent. I place a puppy pad under the vet bed for this purpose. Vet bed is very thick and l am really pleased with this product

21 March 2021  |  Louise

Super fast delivery - packaged well and great mat have used a couple of times since arriving for yoga - great length, thickness and feet do not slip so easier to hold positions and stretch for longer - highly recommend

19 March 2021  |  Sarah

Thankyou so much for this amazing product - the puppy vet bedding is so soft and plush and our new little cockapoo puppy loves it so much he is sleeping through the night in week one ! I wasnít sure which size to buy as I had a 36 inch crate so went for a slightly bigger size and it was easy to cut with a good pair of scissors . I decided to line the crate floor with it but also to cut a piece to size to fit the bottom of his dog bed to ease the washing issues . This has been a godsend as despite sleeping well he clearly canít hold his bladder for long so we have had a few night wee accidents . The material is so soft though that despite him weeing he wonít feel wet which is excellent . The vet bedding washes really well ( just brush it with something like a hair tangle tease and it soon buffs up again ) and is dries really fast too . I would recommend buying a couple of pieces so that youíve got a spare . It will also be useful in the camper van ( when we are allowed to use it !) or in the back of the car or as a soft place to sit in the utility room after a walk and a bath . Bruce has really enjoyed playing with it and had been so funny with it on his head etc! He is only 8 1/2 weeks atm and is chewing everything but the backing of this bedding is so strong that he canít possibly shred it . I would also just like to say that Iíve been really impressed with this company . I had a query regarding sizes before I ordered and was advised very efficiently and in a very friendly manner . I hope this helps potential new buyers .

19 March 2021  |  Rick

Great product and great service all round ,

16 March 2021  |  Elaine

Fast delivery - excellent standard of bedding.

14 March 2021  |  Sarah

Really pleased with my purchase. I was worried because I had never heard of this company before and the prices were really good. Ordered easily and it arrived within a couple of days.

Product was fantastic and came with good washing instructions. Have washed and dried it, ready to use, and it looks really good.

Pattern is lovely too.

Very impressed and will happily use them again!

14 March 2021  |  Bola

Read that puppies like to shred things and was recommended this type of product. Works a dream and our new puppy sleeps really well on it. No shredding in sight.

14 March 2021  |  Mary

Purchased as part of a Mother's day gift. Unfortunately not able to comment on socks as they went straight to Mum's address and unable to see them yet . Delivery was prompt, on time. Competively priced. 😊

13 March 2021  |  Christine

Bought a 3 MTR roll. Quality very good and delivery was excellent. Next day. Can't fault service. Would be happy to purchase again.

11 March 2021  |  Sandra

My 9 year old dog has had a comfort blanket from the cage she had as a puppy. I was delighted to find the exact off cut on your site , having looked for a year. The old one is full of holes now. My dog loves the new one ,one happy pooch and dog owner. I will order another piece as a spare. Very good quality fabric delivered on time.

11 March 2021  |  Nicola

Really fab harness, so lightweight but very strong and looks very comfortable. We have the XL for a large ,powerful dog and this is the best harness we have used.

11 March 2021  |  Nicola

Very nice collar, lies flat and is a lovely bright colour. Strong and comfortable

11 March 2021  |  Nicola

Excellent lead, good length and obviously strong. Comfortable to hold and clever clipping system especially if you have arthritic hands

11 March 2021  |  Amanda

Brilliant my old guinea pig wets his bed it goes thru to the bottom and soaks into newspaper so heís not lying on wet bedding and keeps him warm and dry

11 March 2021  |  Sally

I am very pleased with this vetbed. It is very good quality
Thick and dense and soft .

10 March 2021  |  Caroline

Amazing product

10 March 2021  |  Caroline

Amazing product

10 March 2021  |  Paula

Bought this for my guinea pigs they seem happy on it and itís very absorbent. Seems to stop smells to I clean them every day and a full change once a week this is so much easier to clean and keep their cage fresh a quick was and leave to dry brilliant will buy again

09 March 2021  |  Heather

Very helpful advice on what size to buy via email which saved me some pennies prior to ordering. I have 5 dogs, 1 of which is very destructive with their crate bedding, so I was hoping the investment would be worth it. So far so good - very easy to wash as well.

07 March 2021  |  Amanda

This is the best vetbed, incredibly thick and this is a gorgeous print.Delivery was super quick too..

06 March 2021  |  Malcolm

Excellent service and quality product .

05 March 2021  |  Barry

Excellent coat. I thought I would have problem with his peeing and pooping but no problem at all. Many dog walkerís I pass have commented on its looks and want to know where I got it from. I pass on email. Itís main functions keeping the dog clean which it dose in all weather. Excellent product. Check out the video. Important

05 March 2021  |  Hilary

This is a well designed lead, made to last. Comfortable padded handle and the three hand loops make it easy to adjust the length available while still having full control. I have added a bungee link to absorb shock if dog suddenly pulls. Well worth the cost, great lead.

05 March 2021  |  Hilary

This is a substantial, well padded collar. The double rings give total security and padding provides neck protection if the dog pulls suddenly. Probably best suited to medium or large dog or breed with chunky neck as it's quite substantial. Ideal for my Setter.

05 March 2021  |  Rosie

Excellent service ,great product good fit

05 March 2021  |  Cindy

Nice product, well priced, good quality and delivered in good time.
Happy to buy from here again.

04 March 2021  |  Lesley

Beautifully made suit but 14Ē was too large for Havanese. Have returned for smaller size. Looking forward to getting it.

04 March 2021  |  Adam

By far the best fitting coat I have had for my Saluki x greyhound bitch and the quality is brilliant so happy with it!

28 February 2021  |  Mary

I had to return my dogs suit as too large, my fault measurement wrong.
An exchange was received before I knew it. I donít think Iíve ever received this kind of service before. Well done!

27 February 2021  |  June

Always pleased with this company, prompt delivery, good quality product.

26 February 2021  |  Beverly

My Mum loved these socks so much she had to have a second pair! She suffers with bad circulation but these socks are allowing her to sleep really well.
Thank you very much for amazing customer service with a special thank you to Danielle

26 February 2021  |  Wendy

Superb socks soft warm & cosy . My only issue is the colour , the Charcoal is more brown than grey . I have also bought the thicker sock , in black , brilliant !
Washed perfectly .

25 February 2021  |  Jennet

Reasonably priced, natural and made in the U.K. perfect! Bought them for my husband who has poor circulation.

25 February 2021  |  Kevin

They are very warm, soft and loose fitting around the calf. Perfect from a diabetic's point of view.

