Take time for you!

Take time for you!

With all the parties, arrangements and general excitement in recent weeks, now is a great time to take some time to focus on yourself.

Are you getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, moving your body every day?

The trend towards lifestyle or retreat style festivals is bigger than ever this year. Locally to us we have the much anticipated Verve Festival, www.feeltheverve.com taking place this September. Giving us an opportunity to reset and celebrate health, wellness and nature.

Take part in yoga, meditation or a gong bath as well as enjoy some great food and drink! Festivals like this give us a chance to explore new opportunities and really take time out to relax.

Many of our customers regularly take part in pilates, meditation or yoga classes, and with a range of yoga mats, bags and blankets to suit all, take a browse and maybe treat yourself to something new today, you deserve it!

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