'Love Is In The Air' at The Cow Shed!

'Love Is In The Air' at The Cow Shed!

Every day we should show the ones who mean the most to us, that we love and care about them. However, each February there is a particular date marked on the calendar, which reminds us to let the special people in our lives know - that we think the world of them!

We had a bit of fun with our alpaca socks this week, to send a 'picture of love' from The Cow Shed, out to you all!

Alpaca socks do make for the most lovely gesture, if you wanted to send a little surprise to that 'someone special' - which includes yourself, of course. :)

Do let me know if you would like gift wrapping and/or a note added too, this is all part of the Soul Destiny service!

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Happy Valentines!

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