23 February 2021  |  Jenni

This is a lovely dog suit. I have two of these now and use them every day during winter and generally when its wet. I have a cockapoo, who is basically a sponge, and this is the only coat that she will tolerate wearing. And it does the job perfectly, keeps her totally dry and clean apart from her feet, head and tail. An absolute must for country living!!

23 February 2021  |  Amanda

This is gorgeous vet bed which I ordered for the cages in my van,it's so deep and soft ,it was cut to measure and fits perfectly.Delivery was super quick .I have just ordered a large piece to go on the floor of the van ,will stop dogs slipping and will be comfortable for me to sit on. Will always buy from Soul destiny from now on.

23 February 2021  |  Patricia

Dog basket lined with it and he loved it straight away. Carries it around the house to make a bed in any sunny spot.

22 February 2021  |  Sam

The packaging of the socks was first class with a luxurious look and delivered quickly. I've only worn the socks for a week but they are warm and comfortable. Highly recommended!

21 February 2021  |  Helen

Bought as a present, the recipient absolutely loves them 💝

21 February 2021  |  Gillian

Very stylish, warm and thick, dogs love it !

21 February 2021  |  Gillian

Beautifully made but totally the wrong fit for my dog , no problems with returning.

21 February 2021  |  Gillian

Well made, soft and comfortable, my dogs love it ! Also very stylish !

20 February 2021  |  Jane

Excellent efficient service and the cushion is superb, I love it - thank you

19 February 2021  |  Linda

Absolutely perfect fits beautifully and its practical looks great and have had a lot of compliments about it.

18 February 2021  |  William

Brilliant Socks, Brilliant Service. Well done everybody.

17 February 2021  |  Brian

Have no hesitation in giving 5 stars and recommending both the product and company. We obviously have a funny shaped dog, they changed our first order for a smaller one and then again for a different style with half size legs at no extra cost for either the product or postage.

16 February 2021  |  Christine

I cannot praise them enough, the customer service is excellent.
I ordered an all in one coat for my dog, when it didnít arrive a replacement was sent straight away, However that didnít arrive in turns out the wrong door number was on my order, but another replacement was sent and received without any questions. The coat is lovely and fits perfectly although I donít think Stanley was impressed.
I just Royal Mail return the other 2, as the door number doesnít exist.
Thank you Danielle for your quick response and all your help I will highly recommend your company.
A very satisfied customer

15 February 2021  |  Michelle

I initially purchased the wrong size & rang to see if it could be changed, lovely lady in customer service was friendly & helpful & said no problem.
Great trouser suit, keeps my dog dry @ clean, no more towelling off & baths after walks. Thank you soo much!

15 February 2021  |  Rachael

Received order within 5 days but too big so returned and exchanged for smaller size. Received exchange really quickly and efficiently. Item is perfect and does exactly what itís meant to. My cavapoo is 6 and wish Iíd bought one years ago. Thank you so much.

12 February 2021  |  Norma

These socks are so comfortable and warm. Very satisfied customer

11 February 2021  |  Janette

The quality of this coat is great. My dog looks lovely. It fits well and is lovely to the touch. Easy to fit and remove.

11 February 2021  |  Mrs

Brought as a present 💝 very happy with price and product.

11 February 2021  |  Yvette

I read all the reviews and thought it was my best option for my aging labradoodle who much as he still enjoys the dirt, hates being washed down and dried. It's easy to put on and keeps his coat mud free. I may get a spare soon. Great service from soul destiny. Very quick delivery and response to my questions on the website.
Highly recommended all round.

11 February 2021  |  Patricia

Very pleased with the item which had a good delivery slot and timely for the weather! I like the design of the coat which was a good fit for my dog with one slight amendment. I have struggled to find harness and coat to fit my dog and needed to add a button so that the neck opening closed up a little more . It is easy to put on and I like that there is an opening for collar attachment as well as for harness.

11 February 2021  |  Clare

This is a great harness. I have now purchased 3 for all my dogs. I have a dog which is touch sensitive and find this harness the best so far. One of the only ones i have found that does not have to have the dog put its head through. Great quality harness

11 February 2021  |  Jason

Lovely jubbly

11 February 2021  |  Clare

Absolutely love this lead. Its comfortable, good quality and great features. I would recommend to friends.

08 February 2021  |  John

Pleased with the dog waterproof trouser suit, would be a lot better if it was reconfigured to incorporate a hole for al lead, for dogs that wear a harness underneath,

06 February 2021  |  Ken

Excellent product . Very pleased with it.

06 February 2021  |  Barbara

it is very smart my dog is comfortable in it ,good fit

06 February 2021  |  Dhulal

Was unsure if it would be quick dry but no they delivered product is very good especially if you have rabbits like myself living outdoors this gives them a comfortable area for them to sleep in and I donít have to go through pieces of carpets every week! Very good

05 February 2021  |  Paul

Prompt delivery, it's to early (never used it as bitch hasn't whelped yet)

05 February 2021  |  Susan

Fantastic buy, the coat is lovely, would buy again.

05 February 2021  |  Joanne

Lovely and bright, I purchased pink vet bed as well to use in the early days and once potty trained this anti slip one, as I read they are not the best at letting wee pass through. Excellent quality and really thick I went for the 100 by 51cm to fit in my crate, will just need a little taken off.
Great company to deal with arrived well packaged and fast response when emailed.
Would recommend

05 February 2021  |  Joanne

I brought the pink vet bed, the colour is lovely and bright and the thickness is great.
It's for inside her crate so I brought the 51cm by 100cm, which meant only little cutting was needed. I just used scissors and was very easy, placed on a quick wash as reccomended by this company, it washed really well.
Great company to deal with? I emailed before purchasing about getting one made to size and they informed me it would be cheaper to buy the size nearest and cut myself they were right.

04 February 2021  |  Gloria

Sadly it seems the sizes are a little on the small side . Having to send it back.

04 February 2021  |  Tracy

Brilliant service!!í lovely and thick

03 February 2021  |  Michelle

Bought this for my 34kg Greyhound, unfortunately I have to get the legs shortened as they're way too long, but other than that it's great. At least he will stay white on our muddy walks.

03 February 2021  |  Jackie

This month slip vetbed is great, it's certainly much better in the crate than the previous one. However, both are good quality and value. Will definitely buy again.

03 February 2021  |  Barbara

fits like a glove ,looks really cool,proud for him to wear it

03 February 2021  |  Julia

Perfect fit for my cockapoo. Great quality coat and does the job. Ordered online and fast delivery. Would definitely recommend.

02 February 2021  |  Blair

Nicely fitting socks for wearing with wellies. Sumptuously soft and warm yet breathable. Much better than the fleece welly liners I had been using.

