May is National Walking Month

May is National Walking Month

We are almost half way through National Walking Month already! How are you doing?

Have you been following #try20 ? We have tried to adopt this here, to help us all find 20 minutes in each day to walk, showing us more good reasons to try and get outside for 20 minutes a day. Even for those that cannot manage this length of time physically walking, this month gives us all a gentle reminder of the huge benefits of spending time in the outdoors. 

These past few days have really helped with the sunshine in most areas of the UK too haven't they?! Have you been sporting your alpaca Walking Socks? If you have, tag us in your pictures on social media @souldestiny_ we love seeing them!

Alpaca wool is perfect whatever the weather, with it's fantastic ability to wick away moisture, and amazing insulating properties, leaving your feet cool in hot weather, and toasty on colder days. Our Walking socks are also made with a sumptuous cushion sole, for the ultimate comfort whilst walking.

Enjoy the rest of #nationalwalkingmonth and catch up next week!




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