Why Alpaca?

Why Alpaca?

A sustainable choice....

The natural habitat, 3,800 metres above sea level on the Peruvian Andes, is where 90% of the worlds Alpaca population live.

At this altitude, the water supply is natural and the land is generally not suitable for agriculture, this makes alpacas more environmentally friendly than any other fibre-producing livestock!

Alpacas are also gentle with the land, they do not damage the pasture like goats and sheep can with their sharper hooves, nibbling just the tops of the grasses, not ripping out of the ground, which can result in disturbance of the vegetation.

Alpaca fibre is also highly flame-resistant, making it an optimal fibre for home products, including socks!

Some of the reasons Alpaca is THE BEST fibre for your socks...

Alpaca fibre is an EXCELLENT INSULATOR, for both heat and cold. Due to the hygroscopic characteristics of alpaca fibre, garments made of alpaca naturally absorb moisture from the environment, so in the case of socks, this keeps your feet clean and fresh

Alpaca fibre is also much softer and smoother than other animal fibres, or cotton, making them the ultimate in warmth and luxury!

A little history...

Alpacas are an important source of income for more than one million Andean families. At last count there were approx 3.7 million alpacas living on the Peruvian Andes.

Another interesting fact is that Alpaca socks have naturally high anti-bacterial properties, meaning they do not need washing as regularly as most socks, which is a bonus on many counts!

Our Soul Destiny bed socks are made here in the heart of England from 90% strong, breathable alpaca yarn that makes our bed socks perfect for lounging on the sofa or keeping your feet warm as toast to help you enjoy a good nights sleep.

Once you try them, you won't want to take them off!!

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