02 February 2021  |  Judith

Eye thick vet bedding for my dog
Itís better than I expected

01 February 2021  |  Jane

These were for my husband. The reason he gave 4 stars not 5 is that he says they are a bit hard, not as soft as his previous pair. However they may soften up when washed as he has only worn them a couple of times.

01 February 2021  |  Julie

Had to return the 12inch as too small for my Yorkie was no problem and larger size arrived promptly. Dog was apprehensive at first and would not move but soon got used to it and was kept clean and dry!

01 February 2021  |  Donna

I purchased the coat to try and keep our 12 month sprocker a little dry why she has her days in dog care. It fits her well and doesn't restrict her in anyway, also came back dry and only her paws needed washing.

Great product , fast delivery

31 January 2021  |  Jean

A little tricky to get the correct size but a great little jumpsuit. Does exactly what I want and that is keeping my dogís legs and under carriage protected from wet and mud. Good purchase.

30 January 2021  |  Geraldine

I have peripheral neuropathy and my freezing feet kept me awake at night but not since I purchased Alpaca Bed Socks. Thank you for a great product. I am a ladies size 8 normally but I found this was too big so ordered size 4-7 and this was a perfect fit. Gerry

30 January 2021  |  Robert

So far happy with coat. Had to return first size 16, too big for a 14. Staff very helpful and service excellent. Coat does the trick and keeps my Westie much cleaner and drier, just need to sort his paws.
Would be nice if alternative colours were available.

29 January 2021  |  Jacqueline

very pleased with our dog coat and excellent customer service from danielle

29 January 2021  |  Elaine

Brilliant quick delivery, really good quality of the vetbed, would definitely recommend.

28 January 2021  |  Aileen

Given as a gift and recipient was delighted. Speedy delivery service too. Thank you

28 January 2021  |  Marie

These socks are so good thank you and keeping my feet warm is my granddaughters text message.
An execellent firm to purchase from and first class post too! thank you!

28 January 2021  |  David

The harness looks well made with good solid points for attaching the lead. Right from the first use the front attachment point has really worked well in stopping the dog pulling. Our dog has a deep chest (62cm circumference) for her overall size, which the harness fits well, but her neck looks small in comparison (38cm), so it means that we need to tighten the harness round her neck once itís on and loosen it to take it off. The adjustment is not easy, very tight sliding adjusters, hence dropping a star in the rating. With the amount of chest adjustment available, the next size down would probably have been better.

28 January 2021  |  Lesley

Soul Destiny has a fantastic range available, including size options and colours. Easy to buy and fast service. Highly recommended

28 January 2021  |  Maria

I dislike having cold feet in bed and found out that alpaca wool is a great alternative to cashmere because it's warmer.
Thought I'd order a pair with a high content of alpaca wool to try them out.
The socks were delivered really quickly and I love them! Need to order another pair in a different colour now. Oh, the fit is good too. I ordered the small which is shoe sizes 4-7.
I'm a 6 and they are a really good slouchy fit.

28 January 2021  |  Michael

These coats were delivered quickly, and they perform really well. They are waterproof and keep our dogs warm while allowing them to tear around!

28 January 2021  |  Amanda

It was too small so have returned and awaiting replacement

27 January 2021  |  Ann

The product was excellent quality and wonderful customer service. I called up after placing my order my order around midday explaining I needed it urgently. Very friendly advisor who arranged shipment immediately, it arrived by 9:00am the next day. I will shop with Soul Destiny again and have recommended to friends. I had never heard of them before this but looks a great small company with excellent products

26 January 2021  |  Susan

Having previously bought from yourselves, and being impressed with quality and speedy delivery, I needed more vet bed, and once again I wasnít disappointed with either quality or speedy delivery. Thank you.

25 January 2021  |  Susan

I'm so pleased with my purchase of the Trouser Suit for Teddy. I bought the 16" size as he weighs around 13kg and quite big for a Cavachon. Most of all his body is dry and clean, just a quick shower of his feet! Perfect! Happy owner and happy pooch. Thank you Soul Destiny😀👍🏻 If I could add a video or photo I would.

25 January 2021  |  Peter

Well, my doggie was not at all happy when I put this on him. But within a minute of 'walkies' he was no longer self-conscious. As the person who has to walk my pooch and then shower him off afterwards and dry him etc, etc, this coat is a god-send. And people stop and ask where they can get a coat for their dog. Well worth it.

25 January 2021  |  Marie

I bought thess Alpaca sock for my granddaughter as she hads Reynards in her feet, she is made up with them her feet are now so toastie warm all day long,from the photo she sent the socks look so good I'm considering purchasing for myself and the rest of the family. Thank you

25 January 2021  |  Miss

These CREAM BROWN PAWS VET BEDDING NON-SLIP ROLL WHELPING FLEECE DOG PUPPY PRO BED are amazing. I use them for our guniea pigs and they are great quality, great size and work really well.

25 January 2021  |  Miss

These non slip bedding mats for small animals are amazing. I use them for our guniea pigs and they are great quality, great size and work really well.

25 January 2021  |  Miss

These non slip bedding mats for small animals are amazing. I use them for our guniea pigs and they are great quality, great size and work really well.

24 January 2021  |  Joan

Disappointed that there is only one colour in the bedsocks.
But item delivered quickly and are lovely and warm.

24 January 2021  |  Deborah

I use this because as the descritpion says its non slip vet bed used by vets vet bed is the BEST bedding easy to wash and doesnt hold damp against small animals or pups etc highly reccomended expensive but you pay for what you get and it will last forever! just wash dry and put back fab product good service nice colour !

23 January 2021  |  Helen

I have bought in excess of 8 vet beds over the years!
This is certainly in the top three, if not in pole position.
Thick, plush, green backing, cut perfectly to size, colour as described and ordered (light grey).
VERY pleased.

22 January 2021  |  Edward

Well made harness and ideal for a dog who pulls.

22 January 2021  |  Jeanette

Well made exactly what I wanted but disappointed coat was too tight. Returned it & received refund by return

21 January 2021  |  Alan

Excellent coat fit perfectly and my cocker looks very posh. It is great so my puppy doesnít get muddy. Reason I gave 4 stars is because I think it is a bit expensive. Having said that I will definitely buy the next size up when needed.

21 January 2021  |  Miss

Bought this for our guineapigs as their fleece was smelling this is amazing as everything goes right through but stays dry on top, canít wait to buy some more for when I cage Change 😁

18 January 2021  |  Stephen

Very warm, good quality product!

18 January 2021  |  Philip

Bought as present - recipient very happy - 'snuggly warm'!

18 January 2021  |  Thomas

Great at reducing the time spent keeping my dog clean after walks following heavy rain. I now only need to clean down her paws. It also means she remains drier and warmer during particularly cold days.

