Glorious indian embroidery with the Ahanya range

Glorious indian embroidery with the Ahanya range

One of the collections we are most excited about releasing... The velvet Ahyana range!

Deep earthy velvet poses as a canvas for rich and colourful floral embroidery completed by skilled artisans in India. Bursts of turquoise, pink and green bring the vibrant essence of India into your home. We offer 5 luxurious and decadent products in this range:

❀velvet topped stool
❀cushion square
❀cushion rectangle
❀filled round cushion
❀floor pouffe

All of these products harmonise beautifully together and will draw attention in any room as they create rustic and comforting bohemian energy.

Certified Traditional Artisan Skill and Fair Trade made in India. Made from cotton velvet, these products are made to be long lasting and should be dry cleaned only.

Shop the range here.

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