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Vetbeds are widely used by vets to make dogs feel warm, secure and cosy when receiving treatment. However, the vetbed's modern  fabric manufacture also means they’re just as good for domestic use too.

Vetbeds are made from double-strength polyester, with the high fibre density to retain extra heat and allow for added air permeability. They also include unique drainage properties in case your pet has any accidents while they are resting. They are a great choice for older dogs as the added heat is soothing for aging muscles and joints, and for any animals recovering from a spot of surgery or treatment.

Soul Destiny offer a wide range of colours to suit. We will also cut to any size you require. The most cost effective way to purchase Vet bedding is by the roll  either 3m, 5m and at special requests 10m. Please do not hesitate to email us at  your bespoke requirements.