18 January 2021  |  Thomas

Great at reducing the time spent keeping my dog clean after walks following heavy rain. I now only need to clean down her paws. It also means she remains drier and warmer during particularly cold days.

17 January 2021  |  Rory

Delivery of the vet fleet was very fast and item is top quality. Cut up to use in cage. Excellent item. Will use here again!

17 January 2021  |  Carol

Birthday present these socks were very well received. Arrived very quickly very well packaged would recommend this product and seller.

17 January 2021  |  Vivien

The coat is lovely and Quincey our Border collie has worn it. I was a bit disappointed I thought the coat would have been heavier than it was as it was not cheap. The coat he was wearing was about three times thicker than his new coat, but he did not like getting it on as it went over his head.

16 January 2021  |  Gillian

Really pleased with item, good value and quality vetbed, arrived promptly

16 January 2021  |  Colleen

Excellent product. Easy to wash and dry. Cut down on washing the poor old dog after each walk.

15 January 2021  |  Chris

Nice soft material which makes a comfortable bed for a puppy. Resists chewing well. We have yet to see how well it washes but don't expect this will be a problem.

15 January 2021  |  Sophie

I bought this to replace sawdust in my guinea pig cage. Itís so easy to clean and all liquid falls to the bottom keeping the top layers dry, protecting my guinea pigs feet. Customer service was great, they replied so quickly and measured the vet bed to fit my cage perfectly. I plan to purchase some more soon.

15 January 2021  |  Imelda

Very pleased with my purchase. Arrived quickly and arrived described. Much better quality than the pet bedding I've bought before front high street pet shops, my dog loves it, maybe too much!

14 January 2021  |  Julie

Wow what great service,ordered blue with white paw prints on Saturday,puppies were born on Sunday (all girls). Emailed Soul Destiny on Sunday to amend, got very quick reply to say this was not a problem. Despatched on Monday.
White non slip white arrived as promised. Lovely colour, thick & plush,gorgeous. Will be well used. Thanks again Soul Destiny.

14 January 2021  |  Anne

Perfect fit for our Welsh Collie and almost complete protection from mud and sand. Thank you.

14 January 2021  |  Sian

I was given a pair of bed socks for Christmas, loved them and then bought these, which are for walking in. So comfy and warm. My only request would be to make an XS size, say 3-5 as 4-7 is really too big for my size 5 feet. Product itself is 5 star.

14 January 2021  |  Joanna

Warm but donít make your feet sweat, comfortable socks that prevent walking shoes or boots from rubbing. Yellow/mustard colour is really cheery and looks great as a pop of colour.
Fast delivery and nicely packaged.

14 January 2021  |  Kate

We bought this for our little cockapoo, Tink. It fits her perfectly, the elastic round the cuffs means we only have muddy paws to clean even after a really muddy walk - and those are the only walks we seem to have at the moment!
I would thoroughly recommend this product to all dog owners, especially owners who have small fur balls like ours 😆

13 January 2021  |  Denise

Excellent. My puppy loves it. Very thick and cosy

10 January 2021  |  Aisha

Good yoga mat and posted on time , highly recommended

09 January 2021  |  Kirsty

The vet bed arrived on time, as ordered and as expected. It was a hit with our Springer immediately!

08 January 2021  |  Jenny

These socks were soft and easy to get on and off which was an important criteria for us. they were also beautiful colours and I am sure that we will buy more.

08 January 2021  |  Teresa

It's been a long time since I came across such swift and efficient customer service. Soul Destiny clearly care very much about their product and their customers. Top notch.

08 January 2021  |  Jennifer

This harness is a great balance between being stronger and more padded than some harnesses but also not being too bulky. My dog had the larger Dog Copenhagen harness and it was like a billet proof vest on him. Both great quality though

04 January 2021  |  Martin

Great in every way just the right length great reflection at night overall one of the best leashes Iíve used one thing that could make it better is by fitting a carabiner to all leads and leashes as I think this would be more safer

03 January 2021  |  Mrs

Good quality quick delivery and most important MADE IN BRITAIN 🇬🇧

02 January 2021  |  Robert

Ordered the wrong size, sent it back for an exchange, all sorted within a week. Great suit, just what we wanted. Recommend.

02 January 2021  |  Beverly

A gift and not worn yet but these socks look and feel amazing. Wonderful padded sole, very warm and comfortable on the foot. I love the colour - a softer more denim blue than navy. I'm a size 6 and small fits snuggly. Perfect thank you. Highly recommended.

01 January 2021  |  Charlotte

I needed some flooring for my bunnies so they wouldnít feel as cold and have soft padding for there feet. I ordered 2 lots of 100x75 (grey) and it fits perfectly in the bottom of my 2 cages. Super soft and cosy and theyíre lounging about on it already.
Would highly recommend and customer service was great! Also fast delivery

01 January 2021  |  Rachel

Feels comfy and warm to use. Used for Guinea pig hutch and they have no complaints. Think they feel fancy with this though. Will definitely be buying from here again when I need more and will recommend to others:

01 January 2021  |  Karen

My 2 chihuahua youngsters have managed to destroy every bed they've had, including badly chewing a hard plastic one and shredding the nice padded cover for it. I put this mat in the plastic bed and so far it is still undamaged even after being washed. It has shedded quite a big but that is hardly surprising considering how rough they are with it. I'm well pleased so far.

01 January 2021  |  Rhonda

My husband was very happy with these. Lovely soft and warm and very good quality. Would highly recomend

28 December 2020  |  Helen

Brought this for our 3 dogs ranging from puppy to a 15 year old to replace numerous destroyed conventional beds. The old dog loves it, very strong, breathable, washable and is withstanding our puppy.

28 December 2020  |  John

Very pleased with purchase, great improvement over previous thinner Vet-bed. Non slip backing really works well. Wish I had bought from Soul Destiny before. Really prompt delivery.

27 December 2020  |  Lisa

My guinea pigs love the fleece. Thick,warm and practical

25 December 2020  |  Carolyn

I was finding it difficult to find a coat for my greyhound that was warm enough for winter . There are plenty of coats on the market but none of them seemed to provide that little bit of extra warmth . This coat is well fitting and has given my dog the extra warmth that he needs . He looks very smart when we go out . I am very pleased with it

24 December 2020  |  Jill

Good quality item

23 December 2020  |  Shellagh

I bought this liner to use indoors under the large pen we have. It is so soft even my little boy likes to sit on it! I probably shouldnít have bought it in the brown colour because it is harder to spot the little bits of poo but other than that Iím really happy with this product.

