New Yoga Mat Colour: Charcoal

New Yoga Mat Colour: Charcoal

Just to make your decision even harder when it comes to ordering a Yoga mat, we have added a new colour to our thick NBR mat collection. We already have blue, light blue, dark green, lime green, plumb, purple, pink, yellow, orange, red, turquoise, black, brown and patterned mandala. Now you can choose from Charcoal too! Well, you will be able to from next week (22nd May) when it is officially released.

Just to remind you lovely customers about the benefits of our NBR yoga mats...

- made from comfy NBR foam
- they are thick and padded
- height of 15mm which truly make them extra comfortable to your regular mat
- easy to wipe clean
- lightweight to carry with a black detachable handle to carry

If you just can't wait for the Charcoal then check out all our other Yoga mat colours here.

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