All the beautiful tones of jute!

All the beautiful tones of jute!

As bulbs are emerging and evenings are drawing out at last, an exciting delivery of all the sizes of jute rugs have arrived!

We are becoming a bit of a jute specialist here at The Cow Shed, with our jute ranges growing all the time. If you are looking for inspiration to add some beautiful natural tones to your home, we have ranges from small welcome mats, to large area rugs, and everything in between! We also have our much loved jute foot stools back in stock in the small and large sizes, as well as jute bags in all 3 sizes, now in stock for 2024!

Adding soft, yet robust home accessories in neutral tones, means you are free to add colour to your walls or with cushions and throws, to really bring your homes to life! Plus, another huge benefit to using jute in the home, is that it is a sustainable and eco-friendly material and fully biodegradable too!

We were so happy to discover a customer website this week, and were really stunned by their gorgeous use of colour on their bespoke block printed wallpapers - take a peek here, we think you will agree, they are pretty special designs! Bloomfield Ink

Enjoy the rest of your week, and catch up with more news next week!


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