23 December 2020  |  Shellagh

This is the first fleece product Iíve bought for our new guinea pigs. It is so soft and absorbent. It arrived bigger than stated but was easy enough to cut to the correct size (it also means I now have some off-cuts for the areas where the guinea pigs pee the most!). Much tidier than the wood shavings we were using before and much easier to clean the cage as well. I will be ordering more to give me spares for when they are in the wash.

22 December 2020  |  John

very pleased with the product thanks.

22 December 2020  |  Susan

Received lovely red coat today. After much fun putting on my toy poodle for first time, it's a perfect fit and he looks very posh. Great service. Thank you.

21 December 2020  |  Emma

Great product and customer service. I had the wrong order sent and it was dealt with immediately. Recommend.

21 December 2020  |  Linda

Really pleased with the coat, thank you. It was dispatched quickly for prompt delivery. Rose loves her smart new navy anorak.

20 December 2020  |  Diane

Excellent customer service. Socks delivered quickly, well packaged. Not been tried on as they are a Xmas gift but they look and feel perfect!

20 December 2020  |  Brian

Prompt delivery, lovely quality socks, Thank you

19 December 2020  |  Lynne

Excellent service I really love these socks.

18 December 2020  |  Gill

Bought this for my daughters puppy Harley a beautiful Australian Labradoodle. Well made and nice and bright. She will look even more gorgeous when wearing it.

18 December 2020  |  Maxine

These are a gift to my husband who complains about cold feet in bed.
They came when they said they would and they look luxurious and Iím sure they will keep his feet toasty warm. I will buy again from you

18 December 2020  |  Caroline

Used it for the liner in my guinea pigs cage and they love it, i'd definitely recommend it 👌

17 December 2020  |  Anneke

This rain suit keeps our dog so muck cleaner and dryer, that now all we have to clean are his feet. It has saved me a lot of work and time after every walk.
One small remark though; it could do with a slightly deeper cut out bit underneath as we had to do that, otherwise he would wee wee in the suit. It just needed another inch. Otherwise great product, I need another one now to rotate am and pm walk 👍

13 December 2020  |  Andrea

Very pleased

09 December 2020  |  Jonathan

Great socks: soft and durable. If I were to be stuck in a Welsh castle, there's nothing else I'd chose for my feet!

09 December 2020  |  Megan

Just received a large pink harness for our 9 month old boxer and we are so pleased with the excellent quality - we have been trying to find one that fits well with a front as well as back attachment, with no luck until now. Definitely worth the money and looks amazing on her too. Thanks for the fast delivery, we will be using Soul Destiny again!

07 December 2020  |  R

Soft & thick !

04 December 2020  |  Peter

Just what all the other reviews commented. Top marks for the suit does exactly what it says on the tin... I have a cavachon and when it is raining or wet he gets so wet and dirty underneath... No more wet doggy!! Just have to dry his paws. Thank you an amazing suit. Service arrived before the time. Would highly recommend Soul Destiny and the suit.

04 December 2020  |  Wendy

My cat loves this bedding,she has been curled up since it arrived. I am very pleased I bought it .Would highly recommend.

03 December 2020  |  Debbie

I have purchased 4 pet beds on more then one occasion,I am very pleased with quality and price paid.Fast and efficient service,cannot fault seller.Will buy again from this company in the future.

03 December 2020  |  Sally

What can I say! The service was brilliant. The vet bed was the best I've had. It is thick, warm and comfy. My 4 collies send their thanks. I will be back, but these should last a while!

03 December 2020  |  Donna

A little bit expensive, dogs ripped it in 24 hrs

03 December 2020  |  Sarah

I bought these for my buns to help keep them warm. I tend to keep my room cold and always feel sorry for them. They absolutely love them and use this as their new bed. Bigger than I thought theyíd be and great value. Thank you, will be returning to buy more when needed!

03 December 2020  |  Lorraine

This is my first time purchasing from Soul Destiny,
I ordered alpaca socks for Xmas presents , quality is so lovely and with delivery I was updated with transit , so great service and lovely quality product . I would buy from you again .

03 December 2020  |  Jillian

My dog loves his vet fleece.
5* company fast delivery.

03 December 2020  |  Marilyn

Best thick yoga/exercise mat Iíve found. Good texture, non toxic and with virtually no smell, (the little that there was went after a few days).I bought mine in the lovely cheerful pink colour . Excellent prompt service. Will buy from this company again.

03 December 2020  |  Sharon

Well finished product. Excellent quality. Speedy service.

29 November 2020  |  Trevor

Its great does the job just as its states and keeps our GBGV nice and clean on those muddy walks

29 November 2020  |  Wendy

So very comfortable and warm , would highly recommend

28 November 2020  |  Orla

I bought this bedding for my 5 guinea pigs to replace sawdust. They love it! Its so soft and easy to wash. I had to contact the customer service as there were some issies with the order, they got back so quickly to me and were so lovely and helpful. Definetly reccommend!

27 November 2020  |  Susan

I purchased the explorer dog Copenhagen collar in brown size medium for our 18 month old Doberman. I was delighted with the product, good quality and as described but it was far too big and I had measured her neck. I have returned for an exchange but my only complaint is that in the middle of a pandemic, the queue at the Post office was long and I had to pay the return. I think the sizing model needs reviewing.

26 November 2020  |  Daniella

Bought for my (nearly) 3 year old Whippet. Measured her up and opted for 24 inch. Fits perfectly. Itís lovely and warm and on her first walk out in it she received lots of compliments! Really pleased with this purchase. Iím also really impressed with the quality and it was definitely value for money.

23 November 2020  |  Debbie

I bought these as a Christmas present so can't comment on the wear of them, but they are incredibly soft and seem like great quality. Great colours. I am sure they will keep my daughters feet nice and toasty

23 November 2020  |  Helen

I bought this for the back of my car. It is thick, soft and very warm and my dog loves it. Would definitely buy again.

22 November 2020  |  C

My puppy loves his vetbed.
Great service from ordering to a quick delivery.
Would use again.

21 November 2020  |  Margaret

Very well made harness. Options for putting on over or around the dogs head which is helpful if your dog dislikes harnesses over the head ..fits very well and does not rub

20 November 2020  |  Helen

Nice enough quality very good value

20 November 2020  |  DT

Very happy with the service and quality of the vet beds. I am ordering some more!

20 November 2020  |  Sharon

Good quality and lovely looking.

19 November 2020  |  Jane

I need to return this item as it is too big and I need to exchange it for a smaller size

19 November 2020  |  Amanda

Great quality, lovely and soft and warm. Bought for my 93 year old dad who's mostly bed bound, and they will help keep his feet lovely and warm. Worth every penny.

17 November 2020  |  Sarah

What an amazing product. My 8 week old puppy snuggles into this blanket and goes straight to sleep! Highly recommended

16 November 2020  |  David

Very pleased with these socks, very comfortable to wear. I'm going to be buying more for gifts.

