TPE Yoga & Pilate Mats

Hi, just a quick note to let you know that we are adding our premium quality TPE Yoga and Pilate mats for the first time. Sales have been so good we have not had the chance before as we kept running out of stock before we could up load them. Seems to take about about 4 weeks to replenish. So don't wait to order otherwise they may go.

This Yoga Mat is perfect for anyone wanting to get the most out of their yoga workout whilst keeping it as comfortable as possible. Everyone from beginners to yoga experts or gym bunny to occasional exerciser will benefit from adding a few floor exercises to their routine, this Yoga Mat will make you want to work out.

This large Yoga Mat is made from top quality cushioned foam, providing you with a comfortable surface which you can use on any flooring. The cushioning will prevent you from putting your joints to any stress impact. The foam also has a non-slip texture, providing a safe and secure surface for you to try out your routine.

This versatile mat can be used for a variety of exercise regimes, perfect for yoga, pilates, strengthening or stretching. It is long enough for anyone to stretch out, safe in the knowledge that their whole body will be protected. Once you have finished your exercise routine, simply stretch out relax and meditate. The mat measures 183cm x 61cm and is 6mm thick.

Take it with you to the gym for your own personal and hygienic space during an exercise class, or use it at home whilst using your own exercise DVDs.

This Yoga Mat is easily stored, simply roll it up, place it in it’s own breathable nylon carrying bag.and store in any small space.

This mat is so portable, take it with you on any outdoor activity such as picnics, camping or fishing adding a luxury layer of comfort, These Yoga Mats are easy to clean.

Eco-friendly, non-toxic, sticky surface Comfortable, smell-less, portable, anti-slip surface, excellent sticky, super absorbent sweat and stimulating blood circulation.Light in weight, but durable and washableHelps learner easily achieve desired position, prevents pain, allow free movement without the risk of injuryRounded corners keep the yoga mat flat during activities.Yoga mats are made from TPE and mesh cloth to provide a strong tearing strength.

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