Eco Friendly Rag Rugs

Eco Friendly Rag Rugs

Environmentally Friendly, FairTrade Rag Rugs remain very popular with you all.

Not least because of their low carbon footprint and statement styling!

Colourful, natural fabrics create effective patterns to enhance any space.

We are proud to supply these best selling rag rugs that are Goodweave certified.

The products that carry this symbol are produced by licensed exporters, who have agreed to produce rugs in accordance with the Goodweave Standard, and allow unannounced inspections by Goodweave.

Goodweave Standard prohibits Child Labour and requires full disclosure and transparency of the producers supply chain.

Goodweave is the only organisation that rescues and educates child labourers found during supply chain inspections.

Since Goodweave's founding, more than 20,000 children have benefited from the organisations education and rehabilitation programs, including 3,800 directly rescued from the looms.

Have a look at the website for the full ranges, and if you cant see a colour or style you are looking for - let us know!

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