13 November 2020  |  Rhona

Having purchased this vet bedding i am delighted with the product. 4 dogs now all sleep in their own beds and I also bought a long piece to cover the entire spare sofa and that is theirs now. It doesn't slip off either.

12 November 2020  |  David

A very good product and good service.

10 November 2020  |  Steve

Our 8 week old puppy loves this bedding. Has already developed a good sleeping regime. Definitely helped by this product.

09 November 2020  |  Lesley

Highly recommend this pro bed - this the only company that could provide the size I needed . The price was so competitive and it arrived very quickly - on a Saturday at no extra cost. Excellent company

09 November 2020  |  Jean

Excellent matting just what I was looking for. Also very fast delivery service.

09 November 2020  |  Jean

Very pleased with the matting exactly what I was looking for.

08 November 2020  |  Catrina

Nice and soft , quick delivery good service

08 November 2020  |  Vikki

I ordered 3 pairs of these socks. I am an outdoor swimmer and have trouble warming my feet properly after a swim. These are perfect! Easy to put on, comfortable and sooo warm. No downside at all. The ordering was easy and very fast. I would definitely recommend these socks for cold feet. Excellent.

07 November 2020  |  Valeria

I have a large dog and it was essential to buy a harness which offered comfort for the my dog as well as safety for myself and I found both on this product. I am able to hold my dog to bolt without hearting him, the harness is easy to clean as well. Overall I really recommend this product to any type if dog but specially if you have a large one!

06 November 2020  |  John

Very happy with the hi viz coat,
Fits well

05 November 2020  |  Louise

I ordered the wrong sizes for my cockerpoos so had to return them. Very impressed to recieve the correct sizes very quickly - thank you. I think my doggies like them - hopefully they will keep them dry and clean when they splash in the muddy puddles!

05 November 2020  |  Derroll

Great product and quality from a first class company my pup loves his mat. 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

05 November 2020  |  Derroll

A great product and fast courteous service will definitely use this company in the future as my pup grows. 5 star company

02 November 2020  |  Joanne

My baby house rabbit loves this fleece and uses it as a playmat and for resting on. Hasnít bitten any holes in it yet either!

02 November 2020  |  Joanne

After measuring my dog the suit arrived its perfect length in his kegs but way too wide on his body. I tried it out on a walk and he kept falling over in it . Wont be using anymore as poor fit on him. So make sure it fits well before taking them out.

02 November 2020  |  Sarah

These were delivered quickly, I am really pleased with them too, great fit and lovely and warm

02 November 2020  |  Kelly

Fantastic service, shipped the very same day. The harness fits like a dream and is very well made. I love the range of colours they come in and how easily and well they clean up.

01 November 2020  |  Elizabeth

Our brown vet bed is great quality and your service was excellent, thank you

29 October 2020  |  Moyra

Excellent product, our 15 year old retriever loves to stretch out on it.

26 October 2020  |  Gill

Looks great on my Bichon. Very pleased with it.

26 October 2020  |  Gary

Ordered & arrived quickly

26 October 2020  |  Heather

I'm delighted with the quality and comfort that my new pet bedding has given to my new puppy. This is far better quality than many popular pet store stock. Thank you 😊

25 October 2020  |  Ann

Lovely waterproof and windproof
coat to keep her warm now Winter is here!

25 October 2020  |  Karin

seem good quality, nice material

25 October 2020  |  Karin

nice packaging, seems good quality, good delivery

24 October 2020  |  Martha

Would order from them again

24 October 2020  |  Bernadette

I love this coat!! Everything about it is great. Customer service wonderful. Lots of positive comments and people asking where I got it from. I have been singing its praises. However...yesterday we went out in the actual rain with it, not just wet grass. It was spitting, not heavy rain (or I wouldnít have gone!!) for 45 mins, and when we returned home and took the lovely coat off my dog was wet all over. I so want to be supportive! I really wish i could report differently, but itís important to give you an honest review. I am disappointed, and sad.

24 October 2020  |  Carole

Brilliant idea for keeping your dog clean and dry. No more showering down after a walk, or should I say, roll in the mud. Just a quick wash of the feet. No restriction in movement, so a happy dog and happy me.

22 October 2020  |  Mrs

Present for a friend, she is very happy with them. Lovely and warm

20 October 2020  |  Kerry

Good customer service, kept me informed at all stages, prompt delivery and a good quality product.

18 October 2020  |  Verity

Brought it for my lurcher, had to turn the back legs up a bit but it fits well gives him room to run around and play in the puddles and best of all he stays 98%dry obviously his feet get wet. I'd recommend to anyone, staff are friendly and helpful. Suit is well made and my dog loves his.

13 October 2020  |  Celeste

Really pleased with this product. The old jacket I had for my Bichon had Velcro fastenings which became worn out, frequently came undone and the jacket fell off when he ran. This one is a perfect fit, doesnít restrict movement and has a zip along the back, making it easy to put on the dog and it stays put. Great to know itís made in the UK; the Chinese version looked inferior in quality and had a longer delivery time - and was slightly more expensive. Delighted. Thanks!

12 October 2020  |  Linda

This harness is well designed,fulfills its purpose, looks good and is well made. A top quality product, delivered quickly and efficiently by Soul Destiny.

11 October 2020  |  Bev

This came in good time but was too big for my dog even though I had measured her. I therefore tried it on my daughters cockapoo who is bigger but she just wouldnít walk in it and wasnít happy at all so I have had to return it but havenít received confirmation email for refund as yet.

10 October 2020  |  Roberto

Brilliant dog bed. built to last And made from recyclable materials. Perfect for two small dogs (And occasionally a cat) or one medium sized dog. Would highly recommend.

10 October 2020  |  Samantha

Brilliant coat for our dog fits perfect definitely recommend

10 October 2020  |  Jan

My dogs seem really snuggle and cosy.Really pleased with the product.

09 October 2020  |  John

The bedding sheds a little at first, but less than expected. Super soft. PURRRFECT.

08 October 2020  |  Heather

These proved very popular with my Dad, he feels the cold really badly and since wearing these bed socks he has slept through the night and his feet are cosy warm

08 October 2020  |  Lynne

Great product, very quick delivery, will be using again, 👍 thanks

08 October 2020  |  Shirley

very happy with the quality of this bedding, and the price is very reasonable, service excellent

08 October 2020  |  Amanda

Have ordered vet bedding from soul destiny before and am always pleased with the quality and so are my cats..will no doubt order again.

