Alpaca Wool Long Country Socks Grey 75% Alpaca Wool cushioned sole and heel
Alpaca Wool Long Country Socks Grey 75% Alpaca Wool cushioned sole and heel

Alpaca Wool Long Country Socks Grey 75% Alpaca Wool cushioned sole and heel

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Luxuriously soft and hard wearing Alpaca socks. Made for Soul Destiny by a Great British traditional family hosiery business who have been making quality luxury socks since 1895.

Made from: 75% Alpaca Wool, 25% Nylon
Sizes: Small (4-7), Medium (8-10), Large (11-13)
Colour: Grey
Care instructions: Machine wash at 30c. Reshape whilst damp. Do not tumble dry

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If you are searching for Country Pursuit/Outdoor Socks, Festival Socks, Wellington Boot Socks, Men's or Women's Shooting Socks, these are definitely the right socks for you.

Our knee length, cushioned sole and heel Alpaca Country Socks are made from 75% Alpaca Wool and 25% Nylon.  The Alpaca wool is as soft to the touch as cashmere but is so much more hard wearing and when looked after carefully your socks will have fabulous longevity.  The nylon is essential in your sock to give you the shape and stretch to keep your socks in tip top form.  

The full length and generous turn over top provide extra comfort and warmth and the cushioned sole provides extra padding in your boots to keep your feet happy for hours.

In addition to the fabulous insulating properties that keep your feet extra warm, Alpaca wool is hypo allergenic. This means that it repels bacteria, fungus and odour so they can be worn multiple times before they need to go in the wash.  Perfect for the long days in the field and little time for household chores!

Made from: 75% Alpaca Wool, 25% Nylon

Sizes: Small (4-7), Medium (8-10), Large (11-13)

Colour: Grey

Care instructions: Machine wash at 30c. Reshape whilst damp. Do not tumble dry

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Soul Destiny

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Why Choose Alpaca Socks ?

You cannot beat alpaca socks for their warmth, durability, anti-odour properties, and comfort.

Our socks are extremely hard wearing, incredibly warm in wellies and boots, or soft and cosy in the home. Due to their thermal properties they will keep you cool in summer and warm in the winter.

Walking Socks - Our walking socks have a lovely bouncy cushion sole which makes them ideal for hiking, walking, climbing or any demanding outdoor pursuit. The cushioned sole helps stop blisters and keeps your feet warm. These colourful socks are made from 75% alpaca and 25% nylon, the additional nylon makes them extra hard wearing. Due to alpacas anti-bacterial and self-cleaning properties you could even wear the same pair of socks for a week – perfect for the longer hiking trip when luggage is at a minimum.

Short Socks - Our short socks are ideal for every day wear with smarter shoes or casual trainers. Alternatively put them on when you get home from a hard day’s work and snuggle on the sofa. A blend of 55% Alpaca and 45% nylon, these luxury short socks are excellent value and a perfect entry into the world of alpaca socks.

Country Socks - Our turn down top country socks are highly recommended for all types of country pursuits; walking, shooting, fishing, riding, playing golf – just about any outdoor sport you can imagine. And of course our lovely bright colours – Yellow Gold, Purple Plum and Red are perfect for wearing at festivals – wear just one pair for a week, eat in them, sleep in them, watch bands in them and let your feet stay happy and healthy. Have a look at the whole range to find the socks for you.Made of 75% alpaca and 25% nylon. These fabulous knee length socks are ribbed with an in-built cushioned sole and hand linked toe seams, for extra comfort. They are lightweight and warm.

Bed Socks - Never suffer from cold feet in bed again. These soft alpaca bed socks will be your best friends this winter, wear them in bed or simply lounge around the house in them. An exceptionally reasonably priced luxury!

What Our Customers Say.
"I recently took a pair of these socks on a cruise up the Norwegian coast right into the Arctic Circle, where it is mighty cold. Although I took the socks just to wear in bed, I ended up wearing them outside as well as they were far, far warmer than any so-called thermal socks! All my expensive so-called thermal socks did was help freeze my feet into blocks of ice where I couldn't move my toes and I'd have to spend an hour in the sauna to defrost. Your socks were brilliant as they're soft and enable you to wiggle your toes while being of a thickness and quality that keeps the external cold out as well. I might have looked a bit funny but who cares? The socks shrank in the cruise ship washing-machine which had a minimum temperature of about 50 so I immediately ordered some more once back in the UK. Would highly recommend!"
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1 review:

I can't buy enough of these wonderful alpaca socks!
15 November 2021  |  Michael

A further purchase of Soul Destiny Alpaca socks. This time a pair of knee- length Country socks. The length is very good with plenty to fold over and the foot is well padded. The bit in the middle ? Cozy, warm and a good fit for my lower leg.

All in all an excellent product, quite expensive but worth the cost for such warm, hard wearing and well-fitting sock. This will be my first winter exclusively wearing alpaca socks every day.

Many thanks again for selling such perfection!


What a wonderful review of our luxurious long alpaca socks, thank you so much!
Really great hearing that our alpaca socks are such a good fit as well as keeping you cosy and warm, with the bonus of the cushioned sole.
What a treat for your feet wearing alpaca socks every day for the winter months ahead. You will feel like you are walking on clouds!
Thank you so much for such a lovely and detailed review of the socks and Soul Destiny. Very much appreciated.