08 October 2020  |  Dawn

So far so good. Hope it does not start to disintegrate

06 October 2020  |  Tracy

This lead is awesome - love the padded grip - love the reflection stripes - colours are gorgeous fab range too - feel excellent quality and like they will last a long time.
We bought two leads and two collars for our two new furry friends and it's good to know they will be safe and secure with these products.
Also Soul Destiny/Pet is a fabulous friendly company to deal with.
Just about to order matching Harnesses for the girls

04 October 2020  |  Mrs

Excellent quality bedding,
I will be buying more for my other dog.
Very fast delivery.

03 October 2020  |  Serena

Very pleased with this collar . So far so good and has been tested while my dog was swimming in a lake and torrential downpours . Will be purchasing the matching lead . It arrived very quickly and the customer service was excellent.

02 October 2020  |  Beverley

came within 4 days, nice smart black coat that will kepp my dog nice and dry and clean on rainy days. Had to return for bigger size but that was no fault of the coat nut my measuring

01 October 2020  |  Louise

I love these coats, the one for my greyhound fits perfectly, and looks so smart. However, for my whippet cross, itís bizarrely short in depth so will basically work as a bit of a table top for him.

Iíve tried to attach a photo but wonít work for some reason. Otherwise, Iím very happy with one of them!

30 September 2020  |  Sylvia

excellent product speedily delivered

28 September 2020  |  Constance

Bought this for a friend's dog having pups. It is fantastic! Thick, cozy, soft and does what it said it would. Its a beautiful clean colour. Everyone loves it.

24 September 2020  |  Shane

Great bedding my dog loves it

24 September 2020  |  Lori

Love my vet bedding

18 September 2020  |  Sally

Think I took wrong measurement! Coat far too long when it arrived so has been returned for a smaller size. Return easy. Very good quality item and hope the exchange fits!

17 September 2020  |  Julie

I ordered the bedding for the back of my car for my 4year old great dane. He loved it, he jumped in the car as soon as it was put in and did not want to get out. Its non slip backing and deep pile made for a happy dog on our first journey out. Fast delivery, great quality.

12 September 2020  |  Ann

Great product not used yet

12 September 2020  |  Sally

the bed is lovely and soft

11 September 2020  |  Stacey

Beautiful colour, fits really well. Will keep my hound lovely and cosy in the winter months.

11 September 2020  |  Sharon

Fits a treat and does what it's supposedly do. Doesn't stop the pulling though 😅

10 September 2020  |  Helen

Great. Well made perfect for guinea pigs. Fast delivery

10 September 2020  |  Alison

Bought a couple of offcuts for my cat.
Lovely thick bedding & cat has particularly been enjoying the piece on the top of armchair back.

10 September 2020  |  Tina

Great product that our breeder recommended which we purchased for our new puppy. Lovely and soft, washes and dries easily. Really impressed. Quick delivery and customer service as well.

07 September 2020  |  Susan

Tried it on my dog straight away fit perfectly. Seems very good quality. Not had bad weather for him to wear it yet but hopefully it will do the job of keeping him drier.

07 September 2020  |  Shan

Great little coat exact size just right, lightweight not too heavy or awkward to walk in keeps him really dry. Washable and easy to keep clean and quick clip on with the buttons so easy to put on quickly.

07 September 2020  |  June

Prompt service, quality product, bought a lot from you.

06 September 2020  |  Angela

Very pleased with mat, arrived quickly, good quality , very straight forward process

05 September 2020  |  Gareth

Perfect fitthis item will keep her warm and dry up at Scotland

04 September 2020  |  Theresa

from easy ordering to fast delivery, very positive

03 September 2020  |  Karen

The socks are a gift for my daughter so I canít comment on them except to say they look great. My original parcel didnít arrive and so I had to contact customer services, fantastic service, couldnít have been more helpful or friendly.

03 September 2020  |  Miss

item exactly as described and arrived quickly

31 August 2020  |  Clare

I recommend this harness to anyone. I have a dog who hates harnesses and have been looking for 2 years to find one she doesn't mind wearing and this was the one. Its lightweight and durable. I am ordering another for my other dogs and will be using soul destiny again.

30 August 2020  |  Christina

This vet bed is perfect for whelping and keeps the crate dry for days. Plus it's an excellent pet bed! Amazing product, fast delivery, perfect customer service.

30 August 2020  |  Miss

Great blankets! They live up to my expectations. Good delivery time.overall very pleased as I have been looking for some mexican blankets for some time without having to pay expensive shipping costs but they have been hard to find in uk until I found soul and destiny. Thanks

27 August 2020  |  Julie

Bought this for my Guinea pigs hutch. It's very cosy and easy to keep clean. Would definitely recomend this and would purchase again.

27 August 2020  |  Yvon

purchased for my elderly dog to sleep next to my bed he loves it .

23 August 2020  |  Stephanie

100% will be buying more my little baby guinea pig loves it and it's so much easy to clean

17 August 2020  |  Susan

So pleased to find a supply of Vet bed for my gang! No shows, no shopping! Brilliant service and VERY fast delivery of my order and lovely new bedding for my gang! Many thanks x

16 August 2020  |  Lesley

Ordering products was simple, delivery was excellent and the socks are perfect for the purpose. Thank you - will be happy to order through this site again.

16 August 2020  |  Gaynor

Great quality, washed really well & a quick & efficient delivery.
Would definitely recommend! Thank you.

15 August 2020  |  Shannon

Quick delivery, very happy

15 August 2020  |  Sophia

Really light weight and good grip, just what I needed for yoga and fitness at home

15 August 2020  |  Christopher

We purchased this for our bitch for her whelping area and in all honesty the young pups seem to love it keeps them cosy and warm.
For the price superb wont find a product as good for the price on the high st. Ordered it on the Tuesday we had it delivered on the Thursday.

13 August 2020  |  Frankl

My wife had a vlfit version but the "soul destiny" product is longer,wider same thickness equal quality as far as I can judge but less expensive and most importantly "in stock"

13 August 2020  |  Claire

I love this tiger print bedding. It not only looks good but it is super thick & my 2 dogs love it too. It washes really well & i will definitely be buying some more of this bedding. Love it!!!!!

10 August 2020  |  Deb

Bought this for my new Collie puppy and was very pleased with it although presently too hot for her to enjoy! Looks very substantial and unlikely to get chewed too much. Looks like it will wash well with sealed edges. Will see how it goes once gets a little cooler and Connie can use it.

07 August 2020  |  Lynnette

Great quality fantastic service and delivery

07 August 2020  |  Lynnette

Loved the colour quality fab delivery very good

06 August 2020  |  Sarah

So happy with the bedding its so comfy and my dog love it

02 August 2020  |  Charlotte

Fits perfectly, great quality, speedy service. Much better than other makes we've tried for our large husky cross lab. Very pleased.

01 August 2020  |  Iwona

I can fully recommend this product

31 July 2020  |  Mandy

Lovely item, really colourful and roomy, fits my extra thick mat, my towel and my clothing. Has a small zip pocket for keys phone and money. Adjustable shoulder strap. Really pleased. Would recommend

31 July 2020  |  Mandy

Really pleased, the mat was exactly as described, lovely and thick with nice design. Items arrived quickly and were well packaged. Totally recommend.

28 July 2020  |  Jane

My new puppy loves her Comfy pink bedding and I love it as it helps me get a good nights sleep too!
Excellent speedy service, thankyou.

27 July 2020  |  Zoe

Very happy with my purchase. Fast delivery and great communication

26 July 2020  |  Margaret

easy to order quick delivery.

26 July 2020  |  Steve

As soon as i unrolled the vet bedding, the dogs were straight on it. It is very thick, and strong. The dogs have tried to dig into it, the bedding has not even wavered. Highly recommend

24 July 2020  |  Louise

Very happy with this Mat, beautiful colours. Perfect replacement to a thinner version I had. This one is comfortable and brings a new way to yoga for me. I highly recommend this company, arrived on time, in great condition.

23 July 2020  |  Jane

My daughter had been looking for a pretty yoga mat for a while, but none seemed thick through , she likes to workout outside if she can so the thin ones just wouldnít cut it. This mat is amazing , itís gorgeous and really thick , so comfy especially on the knees.

23 July 2020  |  Tracy

It's nice and thick and love the colour purple. However I should of taken more notice of the size. But as it was pointed out they are large I was expecting a reasonable size especially as I went one size up. So when it came I couldn't believe how small it was. If this is large I dread to think what small is.

20 July 2020  |  Claire

Thick vet bedding, good quality. Would defo buy again.

20 July 2020  |  Claire

Thick vet bedding, good quality. Would defo buy again.

20 July 2020  |  Yvonne

Excellent and can be cut to appropriate size. Robust and not easy to chew up!

20 July 2020  |  Joanne

I brought this for my Guinea Pigs hutch. (They live outside) they loved it when I put it in. They was popcorning all over the place and they love to snuggle up in it. It will come very useful on the winter to help keep them warm.

20 July 2020  |  Dee

Great quality vet bed at good price

19 July 2020  |  Sally

Great sticky socks. Good quality. Fit well and stay in place. Colour bright and cheerful. Very happy with these.

19 July 2020  |  Paula

Lovely and soft and thick. Not slip. Ideal for the rabbits . Posted quickly

19 July 2020  |  Tiffany

Having a small pet services business, I was looking for something that is a comfortable flooring, matting, bedding for our own animals and others. From having our own rabbits and dogs to having others for daycare and boarding, this fleece matting is perfect. For our rabbit hutch, it offers a soft flooring that they can snuggle up on safely and with the non slip undercoat, I can pull out of hutch and wash easily whilst replacing with other strips and for dogs who prefer to lie flat on a floor, this offers comfort without giving them too much heat of a bed. Perfect for warmth in the winter and comfort on the summer. Easy to cut to size but wash after cutting to remove loose edging. Perfect bedding, non slip and safe for all animals

18 July 2020  |  Barbara

Brilliant product. Well worth the money.

17 July 2020  |  Linda

Have used this amazing bedding behore and rate it highly

17 July 2020  |  Clare

I always get my pet bedding from this site, excellent quality, washes great ,lasts and keeps pups warm and dry whilst absorbing any wee.

16 July 2020  |  Kevin

Very impressed with the quality and the cost. It was very helpful to be able to buy just the amount I needed. Would certainly buy sgain

16 July 2020  |  Diane

Good quality product, fast delivery, perfect size and lightweight

12 July 2020  |  Leah

this is a lovely thick, fluffy vet bedding that is very good quality!

12 July 2020  |  Jilly

Very good quality and delivered within 2 days I will probably buy again from you

11 July 2020  |  Martin

This is the 2nd Vet bed purchased as a spare but still very high quality and exactly what it says on the box. Initial wash some debris does fall off but to be expected my golden retriever loves it.

09 July 2020  |  Jocelynne

Great product, excellent customer service, speedy delivery. Thank you

06 July 2020  |  Michelle

I am very impressed with these. They are a good deep pile and the non slip backing is good too. Will be ordering from you again.

05 July 2020  |  Cheryl

Very helpful lady took order and dispatched promptly.

03 July 2020  |  Carolyn

Just received two fleeces through efficient deluvery service, delivered within promised time. Cant wait to use in our guinea pigs cage but wanting to wash 1st and cant find any info on what to wash with...any suggestions appreciated! Thanks in advance ps will properly rate once tried them out

02 July 2020  |  Katie

Really impressed with this cushion. Vibrant colours, well made and looks just as it did in thr pics. Loving it!

02 July 2020  |  Anne

As a person who always has cold feet I wear these socks all year and love them in the winter I wear your longer ones. They are very comfy and come in lovely colours.

29 June 2020  |  Anita

Excellent product service and delivery

29 June 2020  |  Anita

Excellent quality prompt delivery

28 June 2020  |  Rinat

Practical and comfortable

28 June 2020  |  Dorothy

Excellent. So much so l am ordering another one. My cockapoo. loves water and mud it was a nightmare getting her dry and clean after walks in wet conditions. It is now so easy. Only head and little paws to deal with THANK YOU.

25 June 2020  |  Michelle

Itís a gorgeous design, really lovely coral pink that perks up the room. The substrate is beautiful, feels the perfect level between firm and Ďspongyí, nice depth (thicker than cheaper mats), smells good, and is eco friendly! Whatís not to love?

25 June 2020  |  Maria

This is perfect for my guinea pigs. Itís warm and absorbent and much preferable to the wooden shavings that get everywhere. It looks lovely in their hutch too! Soul destiny were kind and communicative throughout! Thank you!

25 June 2020  |  Carolyn

Mum is very pleased with her new bed socks. She has just had her 90th birthday and wears bed socks all year round. Arrived quickly, nice and warm, not tight around the calf and washed well. A good find!

25 June 2020  |  Karen

Very good item for puppy

25 June 2020  |  Debbie

I was so pleased with this product I ordered another,service was fast and efficient and staff very friendly and helpfull, I can't fault them and will recommend them to friends and family.

22 June 2020  |  Samantha

Good site, Good value, Good delivery and as described, lovely bedding for new puppy. Very happy customer.

22 June 2020  |  Samantha

Good site, Good value, Good delivery and as described, lovely bedding for new puppy. Very happy customer.

22 June 2020  |  Amie

Beautiful product and great customer service. The staff were friendly and very happy to help.

20 June 2020  |  Keith

Good service, prompt delivery, would buy from the company